Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quick take on some good news. Mac’s great new ad.

As the Democrats continue to expose the rather checkered biographies of Barack Obama’s involvement in radical black separatism and Hillary’s imaginary history as a combat vet, John McCain is now on the air in swing states with a biographical ad.

Check this out-it is great!
624787 certainly presents the stark biographical distinctions between a real war hero with a lifetime of public service from Mac’s Democrat/Socialist/Labor opponents.

Who’d have thought we’d get the jump on the DSL in the general election. Good news indeed.


Anonymous said...

Gee no mention of leaving his first wife, you know the one who stuck with him when he was a POW and stuck with him during his bat shit crazy years. No mention that he actually traded information to the Vietnamese to secure better treatment for himself. No mention that he graduated at the bottom of his class and only earned his appointment because his dad had admiral stripes

gee nothing about his role in the Keating scandal. No mention how he is the toady for lobbyists,

yeah you guys got some candidate there in John MCsame, This years Bush!

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz 02:38 why would you expect to hear the truth about this clown? You honestly don't expect those swift boat coward faggots to do to Jack Mc what they did to Kerry do you?

vlad the impaler said...

Asking conservatives to vote for McCain is like asking a rape victim to marry their rapist.

Anonymous said...

Gee Vlad I thought conservative republicans want rape victims to marry their rapist? I do believe that the talievangelicals actively promote that and abstinence as a method of reducing illegitimate births!

Ghoat of gerald Ford

vlad the impaler said...

Fox is reporting that the remains of soldier Matt Maupin have been recovered. He was a US Soldier filmed by AQ in captivity. They murdered him.

McCain would shut down Guantanamo because a terrorist might get water up his nose for fifteen seconds.

McCain '08! Because those poor terrorists have suffered enough.