Friday, March 28, 2008

Local hero gets stuffed by Pizza Hut.

A local Pizza Hut delivery man foiled an armed robbery attempt by seizing the armed assailant, who was holding a gun to the deliveryman’s head, and shooting the armed robber.

Pizza Hut promptly suspended this hero. How’s that for irony?

Every little scum bag gang banger or tough guy wannabe will be fortified in their robbery attempts because they know that the Pizza Hut delivery drivers are definitely not armed.

Bill Spiers is a hero and deserves the Key to the City and a raise.


Anonymous said...

back Off ted how dare you interfere with a corporations decision concerning employees. What are you some kind of Union loving John McCain Hugging welfare state Minority loving illegal alienletting inner type of person who we call dummy crats?

Sorry I was channelling what most of your posters write.

Real Dead GOP Sphincter

Anonymous said...

This is an excerpt from a column by Mark Steyn found on Real Clear Politics this morning. I think he's talking about Steve King. Here you go Steve. Tell the Iowa Civil campaign advisor and supporter who sits on the board that wanted to censure you to "stuff it".

"The other day I gave a talk, and a Democrat in the audience demanded that I disassociate myself from the sleazy attacks of some Republicans who've been referring to "Barack Hussein Obama." I said I'd be happy to disassociate myself from (Clinton supporter) Bob Kerrey, who's been floating the whole nudge-nudge-Hussein-the-secret-Muslim thing, and to disassociate myself from (Clinton supporter) Bill Shaheen, who's been pushing the Obama-spent-most-of-the-Seventies-selling-cocaine rumors, and to disassociate myself from (Clinton supporter) Andrew Young, who's boasted that Bill Clinton has slept with more black women than Obama. And golly, after I'd got through disassociating myself from all the Democrat sleaze about Obama, I had no time to peddle any sleaze of my own.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at this from Pizza Hut's viewpoint:
Will cute little honeys call for a pizza delivery at midnight if they think the stranger guy who brings it might be carrying a gun? Will they open the door for him? Will they have to slide the money under the door and wait for the armed delivery guy to depart before they reveal themselves by opening the door for the pizza, cooling on the doorstep?

Hmmm, could be bad for business to tell customers that delivery guys are armed (and dangerous?). Spotlight

Anonymous said...

The Iowa Civil Rights Committee is a tax funded government agency. The members of that board have sought fit to "monitor" the statements of a U.S. Congressman because they disagree with his opinion about a candidate for President of the United States. At least one member of that board is an open supporter of that Candidate and is attempting to use her governmental office and power to silence a member of Congress from expressing an opinion that is well-founded in logic and expressed in main stream circles.

This seems to be an egregious abuse of power. Taxpayers ought not to have to pay for agencies that misuse their power and stray from their mission.

They clearly are desparate for something to do and may need to be defunded for having no real purpose anymore.

Anonymous said...

The delivery guy wasn't armed and dangerous. He was careful and obeyed every bit of the law. I doubt that kind of person would break the law and use that gun to rape a pizza customer.

Guns don't kill people. Criminals kill people.

We now, hopefully, have one less criminal to deal with due to the courage and heroism of our favorite pizza delivery man.

Anonymous said...

This is all from Iowa Independent who covered the meeting. I couldn't find any of this in the Register. Good Reporting kudos to Iowa Independent!

Connie Gronstal from Council Bluffs is on the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. Is this as in "Mike Gronstal," Chief Dummycrat?

"You need to move to western Iowa and vote," said Connie Gronstal, a commissioner from Council Bluffs.

King has said "much worse" about issues such as immigration, Gronstal added.

Anonymous said...

"We could probably come up with a whole list of quotes," said Alicia Claypool, commission chairwoman, of West Des Moines.

Commissioners discussed whether to respond, but they decided against issuing a statement.

Claypool said she struggled with the issue and suggested monitoring King's statements.

"We might want to consider a public statement at some point down the road," she said.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Rosenberg, the commission's executive director, said the commission typically doesn't get involved every time it disagrees with a politician's statement, but could if it touched on issues of civil rights or human dignity.

Commissioner Nancy Witt, of Reinbeck, said King's speech was hateful and inappropriate, but she balked at using the commission's staff time and limited resources to respond.

Anonymous said...

Debbie Gitchell felt embarrassed.
When she heard that U.S. Rep Steve King had made controversial remarks about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, the Iowa Civil Rights commissioner wanted to denounce the "hateful" statements.

"This one just hit a button," Gitchell told fellow commissioners during a meeting Thursday at the Grimes State Office Building in Des Moines.

Poor little Gitchell. It's all just too much for her sensitive sensitivities. She caucused for Obama. She is the Chair. Did she pass out a box of tissues too? How victimized they all sound by an opinion with which they simply disagree.

How do these people get appointed? Why are we paying them to engage in these clearly partisan activities?

Chet - here's some money you can better spend on your 100 year plan on energy.

Anonymous said...

From her biography as a woman of influence in 2007:

As chairperson of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Claypool was instrumental in helping to pass legislation that on July 1 outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in Iowa.

She also spearheaded legislation that prohibits bullying in the public schools based on race, ethnicity, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Anonymous said...

So Claypool works for the government and also lobbies the legislature? Something seems kind of conflict of interest about that. Should highly partisan people be in such a powerful position that requires clean objectivity?

Anonymous said...

Claypool organized the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa in 1995 in response to concerns held by her and other residents about candidates who were running in both the Des Moines mayoral and school board races, and in preparation for the 1996 presidential caucuses.


What's the backstory here? What paranoia fuled this need? What was she afraid of? What were her "concerns?"

Anonymous said...

What does Claypool have to say about her motivations?

"I always wanted to help people," said Claypool.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I get it. This from the DSM Register on 3-25-08.

Alicia Claypool has a partisan agenda that specifically involves Steve King. She truly has a conflict of interest with her position on the Iowa Civil Rights Commission and her attempt to use this position to censure King so she can get her legislation passed.

Shame on you Alicia Claypool. You are a big far liar telling a big fat lie using taxpayer dollars to do it.

You aren't fit to teach Sunday School.

One of the most heated issues that faces this week's deadline is a proposal that would require new employees in Iowa to show a Midwest driver's license or state-issued identification.

The idea would cost the state more than $1 million a year to enforce, according to the state's Legislative Services Agency. It would help curb illegal hiring of undocumented workers, advocates said.

Opponent Alicia Claypool, a spokeswoman for the Iowa Immigration Education Coalition, said she hopes House File 2610 fails to meet this week's deadline. Federal laws already dictate similar rules.

The state's plan would foster more racial profiling, she said.

"I don't think our state will be any better as a result of passing this bill," Claypool said.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many other tax payer funded partisan jobs are out there that Chet gets to hand out as patronage? Didn't he just boot Mary Ann Spicer - a true civil rights advocate - from the Employment Appeals Board just because she is a Republican?

I'm tired of spending my tax money on this kind of junk government.