Thursday, March 27, 2008

Then there’s always the road to depression…………

Wow, the Drama of Obama wants to bring a little drama to boardroom and the breadbasket. Double the capital gains tax rate??????

In what world does a tax on investment increase savings or investment? Not this world to be sure.

Jimmy Carter thought we should increase taxes on investment at a time when the investment markets were jittery. Yes, Arthur, the result was a depression. Not depressing was the historic 45 state repudiation when the last outright socialist sought reelection.

Not so cheery was the hardship, that hits the poorest amongst us the hardest. But hey, if Democrat economics failed to create lasting poverty there would be no need for the socialist paternalism they preach as an article of faith in defiance of all economic reality.


Anonymous said...

Money made with money should be taxed at the same rate as money made with labor. Anything less is just welfare for the investor class.

I'm glad to hear Obama took this on. I didn't think any politician had the guts to do it. Obama must be different!---Spotlight

Anonymous said...

If corporations expect the same rights as real citizens and when they enjoy all the resources that taxes create then they should be expected to pay their way. Again it is one of those things that every other industrialized nations require except the US. Oops forgot we are notindustrialized anymore we have the fake service economy!

Anonymous said...

More revisionist Teddy history. "The Depression" and the lesser panics from 1873-1929 were caused by Republican administrations coupled with a lack of regulation on banks investments etc.

Carter, though president of the trainwreck "stagflation" period took over the country after 8 years of Nixon/ Ford who I can remember contributed to ending "Teds depression of 70S" by peinting millions of WIN buttons( Whip Inflation Now). If I can recall 1973 was the first summer of gas shortages meat shortages and general bad economy that was caused by prior wage and price freezes. So carter gets blamed for bad GOP management for the years prior?
Gee I love the smell of fear from the GOP!

gee Ted why don't you right an opinion about what the past head of the GOP has said:
Ken Mehlman, the former party chairman, says in the massive piece, "What is concerning is that we lost ground in every one of the highest-growth demographics" in 2006. "If there are Republicans out there who think that 2006 was a year that could be changed by a few votes in a few districts," he adds, "they need to wake up."

Sit there and sweat Ted People don't believe the lies anymore!

Ghost of gerald Ford

Art A Layman said...


Any number of sporie's posts suggest a total lack of understanding of cause and effect.

When selling "used", cars or political philosophies, truth is nothing more than a spare tire.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Obama's proposal is that it doesn't just "soak the rich" but it affects all 100 million Americans investing in the stock market.

You don't have to be rich to be completely smacked with capital gains taxes. If you work your whole life and make something of a business, it severely affects you, which is sad. That's not what the country was based on.

Anonymous said...

True the country was based on rights for landowners and a economy dependent on slave labor. The country was based on blacks being considered 3/5 the of a person.
read what jefferson said about the danger of banks and investment folk.

Real Dead GOP

Anonymous said...

I agree anon! Money that has been taxed already should be taxed again if the person that has it has to much money. Also, people who have lots of money never do anything good with it which is just another reason we should double the capital gains tax.