Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bahama Tommy Harkin recovers sunken treasure.

Bahama Tommy Harkin, who strangely represents a state with which he has virtually no substantial contact, less strangely raised some $778,000 in the first quarter of 08.

It didn’t look like the detailed report was published so the details of Harkin’s haul are yet to be disclosed.

How much came from Iowa voters or businesses?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your jealous. I'm guessing if you add up the entire Iowa GOP fundraising you would barely get Tommy's total. This fall is going to be a one sided slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ted he can' handle the truth!

Greetings my misguided heathens! After reading this Blog since 2006 it seems that the author and those that agree with his views appear to be destined to spend eternity in hell for their sins against humanity.

I am the Right Reverend Jimmy Dodson Haggert, pastor of the Church of the GOP Pharisees. I believe that I make Theodore Alvin Simon Sporer actually become one with our lord and maybe show a modicum of humanity. I plan to help the heathen Sporer and his weak minded ilk by showing how their behavior is similar to the lost souls who rejected Christ’s lessons.

This week we will comment on Beaver (Theodore Cleaver) Sporer’s recent accusation that Obama doesn’t speak the truth about most Americans true feelings. We begin with Acts: Chapter 7.

Basically Chapter 7 deals with the stoning of Stephen after he was accused by the Pharisees (Republicans) of blasphemy which is basically to a GOPer as anything that they didn’t think of or anything that they can’t understand. Now, Stephen wasn’t cowed by the mob mentality and continued to speak the truth. The Pharisees (GOP) being basic cowards continued with their threats and bullying tactics.
Stephen stated” You stiff necked people with uncircumcised hearts and ears; you are just like your fathers”. In other words though the GOP pretends to be righteous they are in fact unclean in most places and whose hearts and ears are covered in a foreskin material which prevents them from hearing or feeling the truth.

“Was there ever a prophet your fathers did not persecute”? In this part he is basically forecasting the GOPs obsession with punishing anyone who advocates enlightenment. Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn could be considered Ted’s and the modern GOP’s fathers.
‘You have received the law (Constitution) that was put in effect by angels but have not obeyed it. How prophetic as we have all seen how Bush and the Pharisees have called the Constitution” Just another piece of paper while trying to hide behind its protection?

“When they heard this, they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him. Stephen full of the Holy Spirit claimed that he could see heaven. At this they covered their ears and yelling at the top of their voices they “rushed” him. Notice how Acts predicted the loud mouth GOP radio and Fox news hacks, plus lesser hacks on the blogs (TED). Why they even name Rush Limbaugh! “They dragged him out of the city and stoned him” (Another reference to Rush and his drug problems.

Yes basically Acts is a bummer as it shows that the Pharisees (GOP) were liars and cowards and that they were still able to destroy the TRUTH! It is heartening to know that The Pharisees reign ended shortly there after when the Romans caste the tribes of Israel to the Winds soon after.

Sleep well!

Reverend Jimmy Dobson Haggert Hagee, Pastor, Church of the republican Pharisees1

Anonymous said...

Wow - the mind of a liberal progressive on full display.

Anonymous said...

Wow the mind of a blind of a blind sheeple on display. A liberal progressive label isn't a slur but a compliment compared to a traitorous neocon label that you wear.

rev Jimmy Dobson Haggert Hagee

Anonymous said...

No - trust me. Being a liberal progressive is a great big huge fat slur. It's to be a self-hating American. That is the definition, thus a slur.

But, ya know...There's lots o' fat girls who are really really proud to be fat too.

As long as you are proud of yourself - go ahead and be fat! Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Doug Gross Gang has replaced RPI with this!

Kochel also announced that Iowa Progress Project will have a separate political action committee arm as well.

Kochel said, "A number of Iowans have implored us to be more politically active. In order to do that, a separate Iowa political action committee will be formed."

IPP announced the following Board of Directors for the organization:

President: David Kochel
Director: Kathy Pearson
Director: Gary Grant

Last, Kochel indicated, "There is a vital need for an organization of this type. We will be very active in the weeks and months ahead as we make our hiring decisions and proceed ahead with our grassroots issue education and advocacy efforts."

Anonymous said...

I will be very proud to know that i am not part of the sheeple! you don't qualify as a Pharisee as though they spread falsehoods and insults they were at least well versed. Well, when you can't argue the facts you have to rely on fat jokes. Typical unwashed GOP sheeple. May the Holy Spirit enlighten this feeble syphlytic soul!

reverend jimmy Dobson Haggert Hagee

Anonymous said...

President: David Kochel - Rants Mail Hack

Director: Kathy Pearson - Nice Person but not the first person I think of when someone says conservative ideas.

Director: Gary Grant - Jim Leach's guy, also not conservative.

This is Doug Gross and the Romney crowd taking over all things Republican in this state.

Too bad their winning % is equal to Victory Enterprises.

Anonymous said...

Branstadt is involved too. How long has he not been in office?

Calling Nora Desmond

Calling Dorian Gray

Anonymous said...

Ted Sporer is on Deace right now - 1040 AM. Deace said he's on til 7:00 pm.

Anonymous said...

Damn Ted, I liked your ideas about the trains and then you follow up with this shit? Shit that could have been written by your pal, your buddy, Mark Klein, M.D.? Damnation, Ted, baby, get a grip on yourself........Take a nap in the afternoon every now and then. I've found that does me a world of good.

Anonymous said...

Wow - calling out specific members of the Central Committee! How long til Ted falls on his sword (or is replaced with someone who plays nice with the rest of the power brokers)?

Anonymous said...

ted wants to leave this mess called the Iowa GOP behind. He is smart enough to see a lost cause.
ted is trying to get his butt fired so that the disaster of 2008 won't be his fault. ted loves to blame others for his failings

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ted!!! Bout time.

corporal in ted's army said...

What the fuck are you talking about Anon 6:58? Uncle Teddy is one of the few politicians in either party that shoots straight.

You sound as stupid as that Mary Lousie Smith, Sphincter guy. Maybe you are the same guy.

Are you really some frustrated homosexual that had a man crush Uncle Teddy and suffered the pains of rejection.

Anonymous said...

hey Corporal

go back and peel those spuds for teds army as you are obviously cannon fodder for the GOP.

Lawyers by nature are not straight shooters, they are mercenaries. ted knows that his only elected office would be limited to a small segment of the population basically dullards who pretend to be warriors. I hear theey need good soldiers in Iraq. Do i have any volunteers? General ? Corporal? Thought not!

If you knew Jack about the Iowa GOP you would know that Mary Louise Smith was one of the most respected party leaders. She was cast aside when the party went batshit crazy. My watch says Looks like time for another change!

Oh and Corporal Gomer, ted is quite capable of coming up with his own inane responses.
Just like ted you need to stop projecting your behavioral proclivities on others.

Ghost of gerald Ford

Anonymous said...

Mary Louise Smith is a pro baby killer. Her name is adorned on a large conference room in Planned Parenthood - The Mary Louise Smith Room.

Who went batshit crazy?

She decided that the unborn were not entitled to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness because the timing is bad.

Anonymous said...

Mary Louise Smith decided to dedicate her life to keeping abortion on demand. She chose the active promotion of abortion as her life's work and hobby. She chose that as her signature death bed most important issue of her life.


In 1984 Smith resigned from the RNC and became a National Vice Chair of the Republican Mainstream Committee, a group of moderates dedicated to reestablishing their Party's pro-choice positions ....

In the aftermath of the 1989 Webster Supreme Court decision, pro-choice Republicans formed the National Republican Coalition for Choice and Smith joined its National Advisory Board in 1991.

She also became a national steering committee member of Pro-Choice America, a national political action committee to elect pro-choice Republicans, formed in 1990.

In 1991 Pro-Choice America awarded her "Republican Woman of the Century." Smith served on the board of directors of Planned Parenthood of Mid-Iowa from 1986 through 1992, and in 1989 she also became a member of Planned Parenthood Federation of America's National Leadership Committee.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that people who value life, all life are the crazies and the people who promote infanticide are "moderate".

Just what does "moderate" mean?

Anonymous said...

I forget who had stated that if men could get pregnant that abortions could be had from vending machines. I have yet to see a gop from this site who values any life but their own!
if you valued all life we wouldn't have sacrificed our Army. if you valued all life you would assure that are needy get care.
mary Louise Smith was respected as she did not have false sense of values that you have.
You take one issue and condemn a truly great Iowan.
yes the GOP is run by the batshit crazies. Why don't you go out and practice what you preach being that you value all life. Hypocrite!

Ghost of gerald Ford

Anonymous said...

For those of you who want to have a glimpse of when the GOP had a much larger tent for members as opposed to the sideshow tent full of freakish rejects. Here is a short truthfulbio on Mary Louise Smith and her contributions to the GOP:
Mary Louise Smith (October 6, 1914–August 22, 1997), a U.S. political organizer and women's rights activist, was the second woman to become chairman of a major political party in the United States.

Born Mary Louise Epperson in Eddyville, Iowa, she married medical student Elmer M. Smith while both were studying at the University of Iowa. She graduated in 1935 with a degree in social work administration and worked for the Iowa Employment Relief Administration in Iowa City.

After moving to Eagle Grove she became active in civic life and Republican Party politics. She became membership chair of the Iowa Council of Republican Women in 1961 and was elected vice-chairman of the Wright County Republican Central Committee the following year. She was elected national committeewoman for Iowa in 1964, a post she held for the next twenty years.

In 1974, during the wake of the Watergate scandal, President Gerald Ford named her the first, and as of 2008 the only, female chairman of the Republican National Committee. She held that post until 1977, and in that role became the first woman of her party, and second woman of a major party, to organize a presidential nominating convention, the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City. In 1977, she was inducted in the Iowa Women's Hall of Fame. In 1978, she served as Co-Manager of the Committee for Governor Ray in the successful fourth re-election campaign of Iowa Governor Robert D. Ray.

She campaigned for George H. W. Bush in the 1980 primaries, but supported Ronald Reagan both in the 1980 and 1984 general elections. Reagan appointed her vice-chairman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights in 1981, but declined to re-appoint her in 1984. Smith was a social liberal, while the party and the electorate was shifting to the right.

Smith was active in such organizations as the Republican Mainstream Committee, Iowa Women's Political Caucus, U.S. Peace Institute, and Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa. She was a staunch advocate of the Equal Rights Amendment. In 1995, Iowa State University established the Mary Louise Smith Chair in Women and Politics in her honor, and numerous other awards and recognitions are named for her throughout the state.

Smith died of lung cancer in Des Moines at the age of 82. A widow, she was survived by three children.

Ghost of gerald Ford

vlad the impaler said...

I'll bet every penny of Rathje's $58 came from Iowans.

Anonymous said...

Ghost - you say lawyers aren't straight shooters because you can't understand their vocabulary. They choose their words extremely carefully so as to NOT BE MISUNDERSTOOD in the law.

You may recall this concept when Bill Clinton used his "it matters what the word 'is' is defense.

Take some traditional english classes and you'll do much better understanding the commentary by the adults on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Checked all my responses and I said nothing about not understanding lawyers vocabularies. Poor sheeple they aren't capable of building a straw man arguement. Basically you lied! Maybe you need to take a basic morals and ethics class.

Ghost of gerald Ford


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