Saturday, April 12, 2008

Iowa Democrats cut the Gordian knot with your money.

Two stories over at Iowa Politics provide a perfect example of how to cut through a tough knot.

Earlier this week we wrote about Gov.
Culver’s planned increase in fuel taxes to offset the reduced State revenue that reduced demand for fuel created. We opined that perhaps establishing different priorities and transferring money into the road system was better for our State’s economy, particularly those at the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

As the week unfolded it became clear that the Democrats intend to significantly
increase all sorts of taxes and fees on fuel and every other aspect of the State’s transit net. At the same time, they also intend to increase funding for snow mobile and ATV trails. So the Democrats think its “fair” to tax everyone in Iowa to provide for more ATV recreation, and no other conclusion is possible-except to the most partisan of Democrats, Gerald.

If the State lacks the funds to meet its core function of providing a safe transportation system for all of our citizens and residents then we certainly lack the funds to create more snow mobile trials for the micro niche that would benefit from more snow mobile trails.

But why bother to untie the infinite regression to insolvency when youo can still squeeze more blood from the body politic?


Anonymous said...

Pathological liars? Must have been looking in the mirror. Culver isn't the one pushing a gas tax - the Republican Farm Bureau is. Next I suppose you will be blaming Culver for invading Iraq.

Anonymous said...

try reading the paper douchebag.

"Maybe in 2009 or beyond, the gas tax will be part of the equation," Culver told seven members of the Iowa Transportation Commission during a Statehouse meeting.

Anonymous said...

Culver and the Dems won't go with a gas tax unless the Repubs go along with it. Both parties would rather watch the state's infrastructure fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of taxes, what kills me every year is all the shit heels lined up at the post office at quarter to midnight to get that all important 04/15 date stamp. And it's always the same damn morons every year with the same lame-ass excuses too. Idiots.