Saturday, April 12, 2008

Democrats think this is unifying.

.... and they wonder why we call them the Party of division, despair and defeat?


Anonymous said...

Not quite the inspiring speaker he portays himself to be and to his throngs of kool aid truthers is he?

Ahhh, it's so much nicer to believe in the truth that America is that shining city on the hill.

The party of hope growth and opportunity is a nicer place to be than the party of division, despair and defeat.

The Real Sporer said...

Well said Anon.

RF said...

Sounds like spoiled brat conservatives still don't want to hear the truth, really about anything. Can we not talk about the problems in this country? Any mention of a problem means you can't unify? Sounds like the W approach. It's all ok, just take our word for it. I'm thinking this country has had enough of unifiers made from that mold. Maybe we want someone who actually tells the truth. Of course, if you speak the truth, you hate America or you are divisive, desperate and defeatist.

Art A Layman said...

Hope, growth and opportunity?

Would agree the Reps are big on hope. They hope Iraq will turn out ok. They hope the economy will rebound to the levels of the 90's (read Clinton); they've been hoping for this for the last 7 years. They hope that if they piss and moan enough about the Dems, they can win back the Congress and maintain the White House in November. They hope nobody pays attention to the man behind the curtain.

Growth? All those tax cuts with their attendant "trickle down" and we aren't close to the GDP growth levels of the 90's. I don't mind so much being wet, it's just that "trickled on" odor that's so distasteful. Maybe job growth? Nah! Even if you use Dumbya's starting point, at best job growth has been anemic, managing to barely keep up with new entrants to the job market. Maybe they're talking about the growth in CEO salaries. Ok, you win!

Opportunity? Hard to argue with this one. I mean all those displaced workers with mortgages and families and college age kids and the government will help pay for the opportunity for them to go back to school and learn another trade. Let's not worry that many of them are in their 40's and they will graduate and get the opportunity to compete in the marketplace with 22 year olds. There's always Walmart.

The Republican Party offering hope and growth and opportunity and the best sporie can come up with is railing about Dems and their taxes; their graft, their office romances and, of course the worst of all, their affiliations with Unions. No self-respecting CEO would ever align himself with Unions.

Put the Reps back in control and we hope things will get better. Just look at our track record in Washington for the past 7 years.

Politically sporie, maybe you should seek out some of that free retraining.

Anonymous said...

rf - we highly disagree with obama's assessment of the problem.

Let's talk about frustration with tax policy that makes it difficult for people to live in middle class areas which include rural areas.

Let's talk about frustration with the NEA and the UNION choke hold on our childrens education that affect the middle class, including rural areas.

Let's talk about frustration with gas taxes killing everyone, except Al Gore, including those in rural areas.

Yes, VIrginia, there is frustration in America. Obama is OUT OF TOUCH.

Anonymous said...

How can you speak for we when it is only thou!

Or as beaver Sporer states "We are the party of
G reed,
O ppression
P erversion.
Put them all together they spell

Ghost of gerald Ford

Anonymous said...

Democrat Eliot Spitzer - Democrat President Bill Clinton - Democrat Jim McGreevey - Democrat Gov Patterson

What do you get?

Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual Perversion
Sexual Harrassment