Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jimmy Carter is on his way to Damascus to meet with the leadership of Hamas. Now there’s a surprise.

Hamas is, of course, a terror organization that, quite literally, hi-jacked the autonomous government in Gaza and has been engaged in terror bombing and rocket attacks against Israel for 40 years-up to and including the very minutes in which these words are being written. Needless to say, Hamas views the Carter visit as
legitimizing the Hamas terror state and genocidal objective for Israel.

America’s one reliable ally in the Middle East (although Jordan, Qtar and Kuwait are sure heading in the right direction) Israel is directly harmed by anything that even seems to lend legitimacy to Hamas. Israel is, of course,
mortally offended by the Carter visit, but that won’t stop the openly anti-Israeli Carter from helping Hamas achieve its mission of exterminating Israel.

The Carter history of supporting, or at least enabling, terror states and other expressly anti-American forces began with his undermining the Shah in 78 to promoting the Chavez government in the 21st Century.
State 29 has a great photo gallery of Jimmy “the most repudiated President ever” Carter and his terror supporting or outright terrorist friends.

Thinking that love of country motivates Carter requires, well, as Madame Defarge, the smartest woman in the world, said, a willing suspension of disbelief. Carter clearly demonstrates that the true liberal loves his country like the beater loves his wife.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Another progressive liberal who thinks he's telling the TRUTH. Carter is America's biggest embarressment. Thank God he belongs to the Dems. I wonder if the Rev Jeremiah Wright will be accompanying Jimma. They seem to be on the same wavelength.

I read that Jimma is very positively inclined toward Obama although he hasn't endorsed yet. He said his entire family is endorsing Obama though.

Does this hint at Obamas foreign policy? Does he agree with Carters mission and goals?

How does Obama feel about Israel? My guess is that he's pro palestinian.

Anonymous said...

Harkin belongs to this same gang of foreign policy traitors. I'd like to know his thoughts on Jimmy's trip. He's long been a supporter of dictators as TRUTH telling patriots in their own homelands.

Anonymous said...

Horse, Rope, Carter.

Some assembly required.

Anonymous said...

And Israel has done what for us lately? Come on, what has Israel done for us lately? Other than bilked us dry for billions, BILLIONS! If some two bit Republican hack had said this, you slobs would be hailing him as a new hero. A "straight shooter who means what he says"! But Carter says it and it's automatically bullshit. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

ANYTHING Carter says is automatically bullshit.