Friday, April 11, 2008

The Week That Was: Pathological liars pathologically lying.

Just when you’re starting to warm up to that old tomcatamount Bill Clinton he remind us that tom cats, of any size or species, just cannot change their marks.

Someone once said that the Clintons tell big lies when little lies will do and little lies when the truth works. Bill just proved that unflattering description yet again. While the whole world now knows that Hillary simply fabricated the Bosnia sniper fire story from whole cloth, Brother Bill goes to battle with a whopper of his own in an attempt to further cover Hillary’s already repudiated lie.

When seen in such a setting, it is impossible to forget the blizzard of lies, from Chinagate, to Whitewater, to Monica, to Pardongate that define the parallel realities in which the Clintons so easily operate.

What could possibly have caused a political genius like Brother Bill to return to the Bosnia story is beyond understanding-unless he is sinking the little tug boat that could on purpose. The only other explanation is the inherent uncontrollability of a compulsive liar.


Anonymous said...

Let's see ted is labeling someone a pathological liar? It APPEARS that Thaddeus uses his blog as a form of dealing with his various personality disorders!
he totally denies any faults in himself or in his gang community(GOP) that have severe conduct disorder behavior since 1994.
We all know how often engages in group think type behavior.

I feel that ted should embrace all the similarities between President Clintons behavior and his own seamy side and admit that it is Mr. Kettle calling Mr. Pot Black

Ghost of gerald ford

vlad the impaler said...

Bill Clinton likes women. So does Hillary.


mbakken said...

Go get em' Ted. The Clintons would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth. While out campaining for her ice maiden mother, Chelsea was asked if she thought that her mother would be viewed as week because of the way she reacted to the Monica incident. Chelsea got very angry and told the questioner that he was rude and that it was none of his business.

???None of our business??? How can the character of a possible presidential candidate be none of the American people's business? As a woman I find it impossible to have any respect for someone who would stand by and be humiliated by a cheating, lying humband. Of course now we know it was probably for her own political agenda.

The Real Sporer said...

I sure hope my readers know that Ghost, Mary Louise and Sphincter are not fictional foils, although I can see how it might appear to be so.

Ghost aside from reaffirming everything I say about liberals, what the hell are you talking about here son?

Is there a point lurking in your rather childish stream of "yur mother is too" gibberish? If so, please try again to make it.

Oh yeah, I forgot "so's yur mother"!

Anonymous said...

I keep recalling all the claims, which were mostly marketed by the Clintons themselves, about how Bill is the smartest politician in the world and Hillary is the smartest woman in the world.

I think it's time for democrats to rethink these deeply held premises about the clintons. Their performance in this campaign is either by design - or by nature, but it sure ain't smart.

Anonymous said...

Talk about Clinton fatigue. I'm exhausted already by the drama of the Clinton campaign. This is just the primary. Crescendo it by 10 times for the general.

Help - I can't take it anymore!

Art A Layman said...


Given all your postings and retorts, one can easily understand why your expertise is divorce law and not Constitutional law.

The Real Sporer said...

Art, you amuse me to know end.

What, on God's green earth, does constitutional law have to do with a "witness" claiming an event occured at 11 p.m. (as in Hillary's big Bosnia lie was the product of late night exhaustion) when they, and strangely enough in this particular case, the rest of the world as well, knew it happened more like 11 a.m.

One certanly doesn't have to be Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. to recognize such an obvious lie.

Moreover, could you please provide our audience with your legal qualifications?

Anonymous said...

Art who lays men: You state you are a layman. Who cares what you think? I envision you as a pathetic crouching old man with lots of untamed and ungroomed hair coming from your nose and ears. Your toenails haven't been clipped in years and you drool. Each insult you hurl gives you a sorely needed chubby on an unused appendage as you snort uncontrollably at your amusement with yourself and your sophomoric insults.

You represent yourself well.

vlad the impaler said...

Better watch yourself, Ted. You could end up in Ft. Marcy Park if you aren't careful.

Art A Layman said...


Shit! Do you know me?

Art A Layman said...

sporie, sporie, sporie:

I am glad for often I intend to amuse.

It is difficult at times to figure out how your mind works or doesn't. My post was directed at your response to Ghost as opposed to the specific topic at hand. There was an inference to many of your other posts which fail to display a mind, capable of thought processes that I usually ascribe to lawyers.

It is a good thing, for you are certainly no Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

I took a Business Law course once. What, pray tell, is your excuse?

Anonymous said...

Let me explain how your insinuation/accusations of peoples traits are no different from your own Lies/false testaments and other forms of psychological defenses which protects your frail ego from the reality of your party's failed ideas and morals.

There fore as a Kettle ( Liar) you are pointing out the faults of Pot (liar). In other words you shout those words while looking at a mirror
Get it know Beaver Theodore sporer?

Ghost of geral Ford