Friday, April 04, 2008

Chris Sanger HD 62

We have an outstanding Republican candidate challenging Bruce Hunter in HD 62 this year – Chris Sanger. Chris is already demonstrating himself to be a hard working candidate.

Chris has a
comprehensive website, so please check it out. As Chris demonstrates, useage of the internet is another skill at which our younger candidates are catching up with their Democrat adversaries.

Chris’ Southside district is presently held by Bruce Hunter. Bruce isn’t an evil man, but he is a died in the wool ultra-liberal who is most atypical of the district he represents. As shown by
Project Vote Smart:

Although most of HD 62 is comprised of small business owners or the employees of small businesses Hunter is a “0” on small business issues while rating “100” on union issues.

Although most of Hunter’s constituents are opposed to homosexual marriage rights Hunter gets a “0” on the issue from the Iowa Family Policy Council and an average of around “80” from the ICLU and a solid “100” from Planned Parenthood.

………. and so on.

Chris’ challenge is to hit every Republican, independent and soft Democrat door and to make Bruce’s disconnection from his district manifestly obvious in every home that is attached to every door on which Chris knocks.

Please visit Chris Sanger’s website (also linked left) and do what you can do to contribute to Chris’ victory in HD 62 come November next.


Anonymous said...

Just went to his MYSPACE account. Not exactly the comprehensive site that Ted proclaims!
here is main factoid!

Sanger for State Rep's Blurbs
About me:
The name’s Chris Sanger. I am running for the State Representative position in [Iowa] District 62 also known as the South Side [Des Moines]. I was raised outside of Dallas Center by a wonderful Mother and Father. Mom and Dad both used to work in Washington D.C. and for the State of Iowa. Mom works at Homecare Services, Inc.; Dad works at Wells Fargo & Co. I work at Wells Fargo and I am a business owner. I live on the South Side, of course. I believe that all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the people agree. I am running because I hear the people and I will stand strong for the people. Check out my blog and become politically active if you aren't already.
Who I'd like to meet:

DONATE button

yes, I want vote for a 23 year old with no life experience whose parents lived in DC, is not a native south sider and whose dad got his son a job at Wells fargo. Anybody can be a business owner but lets have him use the term successful business owner like brad Zaun used until his business went broke!
The website is a My space account and not a campaign site for good ness sake.
Notice these specific political points:"I believe that all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the people agree". "I am running because I hear the people and I will stand strong for the people".

So all you South siders here is the GOP premier candidate who loves non specifics so that he never has to have a backbone. Sanger, come back and run when you can actually contribute to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. maybe join the Army and see Iraq. You were one of those pro war young retpublicans here is your chance to show how you can lead! or is that too specific for your moral compass?
Looks like General GOP Ted Sporer is throwing more cannon fodder at a lost cause.

it is not that Sanger is evil, He is just too much of a Nonentity for me!

Ghost of gerald Ford

Chris Sanger said...

I would ask that all South Siders only vote Sanger because they are interested in putting a Representative on Capitol Hill that will defend their Right to Work, vote against collective bargaining, and vote to improve the education of our youth.

It seems to me, and a lot of people, that HD 62 has not been represented appropriately for at least two terms if not more. The reason is simple; we’ve had a representative elected to office unopposed two times consecutively. Another time Hunter won against Scavo after Election Day from the collection of absentee ballots.

Here is your GOP candidate South Side:

I put on my Magnum Boots every morning and walk into an un-luxurious call center at Wells Fargo otherwise known as Centralized Collections and I am used to being blunt: the guy is not getting the job done!

Sporer is correct when he says much of HD 62 is composed of small business owners, many who had to start out somewhere. To claim that I have inexperience in business is quite naïve. I’m 23, I work a full-time job, I am an Iowa Entrepreneur, I pay taxes, I keep a house, I’m not married, I have no illegitimate children, and I’ve never been in trouble with the law other than speeding tickets that are paid in full. I’d be interested in finding out more about each district’s candidate’s economic interests and business interests in this election, additionally their backgrounds.

My inexperience in politics comes to an advantage to HD 62: I have no ties to lobbyists or groups. I am running as a Republican because I’ve always been registered as a Republican so I am not going to change it. I am young so you know I won’t miss a vote. I’m just plain tired of these professional politicians doing it just for a living to vote how they think will get them somewhere. I am going somewhere and I’m not going to slow down for one second to please a couple potential business interests. It is not right. Keep that off the floor. We as a people deserve not to be double taxed and stripped of our rights. The whole point of government is to defend & preserve not take away.

I am not a native South-Sider, however I have been at 712 since two falls ago; I like it here and I am not going anywhere. If you live on the South Side and want to stop by, come over and chat. Open door policy – let me know what you want to get done. Let me know what you think. If I’m not there, leave a note or call.

At many points of my life I have considered joining the military; I’ve even taken a tour of Camp Dodge and I have considered the Iowa National Guard. I have many friends who have joined or are active in the armed forces. My father is a veteran. My grandfathers are veterans. I do have great respect for our armed forces.

I’m not some fat-cat rich Republican that had his Mom make a myspace nor am I a fool. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am a conservative that conserves money too. I am a graphic designer but not a web designer. Why would my campaign pay for someone’s time to make a website? There are free websites with a domain purchase but is much easier to use, navigate, and understand.

Welcome to 2008 America, and, the whole world is wired. And to think many liberals would vote to regulate our freedom of speech on the internet, elsewhere and be a naysayer to the campaign of a young patriot.

The Primary is June 3rd; the General is November 4th. If you do not know where to vote or plain just don’t even know what district you live in, check out my blog on the top right-hand side of It is a great point of reference. You can even register to vote same day Primary and General election days.

Look for some new videos on the website throughout the election year about some key issues affecting the South Side.

Jeremy Walters said...

Candidate for State Representative House District 62

I am 29 years old and have lived in Iowa all my life. I was taken out of my home when I was six years old and lived in group homes until I was twelve years old. I attended Newton High School, and then I went to Excel High School in Marshalltown where I graduated in 1996. I also received a Certificate of Agriculture in 1996. I resided at Calvary Apostolic Church on the eastside of Des Moines for 3 ½ years. In 2000 I went to Hamilton College to become a computer system tech. I moved to Altoona in 2002, that same year I ran for State Representative House District 42. I received an endorsement from Iowa Right to Life Committee and was honored by Governor Tom Vilsack, but did not win the election. I decided to run again in 2004, unfortunately I lost. In 2007, I volunteered for Ron Paul’s (Candidate for President 2008) campaign and became Precinct Chairman and a Delegate.
Issues I am focusing on:
Balance the state budget: Government needs to reduce spending.
Down size the State Government: We need to reduce Government offices so we can save tax dollars.
Stop raising taxes and sales taxes: I am not for local or state wide sales tax hike for our schools because some of our property taxes goes to the schools.
Lower property taxes: I would like to see Property taxes lowered by 40%.
Lower the gas tax: We are paying to much for gas at the pump.
Let Iowans have their rights and freedom: The State Government should not have the right to tell us where or when we can or can’t do something liken reinforcing the National Identification Card and where you can smoke.
Restore gun rights: We do not need the sheriff’s decision on who can or can’t carry a firearm.
Help home owners keep their homes: If you are a hard working Iowan that has some money problems, or lost your job Iowa government should be able to help you financially. Not just one time, but a few times for mortgage payments or rent.

These are some of the reasons why I am a Candidate for Iowa House District 62. The main reason why I want to be a State Representative is because I would like to represent the people of Iowa not the lobbyists. It should be we the people, by the people, and for the people.
I am asking you to vote for me, Jeremy Walters, on June 3rd. I want to represent you at the State House.

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