Friday, April 04, 2008

Then the liberals puke up hatred on demand…………

……… and quite on point. Apparently the socialists in Sweden think that they should encourage Mexicans to revisit the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

So, libs, please explain how encouraging Hispanic immigrants to refrain from learning English will help the process of political and cultural assimilation in opposition to a popular Hispanic culture that rejects even the geographic boundries of the Estados Unidos de America.


Anonymous said...

TRS: qusetion is, does Kim Schmett and Susan Murphy support this ad?

Art A Layman said...


Not sure how we get from a vodka ad running in Mexico to liberals are "encouraging Hispanic immigrants to refrain from learning English". Chalk it up to the confused logic of the conservative mind (an oxymoron?).

In a convoluted sort of way I guess you could assert that providing documents in Spanish and English inadvertently encourages Hispanics to reject learning English. On the other hand one could posit that it is much more efficient in that it often eliminates a long, involved dialog when attempting to secure vital information from those who do not speak English.

Of course to conservatives this is the Hispanic's problem not ours. Since we are always right and even if we aren't right we are the most powerful; therefore it is "our way or the highway".

And, God forbid that some of us might have to become bilingual; an action that flys in the very face of our founding as a nation.

Sequestered there in Iowa, outside the mainstream of American life, you are probably unaware that we have factions, folks coming from generations of American citizenship, who don't believe the Civil War has ended.

Assimilation, by its nature, is a long process. It is usually accomplished generationally. Little by little, folks absorb what they need to get by and often it is left to their children to fully adapt to that complex process that we love to define with simplicity as our culture.

Could it be that you, and your fellow conservatives, are much more vehement about not helping these folks because they tend to be more liberal in political persuasion?

Anonymous said...

Poor Thaddeus has now gone off the deep end. He is attacking a corporation's ad campaign (which I think is a GOP mortal sin) then he blames it on the socialists in Sweden? Maybe he is confused being that the current administration has allowed the corporations to control all of the U.S. agenda! Oh sure Teddy’s little defenders will come up with the line that it all part of Thaddeus's dull witted satire instead of the uttering’s of a person with mental illness!

Maybe Teddy like most modern GOP dullards skipped course work on treaties as they have a belief that all treaties are permanent when most have time lines such as the Panama Canal and the British control of Hong Kong. The British followed the protocols and the peaceful transition took place with little interruption to the citizens or the economy.
We on the other hand acted like petulant children talking about how we built the panama canal and were keeping it, not once admitting that the canal zone divided Panama in half and that Panama itself was created by a US led revolution after Nicaragua told us to beat it.( side note John Mcsame was born in the canal Zone and can’t legally run for president as the Constitution did not consider that we would stoop to colonialization by force. How do you worm around that one all you strict constructionists)?

Now take our poor compliance concerning the treaties we established with our Native American tribes and it is now wonder that Treaties are just a piece of paper unless it gives us an advantage. I imagine that in the basement of POLK County GOP Secret headquarters that Ted has blankets dipped in Smallpox virus and Anthrax just in case he can’t get those pesky ILLEGAL ALIENS to stop crossing those borders! It is the preferred way of Rethugs to do business !

The Mexican gov’t doesn’t have to reopen the treaty as there has always been a high Hispanic population in those areas(being a part of Mexico that we stole) and will eventually govern as they see fit!

As far as Sweden being socialist, what does it matter to you Ted? Let them have their better standard of living, their long history of neutrality and non aggression toward their neighbors, and the fact that they don’t care one whit about your opinion.

Real ted Sphincter GOP

The Real Sporer said...

Artie, you miss the point because you have yet to demonstrate the capacity to think in anything close to a broad scope. Your vision is impaired.

Spchincter-and you are oh so aptly self styled-have you ever seriously considered some professional help? Your anger and disconnection to objective reality bespeak a deep psychological or psychiatric disturbance.

I'm told that Sweden has the highest suicide rates in the world. Maybe you should emigrate and improve the lifestyle both here and there?

Anonymous said...


You are such a bitter boy. can't debate the points can you? Poor teddy has to use the "Move Away" argument. Further proof that poor Teddy can only spout his warped reality when he has control of the delete button. Why don't you debate Gronstal, You sure don't pull any punches when he isn't around but then that takes some courage. Not part of the GOp DNA is it?

real ted Sphincter GOP

Anonymous said...

anon 1:18 sounds like Yoda.

yoda, long time, no hear.

Art A Layman said...


Generally when a point is missed it is considered the fault of the communicator not the communicatee.

If you have something to say (could that be the problem here?), then say it. Obscure and subtle expression does little to conceal inanity.

Anonymous said...

Yoda is gone. The Force has left the GOP.


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