Friday, April 04, 2008

Don't be a Whig, think like King!

Judge Staskal’s order of March 31 invalidating the Democrats’ issuance of voter registration forms in languages other than English is yet another enormous victory for Congressman Steve King.

Less than a week after Congressman King’s rather easier win, both in public opinion and before the Commission itself, over Ralph Rosenberg and the PC police of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. The reader will recall that Commissioner Rosenberg opined that King’s commentary regarding the Islamic world “dancing in the streets” over an Obama Presidential win was hate speech that should be sanctioned by the ICRC.

Needless to say, the ICRC chose to avoid the humiliation of a court reversal in the event they had actually employed the power of government to silence or “chill” the First Amendment rights of a United States Congressman to speak on issues of interest to the body politic.

The ruling had, however, two much more far reaching affects on our larger American culture. First, it reaffirms the concept that English is the political language of the United States of America. A culture need not be self destructive to be welcoming. Federal law requires, and has so for generations, that one must be a citizen of the United States to vote and that one must read and speak English to become a citizen. No one who cannot read English is supposed to be able to vote in American elections. Pretty simple, huh?

The Democrat race to social disintegration depends on collapsing every institution of American culture, including a common language. After all, is it not easier to divide society and exploit those divisions if the populace fails to speak a common language?

The ruling also reaffirms the concept of electoral integrity. What assures that only citizens vote if voter registration forms are printed in languages other than English? The absence of election laws simply mean best cheater wins, a simple syllogism that explains much of the Democrat desire to dilute most electoral regulation.

Most importantly, the Court decision represents a rejection of the feeble legal justification offered for the plainly illegal regulation. AG Miller actually uttered the following words:

"Our view is that although the Iowa English Language Reaffirmation Act requires all official forms to be in English, it does not prohibit government officials from providing materials in other languages as well," Miller said. "We argued that position to the District Court. This principle can be particularly important in the area of voting rights of citizens."

AG Miller’s argument is jabberwocky, at best. Of course
voter registration forms are an official document. The Attorney General’s argument makes Bill Clinton’s “meaning of is” postulate seem as true as the Actonian axiom that underlies and explains almost every principle of modern liberalism.

Without Cong. Steve King and current State Senator Paul McKinley who would have fought this battle? A party that purports to stand for something also must fight for the things for which it stands. Whenever we retreat in the face of the Democrats PC attacks we place ourselves closer, not farther, from the fate that befell our Whig ancestors.


Anonymous said...

Governor King?

Anonymous said...

Sporer's wondering, " What assures that only citizens vote if voter registration forms are printed in languages other than English?"


Answer: the same thing that assures only citizens vote when registration forms are printed only in English.

Do you think all people who know English are US citizens? -Spotlight

Anonymous said...

I love how Thaddeus always wants to follow the law when it is restrictive. Teddy and his ever dwindling minions probably want to return to the days when people who had uteruses, the people who were black and people who were not landowners could not vote.

Notice that the Secretary of State took the forms down immediately. Something that a GOP official would never do, but then ethics , morals or even a sense of decency has ever been a strong suit for Rethugs!

real Dead GOP teddy Sphincter

Art A Layman said...


The one thing the decision answers is Ben Franklin's concern about voting being vested in jackasses; notwithstanding Francis the Talking Mule.

I agree with Spotlight that if the ability to read and write English is the only test for voting; you guys are in real trouble.

One can understand your euphoria over a court victory of such magnitude - ranking right up there as legal precedent with Marbury v. Madison - given that there is not much good news for you conservatives nowadays.

Am surprised, since you are a lawyer, that you do not appreciate the nuance of Clinton's "meaning of is" statement. Maybe if it was asserted by a conservative you would be more appreciative.

Yes sir Pubs, you just keep fighting for all these little idiotic, arcane premises, winning your minor battles while the war is being lost. I'd bet that Obama or Hillary will have a bipartisan party at the White House and you might be invited.

The Real Sporer said...

Arthur and Spotlight,

Your intellectual alliance should not be a source of pride to either of you. Smart kid at the dumb table isn't a particularly impressive intellectual achievement.

While I concede you are prolific in the formulations of pedestrian or adolescent insuslt, your point appears to be a rejection of the concept of cultural and political unity through language-to the extent an actual "argument" can be discerned amidst your ad homs.

If so, you must be of Yugoslavian origin to think that such a polyglot boardinghouse would survive as a nation.

Anonymous said...


The kettle is calling the pot. he is saying teddy doesn't want to debate, he will just use insult or insuslts as GOPers spell it. Must be the lisp he learned from Sen Craig and Roy Cohn
Smart kid at the dumb table? Teddy you must be so proud of that wit!
Real ted Sphincter GOP

Art A Layman said...


Could smart kid at the dumb table trump dumb kid at the smart table? You seem to exhibit the characteristics of the latter.

Anonymous said...

" Don't be a Whig"
Vote Like A Pig"

Steve King Chief Swine

Anonymous said...

Art who lays men:

Arguing online is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you are still retarded.

Art A Layman said...


Since it appears you have experience in running in the Special Olympics, I will accept your premise on that part; as for your simile, less so.