Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CITEC Reorganization Lemmo Connolly style.

Readers of this morning’s Des Moines Register will have open their newspapers (and web pages) to discover that Polk County Supervisor Angela Lemmo Connolly believes that there is no need for state oversight of the program.

Never mind the dissolution of CIETC itself and its replacement by DMACC. DMACC is now doing the real job training that the Democrat scam pretended to do prior to Auditor Dave Vaudt’s exposure of the massive corruption at CIETC.

Never mind the almost complete elimination of unemployment in central Iowa.

Never mind the almost complete loss of public confidence in government that arose from the cronyism and corruption of Lemmo-Connolly’s friends and allies.

In light of all we know of CIETC, Lemmo Connolly actually uttered the following:

[DMACC is] "doing a great job" but that "I don't think we need to have that oversight. ... I think it's time that as local government, we step back and let" DMACC do the work.

While even Democrats in the body politic view CIETC as code for corruption and malfeasance, Angela Lemmo Connolly believes that such corruption and malfeasance are the makings of government the way its supposed to be-of cronies, by cronies and of cronies.


Anonymous said...

how on earth did Gopal K win a seat on the state central committee? come on?!

Art A Layman said...


Did Adam fall from grace?