Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kevin McCarthy illustrates the real danger America faces from Democrats.

Democrat House floor leader Kevin McCarthy provided Iowans with a clear example of the truest danger the Democrats pose to America—McCarthy claims the radical left agenda is “main stream”. Yesterday’s Des Moines Register contained the following from McCarthy:

"We talked about, in the beginning of last year, that we were going to govern from the mainstream and not the extreme. We think we've done that."

In what sense? The focal point of the Democrat agenda was payoffs to interest groups.

Most Iowans aren’t in labor or trade unions, yet the Democrat legislature produced multiple bonanzas for organized labor-which funds Democrat campaigns about 99-1.

Most Iowans think the schools are broken, yet the Democrat legislature provided even more money-rewarding the ISEA which funds Democrats about 100-0, including providing the ISEA with the ability to use collective bargaining to force the government to hire more ISEA members than we need or can afford.

Most Iowans oppose homosexual marriage, yet the Democrat legislature is fighting to make Iowa a gay marriage hotel (maybe they have the tourism angle in mind).

Most Iowans opposed the massive and plenary tax hikes that funded all of the other Democrat special interest payoffs, yet the Democrats voted the payoffs and the taxes to pay (sort of) for them.

Polls prove every one of the foregoing arguments. If McCarthy thinks homosexual marriage or higher taxes are main stream can you imagine what the Democrats really want to do to you?

The Democrat willingness to pursue this leftist agenda, and we just scratched the surface, is evidence of the zealousness with which they embrace their cause and the lack of electoral fear to brake that zealotry.

The Democrats simply don’t fear Iowa Republicans. They have spent the last decade gaining ground during fat times for the GOP nationally and now the Democrats see nothing between them and the secular socialist utopia, which surely looks much like New Jersey or Massachusetts, which they have long envisioned.

Are they right?


Anonymous said...

Most Iowans do not think the schools are broken and are quite satisfied with the education their children get. Most Iowans are for civil unions. Most Iowans want to see the bottle bill expanded. Most Iowans wanted a ban on public smoking. Most Iowans are not Chuck Hurley and Steve Deace.

Anonymous said...

My goodness tedddy little panties are too wet and too tight today. So the democrats made gains during the Fat times? You mean those times in the early 2000s when the state was in the red because of the willy nilly tax cuts from the GOP? You mean the reserve fund that was bled dry by the GOP to hide the deficits? You mean the years of deferred infrastructure repair that has left our roads, sewers etc in deplorable condition?
Do you mean how the GOP sold the $2 billion tobbacco settlement for 20cents on the dollar then spent over 400million of it before 2006?

I know Ted' you can show us the New Young Republicans who are coming out to run for office. I think you guys should put all your hope in that Young Turk Matthew Elliott. I hear he has exhibited all those fine Iowa GOP values. You know the quest for power without honor; the lies; the impatience, the child porn, the spouse and child abuse and the no sign of remorse?
He emulated Chrissy Rants, Phil Roederer. I love how after Chrissy taught Elliott the Dark side of the GOP that now he" Doesn't want to talk about him" Elliott is the fruit from the diseased tree called the GOP.

The Iowa GOP is so corrupt that they have no idea what is The Iowa mainstream!

Hugs and kisses

real Ted Sphincter GOP

The Real Sporer said...

Sphincter, once again, you are so aptly named.

Spouse abuse? Child abuse?

Are you talking about Bill Clinton, Michael Kennedy, William Kennedy Smith or Mel Reynolds?

You are like some kind of demented hate monger. YOu'd better stick with your friends in Iran, I'm sure they appreciate your ideological purity.

vlad the impaler said...

They could not have governed without the Republicans.

Anonymous said...
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The Real Sporer said...


you crossed the line into objective defamation by asserting objective facts that were quite the opposite of factual reality.

sometimes i even have to protect the likes of you from your own excesses.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes Ted has to hide the truth!

Anonymous said...

"Most Iowans do not think the schools are broken and are quite satisfied with the education their children get. Most Iowans are for civil unions. Most Iowans want to see the bottle bill expanded. Most Iowans wanted a ban on public smoking. Most Iowans are not Chuck Hurley and Steve Deace."

Um .. You may want to come out of that sound proof echo chamber you're living in there annon ... Every poll Ive ever seem disagrees with every statement you just made. The only statement you're even close to right on is that "Most Iowans want to see a ban on smokeing" ... That ones about 50-50 ... Everying else is closer to 60-40 AGAINST your oppinion. But thanks for playing.

Leftist? Really? said...

I think our VERY moderate to conservative democrats arent even close to "Socialism" as you put it. The reason why democrats are in office is because they are just a little bit more moderate and have favored from the horrible presidency of George W Bush.

Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Ted, why did all the Republicans vote to allow sex offenders in day care centers? HF 2700