Sunday, April 27, 2008

If only we talked more.

It looks like the Iranians have once again seized American or British hostages. Moreover, Iran is increasing its support of global terror, particularly in Iraq.

The Democrat solution, more talk. Obama presents
the most radical solution, legitimization of Iran’s illegitimate attempts to support global terror through personal Presidential negotiations. Even worse, Obama has already signaled the Iranian’s that military force is off the table.

Obama’s Iran policy is precisely the same that failed Bill Clinton with North Korea. Unlike North Korea, a bizarre starving and otherwise entirely unimportant place on Earth, Iran already possess a keenly developed will to exterminate Israel and, if possible, the United States. Not hyperbole but the very statements of Iranian leadership.

Few distinctions exist between the ambitious agenda of the Hitler’s Nazi’s and Ahmadinejad’s Iraqi Islamofascists. Neville Chamberlain was an articulate, popular and good looking Western leader who thought isolation of evil regimes didn’t make any sense. Chamberlain embraced dialogue with Hitler, Mussolini and the Japanese Fascists.

But what the hell, Chamberlain was very popular in Germany and Italy, and especially Great Britain, where he was seen as a “reasonable” politician who understood, if not embraced, the grievances that were so sincerely felt in Germany. The British public, still reeling from WW1, saw Chamberlain as preserving peace. The monstrous leadership of Hitler and Mussolini eagerly fed that belief and isolationists and pacifists across the West disabled reasonable preemptive acts of self defense.

No wonder
Hamas has endorsed Obama.


Anonymous said...

Yep, instead of bombing the fuck out of Iran we went and blew our wad in Iraq. Shit, Saddam would have probably helped us kick the shit out of these fucks if we had asked him.

But what do we do but go and sacrifice 4000 of the best America has to offer and in the aftermath of that who does the Iraqi government welcome with open arms and kisses? The President of Iran, that's who.

Yep, sure thing. Put a positive spin on that little event Sporer.

Art A Layman said...


Don't understand your abhorrence of dialogue.

Just look at how much ground you and I have made up by communicating on your blog.


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