Sunday, April 27, 2008

Man In The Arena

We stumbled across an internet ad today that seems quite apropos` in light of our last post.

Johnny Mac’s “Man in the Arena” ad best demonstrates the difference between people of action and people of appeasement.

Far more instructive to the viewer than are John McCain’s words are those of Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt. Whereas Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton urge surrender to the Islamofascists as a means of achieving a temporary truce, McCain urges utter and complete defeat of the Islamofascists as a means of long term peace.

While the Democrats howl when their weakness is exposed, it is the reality of the weakness that makes Democrats so uniquely unfit to control the nation’s foreign policy.

Once again, no wonder Hamas endorsed Obama.


vlad the impaler said...

I prefer the ad the NC Republicans ran.

Anonymous said...

Nah, the one in North Carolina was pretty lame, especially the end where the party chair warbles some unintelligble bullshit. Add that to her looking like a cross between a bull dyke and Frankenstein.......

Anonymous said...

Well we should let ted run our foriegn policy. He can't be any worse than the current administration. I hear mccain has the Binladen support all wrapped up.
And we all know that if we put teds words on the ads he would have the constant devotion of the Aryan Nation and protection from the Michigan Militia.
ted could finally feel important like the way he felt with Roy Cohn!

ghost of gerald Ford