Monday, April 28, 2008

Just three words …..

……….. describe the guy on the right. Watch the videos of Father Jeremiah’s performance from this morning and you'll know what we mean.





Anonymous said...


Mr kettle meet mr Pot!
if you want to see Bat Shit Crazy teddy boy look in the mirror!
Oops i forgot those without souls have no reflection!

mary Louise Smith

Anonymous said...

The sad thing Teddy is that Rev Wright's point of view is fairly mainstream in the black community. His point of view is commonly heard right here in Des Moines within the black community. I've seen flyers promoting a remote location appearance of Louis Farrakan with his similar point of view being passed around many times.

I've heard many many folks from the community say the same things as Rev Wright.

He's not alone and it's time for it to see the light of day.

He's mainstream to the NAACP and THAT should tell you much of what the current black establishment believes.

Art A Layman said...


sporie is certain that once black folks see the light and begin to vote Republican we will all be magically returned to Kansas; except maybe for sporie cause he is the real Wizard of Oz.

Even if he gets to come along he will have to pay for extra baggage due to his huge sign that says: Make way! Make way! I have a Juris Doctorate.

vlad the impaler said...

Black brains v. White Brains?

Good job, Rev. You just made the next Aryan Nations recruiting video. Someone needs to tell Hussein that he needs to put the "past" in pastor and dump this nut.

vlad the impaler said...

Let me just make sure I have my religions right.

A guy in Texas claims he is the leader of a fundamentalist sect of a religion and has sex with underage girls=busted and going to jail.

An opium addled pedophile, in a drug induced stupor, claims he talks to Gabriel in a cave, starts a religion and fucks a nine year-old= The Religion of Peace.

Anonymous said...

hahah. i love it. that guy is completely nuts. i bet the obama campaign is really pissed.

Anonymous said...

In the early 80's or late 70's My friends had a comedy album by a negro gentleman by the name of Richard Pryor, I believe it was called, "This Nigger is crazy" or perhaps it was called "I'm a crazy Nigger", or maybe, "That Nigger is crazy", or in the venacular of the street perhaps it was, "Dat Nigger's Crazee". Well, anyway, I don't know why I thought of that album just now. Does anyone out there actually have this comedy album? And, if so, would you confirm the correct title of the piece? I think it may be, "That Nigger's Crazy" but I'm not sure. I am sure that the comedian in question is Richard Pryor and that "Nigger" is used somewhere in the title. Again, I don't know why this comes to mind here, I really don't. Perhaps Google could be of some assistance.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, here it is, from Wikipedia:

" "That Nigger's Crazy" is the third official album release by Richard Pryor. It was recorded live at Don Cornelius' Soul Train nightclub (named after his TV show) in early 1974. This album won the Grammy for Best Comedy Album for 1974."

So there you have it,
"That Nigger's Crazy" was the title. The title of the album by Richard Pryor was "That Nigger's Crazy".

KenRichards said...

It is clear Rev. Wright doesn't like White people very much. He has a lot in common with David Duke except Duke had better manners and probably doesn't hate Black people on anything approaching the scale Wright hates Whites.

I think Obama sat through the sermons and the talks while not agreeing with them but he assumed Wright would turn it down when in mixed company or in front of the media. Obama clearly miscalculated and is paying the price for not hating White people. I almost feel sorry for him but it proves the point you will be judged by the company you keep and Obama's rise started with a racist church. Obama must repudiate Wright as well as other race haters if he has any hope of saving his campaign.

Unfortunately, White haters like Wright have made it clear they don't consider Thomas, Rice, and Cosby to be Black enough and it appears likely even Obama may suffer their wrath. If this is the case we can be sure America is not ready for a Black President but not because Whites refused rather because radical Black leaders torpedoed their best candidate because he refused to hate White people. What a shame. What a terrible shame it has come to this which is why I do feel sorry for Obama. He is a better man than Hillary (I know, I know and keep laughing because I meant that too) and might have become a decent President. In the immortal words of Dick Morris after Howard Dean shouted the famous Iowa Scream, "you can stick a fork in him" but this time it refers to Obama.