Monday, April 28, 2008

Who have they alienated now?

It looks like the Gray Lady of American journalism, the vaunted NY Times, just took another 9% hit.

The NY Times, and its web page alternatives, have, like CBS, lost virtually all Republican or conservative readers. The most recent nine percent loss of audience is indicative that the Times brand of yellow journalism has been rejected by an entirely new set of disaffected readers.

Who are they?

Since the WSJ is rapidly gaining market share the Times is now being deserted by the less partisan reader who simply is searching for reliable and accurate coverage of the events and actors of our times, not the causes or politicians that are favored by the fanatic and disingenuous hacks that occupy the Editorial Board at the New York Times.


Art A Layman said...


Aha! The WSJ, whose editorial page is the epitome of objective, rational effusion. Praised be He!

Could it be that conservatives are foresaking the NYT because they can't read or especially can't comprehend?

Did Bill Kristol cancel his op-ed contract?

Would that you conservatives could claim victories in something a tad more substantial the NYT readership.

The Real Sporer said...

Art, you bean counting toad, I notice you frequently attack the intelligence of others.

What is your educational background? I'm guessing a midlevel accounting bureaucrat at a mega corp or, more likely, some governmental entity.

Did OK in math, followed accounting 'cause math is pretty easy. Never did well in things like philosophy, English and advanced history because the lack of math's simplistic linearity proved so very difficult for your Petaurillian like thought process.

Might have taken the LSATs but didn't do very well and couldn't put your general accounting or econ degree into law school. Maybe your age antedeates standardized tests so your average grades were the barrier to law or business school. Either way, the failure really scarred you because it was just another objective demonstration of your lifetime search for intellectual mediocrity-a search that I reckon usually comes up lost.

Not sufficiently academically or intellectually capable of the public practice of accounting you spent the last 40 years smugly ruling your own little mental realm where you were free to belittle those around you who earned far better grades, schools and careers as somehow just plain stupid. Probably an asshole to your wife or wives.

Always happy to be the smart kid at the dumb table.

........ and now here's the part you really hate. Even as you have your ended your infinitesimal (a math term for a value of approaching zero) and have all the time in the world to anonymously utter the insults that your previously unimportant station in life required you to keep mostly to yourself, I, unlike you, get to sign my name

Theodore F. Sporer, Juris Fucking Doctor.

Anonymous said...

dear teddy

yeah law degree from Drake right up there with regency law school.

GOP lawyer = 2 bit hooker

Thaddeus FFn Sporer B.F.D.

Anonymous said...

Good slam Ted. I always thought his issues seemed to derive from having a small penis. If he truly doesn't give a shit what you think, then he ought to act like he doesn't give a shit and go fuckin away.

The Real Sporer said...


only to those who cannot get them, Champ.

Art A Layman said...

Jesus sporie:

Did you ever think about writing fiction? You have a vivid imagination. Might be a good idea to use it for something other than mental masturbation.

I have worked with folks with all sorts of degrees. I have worked directly for multimillionaires. I'm not inclined to get sexually aroused because someone has a title after their name. Especially someone who seems to need to wear it as a badge to prove his worth.

If the tripe you write on here is an example of the writing your did to attain your JD then you become a prime suspect for having bought your degree.

If I were you I'd be afraid that one of the judges you might appear before would read some of your posts on here and refuse to let you in the courtroom on the basis of incompetency.

Good use of your JD; divorce lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Only those who cannot get them,champ!

tedster must be talking code to his minions, you know the ones who talk about others penises and feel it is a great retort!
hey Ted , tell me that Matthew Elliott wasn't always around the GOP lair on East 9th? I guess like Simon you will deny three times knowing him!
It is hard to believe that you two haven't crossed each others slimy paths!
If Chrissy knew him and the tax whacks gave to him, then you knew him! I hear the register has a lot more info

The Real ted Spincter GOP

vlad the impaler said...

I noticed you referred to the NYT as The Grey Lady.

A more accurate moniker is "The Grey Crack Whore."


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