Monday, May 05, 2008

Dave “The Taxpayers Watchdog” Vaudt fills in a blank.

We caught a most apropos` comment on an earlier column today. It seems State Auditor, who truly is the Taxpayers Watch Dog, disclosed that Governors Vilsack and Culver had the good idea of engaging an out of state consulting firm to find ways to save the State money, kind of like training workers in Iowa’s almost 0% unemployment through CIETC sounded like a good idea.

Today’s Des Moines Register described the cost benefit result from the good idea of hiring an expensive out of state consulting firm to trim the bankrupt state budget.

In total for both phases of the contract, taxpayers have paid A.T. Kearney roughly $4.5 million –
including $766,000 in bonuses – for its work over the past two years. During that time, state auditors have verified that the company saved the state less than $3 million in annual savings.

The production bonuses alone represent 25% of the savings although the taxpayers paid the consultant $1.50 for every $1 the consultant saved the State. The Democrats only wish that math was fuzzy.

Auditor Vaudt's report certainly illustrates, yet again, the Gov. Culver and his legislative minions' attachment to increasing taxes on food, fuel, milk, and housing. Just as he did in exposing CIETC, our outstanding state auditor David Vaudt, has well served the public interest in exposing yet additional millions of your dollars that evaporated under the Democrat management principles of cronyism, unionism and victimism.

Remember things like this the next time you hear a Democrat talk about “fiscal responsibility”.


Anonymous said...

Fill in the blanks:
State of Iowa pays _______ to save ________.

RPI pays director ________ to fundraise _________.

Where's the outrage?

Art A Layman said...

Let's hear it for the bean counters!

Rod Tidwell said...

I'm really interested in those last two blanks in particular. Papa Bear, how do we get that info?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:15

According to online public records the above mentioned finance director takes home more than the current executive director at $2386.23 per pay period or $4772.46 a month. He also has an assistant who is paid $1291.17 or $2582.34 a month. Now that’s just shy of $7300 a month take home, that doesn’t account for their actual salaries and benefits. So if you low ball it the finance wing of the party is costing the party $10k a month, and I think that’s really low balling things.

Anonymous said...

How do you say shake up???

I love Daryl but if he does not have friend that can deliver it would be time for new blood that can.

While we are talking about it Why don't we ask for progress reports from our somewhat new ED at RPI?

Anonymous said...

And we like to claim the Democrats are fiscally irresponsible. This is just embarrassing. What are the Dems paying (and raising) for their party leadership?

KenRichards said...

The math is not good and I hate to think our fundraising is suffering anything comparable to what the Democracts call cost savings. If, as a party, we are spending like drunken sailors and blew through the money raised by the caucus we need to make a change.

Back to the Democrats, what in Sam Hill are we doing letting them get away with this stuff? Or, is it simply a case that we can only expose it and do our best to remind the public that we will do much better if we get Republicans in office? If the latter is the case then it stands to reason we better clean our own finance house and start raising money rather than blowing it on useless salaries and bonuses when the well has dried up.