Sunday, May 04, 2008

HILarious video about the DRAMA on Century of the Common Iowan

NoNeed4thNeed over at Century of the Common Iowan, yes a notorious liberal blog, has a hilarious video about the Democrat race this morning.

Well worth the time to
watch. Start your week with a little bipartisan good spirit and humor.


Yoda said...

WAR Oneupmanship

Art A Layman said...


Although I was terribly upset about the filly, Eight Belles, I did find irony in the fact that the filly came in second to the colt named "Big Brown".

i sent the security tape of alliant energy's christmas party to "america's funniest home videos" said...

Yoda is going to ruin another blog.

Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! First Yoda goes and helps (runs) a democrat campaign for state house and then he post this crap that favors the OBAMAnation.

Liar! Saboteur! Traitor!

Anonymous said...

Yoda consults obama!!! Awesome Obama is sure to lose now!!!

I got a fever and the only prescription is more spent political capital said...

Easy now, the video is very anti-Hillary/Bill Clinton and definately funny given the movie theme which he obviously adores. Yoda Pro-Obama? Anon... er B.O., I think you are reaching just a tad bit. Don't you?

WAR Yoda

Anonymous said...

LOL funny clip Yoda. Although Hillary should have played the role of the Emperor instead of Vader and Bill should have been Darth.

I would have liked to have seen Rev. Wright included. Maybe as Jar Jar Binks or something.

I hope Obama is their nominee too so Huck or Allen can run in 4.

Anonymous said...

C'mon explain Swati? Huh.....

And they call me a moderate?

War unemployable hacks the should leave the state!

Anonymous said...


Who are you and why do you have so much hate in your heart?

Yoda said...

Good lord.... The video is just something I thought was funny given the theme. Sheesh...

As for Obama or Clinton, I go back and forth on who I'd like to see us face in November. I have to admit both Obama and Clinton make very good arguments as to why each other are both unqualified and unelectable. I think they are both right.

My only hope is that the Democratic primary never ends.

I Cubs Fan said...

Nice job Yoda! You are definately way better than that nameless hater. I'm proud of you for not taking the bait. The force is growing with you. :P

vlad the impaler said...

John McCain, the Mexchurian Candidate:

Anonymous said...

This is just the latest example of the Iowa democrats mismanagment of our tax dollars. I keep being reminded of Culvers campaign ad whre he and Fatty Judge are in the rain talking about how they would manage money. I sure hope one of the big brains who knows everything about winning campaigns uses that ad against them.

No more taxes. No more money. No more courthouses. No more "slush" funds like the 100 million dollar power fund. No more bottle deposit. No more sales taxes. No more..........

May 5, 2008

Audit: State paid consultant $882K to save $50K/year


State officials paid an out-of-state contractor $882,260 to help Iowa save $50,325 a year, according to an audit released today.

Thank God for Dave Vaudt, the only CPA in the race.

Anonymous said...

What do the Great Big Huge Directors who make Great Big Huge Salaries actually do for their money? Most Dept Heads in the private sector do this as part of their normal job. Are they inept?

DAS Director Mollie Anderson approved at least three amendments to A.T. Kearney’s original contract that allowed the company to find far less savings but retain its pay and bonuses for the first phase of its work.

The provisions approved by Anderson were made prior to any of Vaudt’s audits. She could not be immediately reached for comment.

Anonymous said...

This is a serious question. Can someone please explain how teachers do not know how to teach upon graduating from college with a teaching degree? What other occupation requires this much training after graduating with the degree?

My kids have now graduated and started this early dismissal nonsense in 1st grade.

Near as I can tell, things have only gotten worse over the last 10 years. So, we allow our kids to have even LESS classroom time?

It doesn't look to me like the "staff training" is working. What on earth are they learning? They certainly aren't learning how to teach. The scores prove that.

Calendar: The board will discuss a proposal to dismiss school 90 minutes early every Wednesday to make time for teacher collaboration and staff training.

That would mean middle and high school students miss an additional 40.5 hours, or about five days of instruction compared to this year, and elementary students would miss 24.5 hours, or about three additional days.

The Real Sporer said...

OK guys, we don't want TRS to fall into the same trap that ruined Krusty.

We aren't going to just call each other names, and we especially aren't going to just rip on Yoda 'cause some of ya'll don't like him.

Let's focus on political content, with a few jabs tossed in for fun, but please, don't be whinny little anonymous bitches that attack people from the safety of anonimity.

Grind those axes elsewhere. fellas.

RF said...


Thanks for the link. An entertaining video indeed.

I've missed sparring with my favorite R's. I hope to be back more often.

noneed4thneed said...

"how teachers do not know how to teach upon graduating from college with a teaching degree? What other occupation requires this much training after graduating with the degree?"

1. It is all part of the hold them accountable thing that goes along with increased pay.

2. Teaching is a team effort, so time for collaboration is essential. When it is 1 teacher in a room with 25 students, it is very easy for the teacher to be overwhelmed by all of the needs the students present. However, with increased time for collaboration, and team planning time, teachers and schools are better able to utilize their resources.

Anonymous said...

Regular classroom teachers need time to consult with the special education teachers so they know how to handle the out of control misfits that are messing up everyone else's chance for a good education.

Anonymous said...

Then delete Yoda's posts. That will solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Yoda never attacked anybody. Nice try though anon.

You certainly love to hate him. Did he steal your girlfriend on prom night or something? Seriously.

WAR TRS and civility

KenRichards said...

Yoda rocks!

Anonymous said...

Ken must not know Yoda....let alone know know much about IA politics.

vlad the impaler said...

Jesus Christ you guys. Knock this shit off.

Anonymous said...

How do 1st grade teachers collaborate? I was in one classroom all day with the same teacher. What are they talking about?

When I was in 1st grade, we had 30 or so students to one teacher. They taught all day. We learned. We didn't have early dismissals or late starts. Teachers didn't need constant retraining every week trying to learn how to teach to human beings who have never changed all these centuries and learning is the same. Learning to read is the same as it's always been. Phonics! Our test scores were dramatically higher than they are today. We didn't have all this victimization now rampant in the teaching assembly line.

We know your excuses for not teaching Johnny are irrational.

The NEA UNION influenced education system has destroyed education in America.

You guys have been 100% in charge of this for decades now. You bear the responsibility for your utter failure to society to keep American education FIRST in the world.

This latest act by the local schools to rip even MORE days of education away from our children is proof.