Friday, May 09, 2008

Gov. Culver promotes his favorite industry.

Gov. Chet Culver went to Fort Madison to sign into law the budget mandates to spend $250 million in new prison construction. Democrats love prison construction. It makes them look tough without having to actually do anything. The prisons create union jobs in the construction process, thereby making them poor investments but, after all, who needs efficiency when you are spending someone else’s money? After construction, the prisons are filled with union employees.


Anonymous said...

Wow - you are such a jerk it's hard to figure out where to begin. I'd bet there are just as many Repubs in jail as Dems. What are the stats on divorce rates Ted? Do you ask your clients what their political affiliation is or do you just cash the check?

Anonymous said...

I see another liberal is attempting illectual discourse. Go back to class. You failed.

Anonymous said...

The d's are in total control of the whole crime thing. There aren't any r's to be found anywhere in the system.

The police officers are d's, the prosecutors are d's, the guards at the prison are d's. The parole board are d's, The attorney general is a d. the gov is a d. The legislature that passes the laws that make more of us criminals every day - see smoking - are d's. Heck - most of the criminals themselves are d's.

D's are in control of the great disparity in prison sentences for blacks.

D's are also 100% in control of the entire education apparatus that causes blacks not to graduate or learn to read, thus likely becoming criminals who then go to prison.

Top to bottom - d's have been in charge for decades.

Blacks have D's to thank for their state of affairs. They didn't take care of them like they promised - or did they? tee hee.