Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hagenow for HD 59

Republicans out here in the land of TRS-Clive, and WDM and Windsor Heights as well, will have a chance to support a great young legislator in waiting throughout 2008-Chris Hagenow.

Chris is doing a great job getting out and meeting the voters. He’s got a very attractive and informative website as well. Chris’ website is most informative so I am not going redundantly repeat the bio, etc… here. Please
click and study.

Chris doesn’t have the cake walk we usually have in HD59, the Dems are running a tough candidate in this District. If you live out here in HD 59 we need your time and money on the legislature this year. IF we don’t hold this street we are not retaking the Iowa House.

If we don’t retake the House we get more taxes, worse schools, fewer decent jobs and the bizarre anti-family secular socialism that Gov. Culver, and Misters Murphy, McCarthy and Gronstal have forced down our throats the last two years.


Anonymous said...

If anyone really does care about less Government and lower taxes and maybe taking the leadership of our state back they would get on Chris's website and give him money and time to win this fall. Chris would be one of the finest additions to the legislature in years!!

Go Chris!!

Anonymous said...

Worried about secular government, huh? All I can say is, "Thank God for secular government. America's greatest gift to the world!"

vlad the impaler said...


Does Chris ACTUALLY support lower taxes and smaller government or is he like every other republicrat in the state?

vlad the impaler said...

John McQuisling appeared in the “No-Spin Zone”–and spun, spun, spun his way through a few, superficial questions about immigration.

Asked whether he would do anything about illegal alien sanctuary cities, he shrugged off the question by muttering that “of course” he didn’t approve of them (but was silent on taking any proactive measures to cut off their funding). Having dispensed with that, McCain then quickly gave his new slippery, flip-flop formulation about how we need to “secure the borders” AND have “comprehensive immigration enforcement/” “temporary guest work plan” (translation: amnesty) and “deal with the 12 million people already here” (translation: give them amnesty, DREAM Act, sanctuary, driver’s licenses, bank accounts, home loans, etc., etc., etc).

No questions about his decision to speak to La Raza/The Race in July.

No questions about his open-borders radical Hispanic outreach director and Cinco de Mayo money man, Juan Hernandez.

No questions about his anti-assimilationist campaign finance co-chair, Jerry Perenchio.

Good job, O'Reilly. You are now irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Fresh on the heals of making the temporary sales tax increase permanent and then reducing 5 hours of classtime per week for their students, the board has now passed another tax increase on our middle and lower economic classes.

As usual, another democrat/liberal/progressive dominated elected entity said "screw you, J Q Public"

"The Des Moines School Board said it might increase the annual price of meals by $90 per student."

Anonymous said...

Vlad - I've been so very disapointed in McCain over the last few weeks. That La Raza thing is a big deal. The sanctuary cities is a big deal. His unwillingness to campaign against Obama is a big deal. His lack of forthcoming of late is very un-straight talk like. That is a big deal.

He's going to run a tea party campaign. That is a big deal.

I really may really stay home. I'm so disgusted with them all.

This next 4 years will go down in history as the worst 4 years for whomever becomes president. None of them stand for anything at all. McCain seems to only stand for himself.

All 3 of them are not fit to teach Sunday School.

Anonymous said...

ooohhhh nooooo. I guess the maverick is just going for the Algore vote. Is there ANY agenda item besides the war that John intends to pursue for his potential republican voters, or is he just going to take that vote for granted?

Now I know how democrat african americans feel.

POSTED May 9, 2:15 PM
Sen. John McCain really does want to tempt the Republican base. ...

We've gotten our hands on an advanced transcript of this weekend's "The Chris Matthews Show" on NBC and the British Broadcasting Corporation's Katty Kay offered this nugget during the show's "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" segment:

"John McCain is going to be doing more of these themed tours of America, and one of them is going to be on energy and global climate change.

It could get him into trouble with Republicans, of course, and with the base, who don't think there is much climate change going on, but it is something that he's very passionate about and he's going to be talking about it."

Anonymous said...

Maybe he could discuss this with La Raza.

vlad the impaler said...

Now Drudge and FR are reporting that he is going to do a "Climate Change Tour." He will be promoting his cap-and-trade legislation which will cost the taxpayers $1.2 TRILLION.

Nice job, Republicans. You nominated a guy who makes Ron Paul and the Paulestinians look like pillars of wisdom and sanity.

His interview with George Stuffinenvelopes on Sunday demonstrated that, not only has he completely bought in to the global warming hoax but he really, truly does not understand basic economics.

Anonymous said...

I was told he will lose in the primary to the Schmett machine in Clive.

Anonymous said...

The Schmett and the Sporers are behind Hagenow. Anyone would not support Chris is not republican!

Anonymous said...

Connie Schmett is helping Susan not Chris

Anonymous said...

If that ever got out it would surely hurt any on her husbands efforts at runnign for congress. That is dumb!


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