Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Iowa Brigade and Iowa Defense Alliance.

We discovered two great local blogs.

The first new link is
The Iowa Brigade. This brigade is overtly Republican. The blog features a ton of links to other political events and interviews. It also features the question section described in our previous post. Don’t you think all of our candidates should respond to those questions?

The second new link is
Iowa Defense Alliance is a more traditional editorial blog.

Both are great new finds and welcome additions the Real Interesting Reads section below left.


Al said...


Yes I think that all the candidates should answer these questions. Unfortunately there have been a number of candidates that have not responded to our inquiries. Ah well, I guess we know who not to support that way.

Anonymous said... Postville lawmaker, Culver address immigration raids

Many across Iowa have tracked news accounts to get the scoop on the illegal immigration raid earlier this week in Postville. Meanwhile Republican state Sen. Mark Zieman has been on the front lines, watching the issue unfold in his hometown.

He was critical Wednesday afternoon of federal lawmakers failing to take action on illegal immigration sooner.

"It is a tough, tough deal," Zieman said. "I have tried to talk with everyone in the Iowa delegation to tell them the problem is from what they failed to address. The bottom line is if Congress doesn't get on the ball, there are going to be more Postvilles."

Zieman and Gov. Chet Culver both said the incident in northeast Iowa could cause the Iowa Legislature to readdress the matter when the Legislature convenes next January. Proposed legislation to punish employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants didn't gain any traction in the 2008 legislative session despite being called a priority item throughout the four-month period.

"I have always been for some kind of employer sanctions," Culver said. "It makes sense to make those accountable who knowingly violate immigration laws. It is more likely perhaps because of this raid that will come back up for debate and discussion next session."

Zieman said he has heard that more than 300 people were arrested and up to 600 arrest warrants have been issued. Though he agrees that action was necessary, he said the matter is taking its toll on the community and could have been handled differently by federal authorities.

"I think it was a media spectacle the way they handled it," Zieman said. "Breadwinners have been taken away, and children and spouses are [left] in the lurch."

Anonymous said...


I think it's disgusting that I'm bombarded with a beer ad every time I open your blog. I'm surprised that you'd sell out like this, not shocked mind you, but surprised nevertheless.

My Name is Richard Roma.