Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tom Harkin loves his country ..........

…………… like OJ loved Nicole.

We delayed blogging on
Harkin’s latest outrage-his most unpatriotic statement that John McCain is disqualified from the Presidency because Sen. McCain comes from a military family-to avoid emotional hyperbole.

Now Tom Harkin has long been known to be the vilest pustule on the body politic. Harkin personally attacks every Republican in the most savage of terms, yet for some reason we just curl in a fetal position and take it.

Harkin has lied about his military service for almost forty years. Harkin has spent a lifetime denigrating and subverting America’s allies while fortifying America’s enemies. With a net worth of approximately $20 million, Harkin would be among the wealthiest of Iowans, if he really was an Iowan, so he has enriched himself by “public service”.

Attacking a Presidential candidate because that candidate comes from a military family is a new low for Harkin. Not so much because of the unpatriotic and hate filled sentiment that informs such a statement but because Harkin and his ally John Kerry built an entire campaign around combat service and a military background. I think it’s the hypocrisy that is so uniquely repulsive this time around.


RF said...

I knew you couldn't resist this topic.

I think it was stupid of Harkin to say this. But only because it is a politically stupid thing to say. This is a classic comment for R's to get all upset about and play the unpatriotism card.

When it comes to the substance of his comment, I don't think any one of us who has worn a military uniform can deny that his statement is rooted in reality. Everyone who has seen it first hand knows that most career military people love the war in one way or another. Hell, they went to school for it and it is their career! Harkin has an excellent point. But in the conservative pc world this reality is not to be discussed.

The Real Sporer said...

No, it was a hateful and very unpatriotic thing to say. Harkin says things like that all the time because he is, himself, a hateful and unpatriotic man.

I don't think most Democrats are hateful and unpatriotic. I'll bet even kooky libs like ailing Teddy and Jerry Brown don't actually harbor that thought which goes to the patriotism problem with it.

Even if the aforesaid kooky libs actually harbored the thought they respect the armed warriors who save their right to harbor such hateful thoughts too much to give voice thereto. That goes to the hate angle.

Harkin is not patriotic, he is the worst kind of ninilistic cynical self serving liberal hypocrite.

Tune into the debate next Friday and live blog it from the Dem perspective.

By the way, what do you think of toll roads to reduce traffic. Not a confiscatory system like Illinois, but something like a quarter to get on the three DSM freeways and a quarter to get off.

I think we should have toll roads and eliminate the state gas tax altogether. Toll roads reduce traffic and encourages mass transit use and car pooling.

The Real Sporer said...

I'm guessing five years in a prison camp diminished Mac's enthusiasm for war.

Career military people have learn much history, because it repeats itself.

War is, indeed, merely politics continued by different means. Some cultures ultimately only understand the decision that decisive military defeat produces, like the Japanese in WW2 and the Germans in the German Wars from 1871-1945.

Sherman was right, war is hell but war is by far not the worst affliction of humanity.

RF said...

Despite McCain's earlier experiences, his enthusiastic 150% backing of W's stupid war and "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" stuff seem to give real validity to Harkin's point.

Tolls may be a good way to go. We should definitely have them on I-80 and hit the trucks a bit harder. They are the ones who crowd the interstate and damage the infrastructure. Could use that revenue to strengthen your beloved rails and transport more goods and people that way. A quarter toll on our freeways is probably not going to be enough to get rid of the gas tax.

vlad the impaler said...

Harkin is still pissed because he lied about his service record and Goldwater called him on it.

Fuck Harkin. He is a little bitch.

KenRichards said...

Frank Chiodo once told me Harkin has no real friends even among the Democrats. Nobody can trust his word because he breaks it so often.

The Real Sporer said...

rf, what's your response to joe lieberman?

RF said...

Re: Lieberman, this snippet pretty much says it all: “I felt strongly that Democrats should embrace the basic framework the president had advanced for the war on terror as our own”.

For the most part, both parties were united behind W until the Iraq question. I think it’s pretty clear now that W went horribly wrong with his Iraq obsession and took his eye off the real threat and enemy. And it’s not just D’s who feel this way. Countless principled conservatives see it the same way. Lieberman is just unwilling to face the facts and admit his huge mistake. He keeps drinking the W/Cheney/McCain kool-aid to avoid the pain.

Anonymous said...

I reject the notion that Harkin is unpatriotic. How could he be unpatriotic, having gotten so rich in the good ol' USA? And how did he get to be so rich anyway? He wasn't rich when he went into government service, was he? That's a fair topic for someone to take up.

KenRichards said...

Doesn't he really live in the Bahamas except for short trips to Iowa during campaign season as well, important liberal Senate votes, and monthly kickback day at the capitol?

Anonymous said...

Why did Kerry insist on using his fake military service as his number reason to elect him president? I never understood why he thought anyone would ever buy that nonsense when his whole political life was spent denigrating his own service and that of others.

Harkin went right along with that folly by reminding us of all the lies he's told about his military service. If he hates the military so much, why did he create outlandish lies to inflate his military service to make him look like a great big military man?

Swiftboaters against Harkin

Anonymous said...

rf - what will you do about islamofascism? What will you do about Iran having nuclear weapons? what will you do about Iran's threats to eliminate Israel and then, if they do under an Obama presidency, what will you do? what will you do if Iran overthrows the barely standing on their own Iraq government and installs one like the one they have?

Hamas endorsed Obama because they feel they'll finally achieve their goal of wiping Israel off the face the earth.

Then, they'll kill all the gays, then lock up all the women and install sharia law for us all to live under.

Anonymous said...

Iraq will install their own version of Iran's government. We handed them the keys to do it. When you give people the right to vote - be prepared for them to vote in ways you don't like. Democracy works great when you get along with each other - but now it will be used by the Shias as payback to the Sunnis.

RF said...

Anon 5:33,

All excellent questions. Pondering those questions, isn't it very clear that our Iraq adventure has only weakened our ability to address them? Had we not wasted our military, monetary and political capital in Iraq, we would be in a much stronger position to address those problems. Difficult questions indeed with no easy answers. I feel sorry for the poor bastard that inherits W's mess.

The Real Sporer said...

Or, maybe the blind Democrat hatred for GWB resulted in undermining the entire national interest and not W, since he was reelected and history doesn't measure popularity contests as the 15% Harry Truman pretty well establishes.

If the Iranians feared a Bush attack I strongly suspect they would be much less bold.

Well, whoever gets the "mess" won't have to worry about Libya or the Khan prolif market. Won't have to wonder what to do about the Taliban and Saddam using the diplomatic, economic and military resources of Iraq and Afghanistan to support globat terror.

We also seem to just get videos, and now just audios, from UBL and Ayman where, pre W they regularly sent bombers to places like the WTC, our embassies, barracks and warships.

Ws successor will inherit a far better relationship with Germany and France than W inherited, and the best relationship we've ever had with countries like Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Kuwait.

But just close your eyes and click your Birkenstocks three times and say:

Bush is evil and incompotent.
Bush is evil and incompotent.
Bush is evil and incompotent.

RF said...

Whatever fantasies helps you sleep at night, Sporer.

Defending the indefensible is not an easy job, so I have to give you some credit for that. I just hope you don't have to resort to anything too depency-causing to get your nightly sleep.

RF said...

You think W would get re-elected in '08?

Anonymous said...

Careful Ted - you spilled some Kool-Aid on your yellow hard hat.

RF said...

Whatever successes W may have achieved, intended or unintended, they pale in comparison to the big blunders of His Incompetency.

KenRichards said...

President Bush is a great President and I am happy to serve a leader who doesn't throw everyone around him under the bus or give them the ever popular "Dirt Nap" Slick Willy style.