Wednesday, May 28, 2008

George Eichhorn, Erik Helland and Chris Hagenow in Polk County

Last night George Eichhorn, one of the three candidates for the GOP US Senate nomination, appeared at our Polk County Central Committee meeting last night.

George was definitely more fired up than he appeared in his previous incarnation as a member of the Iowa state House delegation. George mainly focused on Tom Harkin and a more generally inspirational message to Republicans. George avoided any real negative contrast with his primary opponents.

George did contrast his solid conservative voting record with Harkin’s zeros from the NFIB, Right to Life, etc…. The contrast certainly serves to remind the Iowa voter of what exactly they get with Harkin, and that isn't the most attractive of political theater.

Erik Helland, one of the two GOP candidates for the HD60 nomination, also made a personal appearance and spoke to the Committee about the importance of Republican organization.

Erik and Chris Hagenow, one of the two participants in the HD59 primary, received a very clear public endorsement from Kim Lehman on behalf of the Iowa Right to Life Committee and all three received a loud ovation from the crowd. Norm Pawlewski echoed the endorsements, and all the way around the endorsements were well received.


Anonymous said...

Kim Lehman endorsed Peter Teahen as well.

All three (Hagenow, Helland, and Teahen) seem to be the conservatives in their respective races and the most concerned on the pro-life issue.

RF said...


Sorry, off topic. But what is taking you so long to bash McClellan for being a disgruntled former employee? Hasn't he committed the horrible act of speaking the truth?

Anonymous said...

Shhhhh!!! We don't talk about those kinds of things around here. Remember, Clark was a disgruntled employee too.

The Real Sporer said...

So Scott McClellan is a truth teller now??? Back when he was the worst press secretary in living memory he was a big liar. How convenient it must be to find truth in the subjective needs of one’s belief structure.

I haven't read the book but the excerpts on the press present a kind of pathetic picture.
McClellan gets fired for being the worst press secretary in living memory and only then discovers all of the mis, mal and nonfeasance around him.

The lefties endorse him for a while, until he is no longer useful and then he will return to the ignominious spot of spew that he was before he wrote book.

Certainly, two months ago when he was on HBO taking a contrary position he was undoubtedly writing the book.

Its sad you have had W to kick around, since he simply doesn't engage in politics. If we had a shysty pol like Bubba in the white house you kids would view Iraq as a great patriotic war, like our attack unprovoked attack on Serbia.

But hey, don't let facts interefere with ideological and pathological hatred.

Anonymous said...

Chairman, why no blog post for our Congressional District 3 Republican Candidate?

RF said...

"So Scott McClellan is a truth teller now??? Back when he was the worst press secretary in living memory he was a big liar."

Sporer - In your partisan rage of betrayal, do you see what you are actually writing and its absurd logic? You are proving our point. Yes, he was a big liar as a press secretary. We all knew that. Now he admits we were right, he was spreading lies and spinning. The man must have a conscience or something.

Anonymous said...

Ted - do you honestly think he was telling the truth as white house press secretary and suddenly decided to lie about everything in his book?
But hey, don't let facts interefere with ideological and pathological hatred.

KenRichards said...

Come on Dems, since you guys believe in conspiracy theories for everything why can't you see the conspiracy theory for Scott McClellan's sudden tune change? Whatever his motiviation for this new song his credibility is shot by his own statements before the book. I think Michael Reagan said it best he said publishers offered him a windfall if he'd only make up anything BAD about his father. When he said there was nothing bad to write they withdrew the money. I guess Scott wanted a little revenge and the money was really good.

vlad the impaler said...

How is the IRL endorsement going to lower gas prices, kill terrorists or deport illegals?

Art A Layman said...


I have always been impressed with your objectivity, completely devoid of ideology and never with malice toward anyone.


You're good at posting someone else's rumors as fact. One would think you could find a paragon a little more substantial than Michael Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Michael Reagan. No way that guy would ever pimp out his Dad just to line his own pockets.

Shit, Richards do you even hear your own thoughts when you excrete this shit of yours in here?

Anonymous said...

Michael Reagan would rent out his father's bones if he thought he could make a few bucks.

Anonymous said...

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