Saturday, May 10, 2008

IRLC SPRING FLING-New methods on display and a new orator arrives.

Last Saturday night we here at TRS had the opportunity to attend the Iowa Right to Life Committee’s annual dinner, the Spring Fling. A smash success by all of those involved.

IRLC Executive Secretary Kim Lehman (pictured above) has certainly proven her abilities as a political organizer and lobbyist. Gone are the days when Iowa’s right to life cause was relegated to the fringes of Iowa politics. Kimmy has built a well funded and significant player on the Iowa political scene.

No voter is more reliably Republican than the life voter. While the GOP is hardly a one issue party it never hurts to remember who butters our bread on Election Day. Given the lack of attention the right to life cause has received here in Iowa over the last decade it is remarkable that the pro-life vote has remained as loyal as it has, but it has and we Republicans should damn glad for it.

Kim also demonstrates what can be accomplished if we think outside the box. Kim described a program that seeks to fill every nook and cranny of political speech now occupied by Planned Parenthood, including missions devoted to women’s health and safe alternatives to abortion. The Right to Life Book Sale is a brilliant example of stealing your rivals thunder. Leadership for a new generation is what we are seeing at IRLC and it isn’t coming a day too soon, given our recent electoral woes here in Iowa.

Right to Life also holds an annual oratory contest. The contestants (pictured below) were a collection of bright eyed and bushy tailed young speakers.

TRS and crew sat with the young man who won the 2008 Award (pictured below).

Micah Howe of Garner Iowa did a fabulous job of arguing the pro-life case. Young Mr. Howe was both moving and articulate. Micah apparently has given up on a career of rendering to Caesar in the law courts for rendering elsewhere in the pulpit: too bad for us but good for the ministry. Micah’s on to the national oratory contest where we are sure he is to find himself finishing high on the leader board.

The venue was also fabulous, “The Stadium” banquet room overlooking the Capital. The food was far better than usual banquet fare. Having a family oriented comedian as the entertainment also helps to build good spirit for the happy culture warrior, and people are far more attracted to the happy and optimistic cause than that of the dour complainer.

Kim, Micah and the crew certainly provided a glimpse of what can be accomplished with some conviction, creativity and energy.


Claire said...

Kim Lehman is the siren of the Iowa Pro-Life movement. She's got people like Ted fascinated with her dance moves, but while she's spinning and shaking, she's out there spewing lies. Some of my favorites: That absitence only works...(it doesn't), that birth control is harmful to women (it's not, when used properly) and that a woman's right to choose is not important (IT IS). She is nothing but an empty shill. Most women know the truth about her, but it seems that she is still able to fascinate simple people like Ted just by flashing that cheesey smile of hers. Don't be fooled.

KenRichards said...

I fail to see anything substantive in Clair's statement about Kim.

Claire said...

Ken, if you don't see anything substantive, then you must be as blind as all the other drooling repugnicans that read this blog.

KenRichards said...


We get it that you are a raving pro abortion feminist who is very offended not all women agree in abortion on demand but you only spoke in generalities about Kim. I got the distinct impression you have no idea who she is other than what you just read since you offered only non specific complaints.

Anonymous said...


In a recent study 100% percent of the people that practiced absitence did not get pregnant nor did they get std's. So how does adstinence not work??

Anonymous said...

The real problem with Kim Lehman is since she has taken over IRLC the number of right to life groups has shunk, and the number of donations has shrunk and the life movement has less impact on the political process. It also does not provide the necessary impact on schools and youth .

Anonymous said...

The anti-abortionists are winning the argument over the pro-baby killers. Ya know, they've convinced the hearts and minds of men that abortion is not a convenient birth control tool, but is really killing an otherwise healthy human being who deserves the same right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as Claire herself does.

Anonymous said...

The truth is how many people don't see pre-birth babies as babies? And worse yet what kind of person could kill a child? That is why pro-lifers win arguements

Anonymous said...

Ken, you forgot to call Claire a long-haired hippy, liberal, pinko loving, Commie, Muslim, transexual. Don't you dare ever let anyone who isn't even remotely on the same page as you get away with this tripe again. You call them every name in the book because they don't share the same views as you. For this is your world and we're entitled to bathe in the wisdom, the gospel, that is your opinion! Thank you Ken, thank you so much!

Now here's your chance to shame me, because I'm going to sign this Anonymous becuase I know how much you love that. It'll give you the chance to call me a coward, a fag, a tree hugger, and then you can say how you're making the world safe for idiots like me.........

KenRichards said...


I think you missed the point entirely because Clair answered in generalities rather than specifics.

I wanted to hear if Clair had anything other than NRAL's talking points which could apply to anyone who doesn't agree with an extreme position on Abortion and women's rights?

KenRichards said...

She has no idea who Kim Lehman is and yet she listed a host of complaints about her as if she was familiar with her.

On the otherhand, an ANON from Monday, May 12, 2008 10:21:00 AM CDT posted a specific complaint clearly showing familiarity with Kim.

BTW - I could never improve upon the words ANON 3:05:00 PM lavished upon HIMSELF and there is ever the slight chance there is truth in HIS self-assessment.

Anonymous said...


There's no fun in that.

Pulling out right prior to ejaculation and blowing your gob all over some broad's gazongas (like in the movies); Now, there's a sport I can get behind!

Anonymous said...

This abortion debate is nonsense. None of us are qualified (including you Theodore Sporer) to even weigh in on this thing. We need an M.D. to get in here and discuss this thing logically...

Accordingly, yoo-hoo, yoo-hoo, Ted Sporer, would you please call Dr. Klein and ask him to please join this discussion? I'm sure all is forgiven by now and that he knows what a cock-headed m,oron he made of himself running for President. So, let's get the old bastard in here to address medical issues. Again Ted, since I'm sure he's on your spped dial, would you get him back in here on this? Thanks.


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