Saturday, May 10, 2008

Layout Improvements at TRS.

We’ve made a few major layout changes here at TRS.

On the left side you’ll notice the pictures of a few Republican Presidents. Each of those pictures links to Republican fact based news content. The last picture, of President Bush and his cabinet is the timeliest and most current of the feeds. The RNC is missing a huge opportunity in not updating those RSS issue based feeds more frequently. That would certainly help us offset the liberal media echo chamber.

We’ve also consolidated the Republican official websites of interest and deleted them from the more general blog roll below. Please feel free to suggest new Republican sites for inclusion on this list.

Finally, we learned how to install an ongoing news feed from NewsMax that appears as a footer below. We are working on adding the jihadist feed at MSNBC just for balance. Maybe Fox will develop such a technological link or, if they have, that we here at TRS discover how to use it.

Hopefully the new format will prove of benefit to the reader. Thanks again for making the time we spend here worthwhile.

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Art A Layman said...

You're welcome.