Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Party of the People!

Check out this great post over at Maryland’s Brian Griffiths Blog. A great analysis of America’s true political demographics.


Anonymous said...

Ted get over it Huckabee is a crook the the authorities have not caught up to yet.

Anonymous said...

Even the MSM is recalling the racist past of the democrat party and seeing it find a home once again with the Clintons. I wonder if they teach the racist history of the democrat party during Black History Month.

May. 11, 2008
Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

SHERMAN FREDERICK: Hillary's best hope: racism

'Working class' means 'white'
Democrats bristle at talking about this in plainer terms. They say Sen. Hillary Clinton has found her base -- the "working class." That's why she won in the Rust Belt primaries. That's her great hope in Kentucky and West Virginia.

But calling Clinton's strategy one of kowtowing to the "working class" doesn't quite say it, does it? Isn't this just old-fashioned racism within the Democratic Party?

Anonymous said...

More recent history - Clinton Style:

"The Clinton racism strategy first became apparent in Nevada, when her struggling campaign began to publicly talk about her "Hispanic firewall" against Obama among the rank-and-file in the Culinary union.

It hit the national consciousness soon thereafter when former President Bill Clinton, after Hillary lost the South Carolina primary, dismissed Obama's big win as a race-inspired victory akin to Jesse Jackson's success in that state years ago.

Anonymous said...

Even Racist Blacks are at home in the democrat party - they LOVE Jeremiah Wright's hate for whitey.

"The record clearly shows that Hillary's campaign was the first to use Obama's race against him. The strategy gained an unexpected boost when Sen. Obama's former pastor, the egomaniacal Rev. Jeremiah Wright, cribbed the Obama spotlight only to show the world that racism could be a black thing, too.

The opportunistic Clinton campaign shamelessly took full advantage of the tension.

They not only raised questions about what the Wright debacle meant for an Obama presidency, they slyly positioned Hillary, like a latter-day George Wallace (the Alabama governor, not the very funny Las Vegas comedian), as the "working-class" candidate."

....and George Wallace was a racist democrat, let's not forget.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Virginia - Bill and Hill knew what they were doing. After all, isn't Bill the smartest politician of all time and Hill is the smartest woman in all of history?

"Don't fool yourself for a minute by entertaining the idea that the Clinton campaign didn't know what it was doing. Hillary and Bill knew. It was their plan.

They were getting their butts kicked by the Obama campaign and rapidly reaching the point of no hope. If they were going to win, they needed a game-changer, and that had to be a profound fear of Obama."

Anonymous said...

There isn't much of a party left, regardless of its composition.

Who are the people, Iverson, Gross, Ganske and the other has beens.

How did the big fundraiser in Davenport go Sporer? Did they make enough money to meet payroll for a month? Bet not?

Why don't you ever talk about the death of the Republican Party in Iowa Sporer?

Anonymous said...

Ted is the ghost of republican future. Gross, Branstadt, Mahaffey, the ghost of republican past. Rants, Iverson, the ghost of republican present.

Which kind of republican are you?

Anonymous said...

It's easy to be critical of the neighbors trailer (Dems) - until you realize your own toilet (RPI) is backed up and filling the basement with raw sewage.

vlad the impaler said...

Huckabee is a Christian Socialist.