Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton, Maureen Dowd & Peggy Noonan: A Tale of Three Women

In the world of political ideology it is difficult to find two more distinctly different perspectives than Maureen “Mo” Dowd and Margaret “Peggy” Noonan. Take a minute and read each woman’s latest discussion of Hillary Clinton. You will find the read well worth the time.

Noonan and Dowd travel from opposite ends of the political and social world of the New York/Washington axis and, surprisingly, arrive at the same location when it comes to Hillary.

We conservatives have long privately s aid the same things as Dowd and Noonan are now saying publicly about Hillary. Conservatives used to fear public expression of anything critical of Hillary-the subterranean army of private gumshoes and thugs and the mainstream media’s hysterical counter-attacks tended to deter criticism of the smartest woman who ever lived. Liberals, of course, never spoke a harsh word because they actually appeared to believe that Hillary was the deliverer from all the evils conservatives, white men, rich men, employers, parents and all other opponents of socialist enlightenment impose on the world through their misogyny and greed.

While it is now apparent that the Empress has no clothes, few describe the nudity better than Noonan and Dowd.


Art A Layman said...


Always interesting the conservative pysche. Most of the time, almost all, the media is to be disdained, condemned for the brainwashing they feed us. Until!! Until they say or do something that tweaks your fancy, much like the blonde in the bar that rubs your thigh. Then, voila, the pundits, political philosophies aside, are endowed with the wisdom of the ages, they have slurped from the cup of knowledge and have learned the absolute truth of all things important.

Now Dowd I love, whether she is skewering Hillary or Obama or Dumbya, she has a flair that only the simplest of minds could fail to appreciate. Noonan is always an interesting read but she lacks the flamboyance of an Ann Coulter or a Maureen Dowd. Noonan, like Kristol and Brooks, even Krauthammer and Will, can be a decent analyzer of all things political. When she, and the others, gives truly objective analysis she is one of the best. When she and the others drift back to quoting from Atwater or Rove, their intellectual capacities suffer greatly.

It could be heartening to know that you read other than the conservative blather, but, alas, I see no examples where it has enlightened you. Your blinders appear firmly intact.

Anonymous said...

Me, Noonan, and Dowd.

Does anyone know the correct spelling of "menage a tois"?

My name is Richard Roma

Anonymous said...

Too bad y'all won't have Hillary to kick around any longer.

Time to focus on Obama vs McSame.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting Libertarian this time!!!!!

vlad the impaler said...


Me too. My differences with Barr are less profound than my differences with McCain.