Friday, May 23, 2008

………. and then they will sing L'Internationale

We close the work week with another moment of candor from Barack Obama describing his emotional commitment to an international order that so minutely regulates American conduct that our thermostats will be subject to international scrutiny.

Have we become so truly weak as a nation, so lacking in national will and patriotic self-confidence that this is what passes for leadership in the land of Abe, Teddy, FDR, Harry, Ike, JFK, and Dutch Reagan?


vlad the impaler said...

Mmmmmm, Megan Kelly. Yummy.

I would hit that with thrashing accuracy and the stamina of a wild boar.

RF said...

Well, that Fox commentary sure sounds fair and balanced. They are not even hiding their smirks. That's hilarious.

If you don't understand Obama's energy point, you are completely ignorant about the dynamics of international energy policy talks and facts.

Anonymous said...

Hard to listen to Obama when he thinks we have at least 57 states and he's visited most of them.

Rf-please explain what "others" have to say about my house being kept at 72 and what SUV I drive? What does any other country have to say about that? Why are libs so eager to give away our freedoms?

Anonymous said...

chairman, after learning more about technology and learning how to put video on your are almost over doing it now....

RF said...

I don't have Art's time or writing skills, so I'll just make a brief point on this no-brainer.

Even W has been saying we have to do something about greenhouse gases. His big point is we need to get the rest of the world, especially rapidly growing countries like China & India on board. While that is a valid point, we have a real difficulty pressuring anyone else to do something when we are producing about 25% of world's GHG and only have about 5% of population (these percentages may be a little off, but they are in the ballpark). Clearly something along those lines was Obama's point. Of course, the clip was short and edited, so I can't tell the whole context for sure.

In short, Obama's point is that we, having by far the highest per capita GHG emissions, need to show some leadership before we can demand anything from anyone else.

A president who may ask us to change and maybe even sacrifice something for greater good. Now there is something we haven't seen for a while.

Anonymous said...

Obama sounds like a leader to me! Speaking truth to the selfish gas hogs of the USA.

And defending his wife, too. Remember how y'all trashed Dukakis because he didn't defend his wife as you thought he should?

And what is with Faux News? Is that a news network or a group of beauty queens? That must be why you watch them. ------Spotlight on Fhoney News

Anonymous said...

Why does everything libs promote involve sacrifice of freedom, or money? Their view of the world is so depressing.

Oil is a renewable energy source.

Michelle Obama is a big girl and highly educated from elite schools and including an advanced degree. She knows what she is saying and it is clear she believes that America is an awful place to grow up.

What needs defending? Was she speaking the truth or was she lying? What needs defending?

Libs keep trying to convince us how awful america is - the worst of all countries and cultures it seems to them. How is Michelle's comments out of context with that consistent world view of libs?

Kitty Dukakis was a sad and pathetic little mental health case.

Apples and Oranges once again.

Anonymous said...

libs love that line about "sacrifice for the greater good"

Classic communist/socialist ideology.

How is the "greater good" defined by libs? Sounds like less freedom, no cars, living in the cold so that we can sacrifice and give our money to dictators who will dole it out piecemeal and the next thing you know...we are living like 3rd world countries.

How about undeveloped 3rd world countries aspire to be free from their government like we have tried to be rather than for America to devolve to a 3rd world country?

How about America being the standard instead of Cuba?

RF said...

Sounds like we have a your typical spoiled brat conservative anon here today. Straight from the W school of thought that seems to dominate today's R party.

"Oil is a renewable energy source." - Yeah, when your time frame is hundreds of millions of years. And when all of Third World achieves our level of living utilizing our current technologies, our kids and grandkids will be looking at those empty oil fields pretty darn soon. But no problem, they'll only need to wait a few hundred million years for replenishment. Surely no need to innovate or do anything differently. Let's just keep on going the way we have been doing.

Luckily for us, McCain is much smarter than W on the energy stuff. No matter what, we are likely to start doing something much more significant to solve these challenges when His Incompetency leaves town.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty revealing to see above comments equating "freedom" with gas hogging. I don't think the Bill of Rights (the freedoms that matter) included the right to be selfish or profligate. Those commments trivialize the whole notion of freedom.

Obama is defending his wife from attacks that are really intended to bring him down because she said something impolitic. It's guilt by association: associate Obama with Ayers or Jeremiah Wright and then use their records to destroy Obama. He ran from Wright, but ain't running from Michelle. She is not the candidate and she is not a fair target.----Spotlight

Anonymous said...

driving my car rather than walking or waiting for a bus somewhere is freedom, not selfishness. Libs won't be happy until we all quit reproducing entirely and live in caves, not eating meat, and wearing only clothing made from hemp.

It's libs who are selfish about giving away my freedom.

Oil is a renewable energy source.

Anonymous said...

Michelle can't have it both ways. She needs to shut up with her opinions and quit making speeches if she doesn't want to be questioned about her opinions. Yes, she's not the candidate so she needs to shut up.

Or, she can expect to be scrutinized.

She can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Here's how the Obama's view America and Americans. If Michelle doesn't want scrutiny, maybe she should keep her thoughts to herself, or explain herself.

Mrs. Obama seems to say with grim regularity is that America is a scary, bleak, and hopeless place.

Here she is, for instance, in Wisconsin:

"Life for regular folks has gotten worse over the course of my lifetime, through Republican and Democratic administrations. It hasn't gotten much better."

And in South Carolina:

America is "just downright mean" and "guided by fear . . . We have become a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day."

Anonymous said...

Here, Michelle invokes the politics of FEAR so that we believe everything is awful - she's big on victimization.

"Folks are struggling like never before . . . When you're that busy struggling all the time, which most people that you know and I know are, you don't have time to get to know your neighbor . . . In fact, you feel very alone in your struggle, because you feel that somehow it must be your fault that you're struggling so hard . . .

People are afraid, because when your world's not right, no matter how hard you work, then you become afraid of everyone and everything, because you don't know whose fault it is, why you can't get a handle on life, why you can't secure a better future for your kids . . .

Fear is the worst enemy. It . . . creates this veil of impossibility, and it is hanging over all of our heads."

Anonymous said...

So, just what does Michelle and Barack intend to do for all of us victims? This kinda sounds like re-education camp - lib style. Where do we get our uniforms?

"There is also her creepily authoritarian vision of life under an Obama administration. From a speech in California:

"Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zone . . .

Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual - uninvolved, uninformed."

these were excerpts from Jeeff Jacoby this morning in the Boston Globe.

Anonymous said...

"Michelle Obama is undeniably smart, driven, outspoken, and charismatic.

She is also relentlessly negative about life in these United States.

True, she is not the one running for president. But she is Barack Obama's closest confidante and adviser; if he is elected, her influence will be considerable.

That is why her words matter. And why, whether her husband likes it or not, Michelle Obama is a legitimate issue in this campaign."

Art A Layman said...

To all the marvelous conservative analyzers:

God forbid that America lead the world, setting the example for responsible resource usage. Better we stake our claim to having the highest hourly wages, which has our own capital sources pouring money overseas. Best if we proclaim our superiority in the consumption of "stuff", even if the money we pay for that "stuff" is going overseas. It is paramount that we maintain our leadership of the world in producing garbage, sometimes that seems so fitting.

Global warming is real, despite all the protestations of conservatives. Since we are the biggest "sinners", it is fitting that we ought to seek to be first in line for baptism.

Other than the ruminations of what an Obama administration will do, can you point out anything that she said, quoted above, that was untrue?

I know that in the Valhalla known as Iowa all is well and right with the world but in the lower and more eastern and more western states in the Union we have serious dilemmas that need fixing. My problems, or those of most of us, are not going to be solved by awarding the CEO of Exxon an 18% annual increase in pay to $21.7 million.

If you have to stoop to attacking Obama's wife it speaks loudly; hell, it screams, that you don't have any ideas for improving things. The status quo is always easier to maintain. Change is hard work, especially in a nation with so many conservative misfits.

For the record I favor Hillary, actually originally I favored Joe Biden, so I'm not defending Obama or his wife out of some loyalty to him.

In the corporate world, naysayers, those who whine and complain that change is bad, are considered a part of the problem, not a part of the solution. Maybe all you conservatives could learn a lesson.

Art A Layman said...


There is a religious belief out there that suggests that whence we leave this world we will be subjected to the same actions that we metaphorically express whilst we are here.

Best be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Vlad, you better believe I'd engage in the act with Megan too.

But as far as international orders go, that broad McCain is married to is what scares the shit out of me. If she's not a filthy satanist, she's on her way to becoming one. That dame earned all her cash from schleping beer. And there's nothing about drunkenness that serves the Lord. Do you think our Saviour is sitting at the feet of our beloved Master with a damn Budweiser in his hand? Ask that of yourself and any other scummy filth that drinks beer on the Lords's day. Why I've even had some slimy liberal motherfucker try and convince me that Jesus probaby drank beer too. All that shit in the bible about wine is just some shit the Catholics put in there as a metaphor. Ain't no God of mine got no six pack in his 'fridge.

Art A Layman said...


Word has it that Jesus prefers Miller Lite.

Anonymous said...

I assume Art that you are refering to some dirty wet back illegal spic named "hey-Seuss" that prefers Miller Lite and not our personal Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Why don't you and that Satanist McCain broad go get a keg from her factory and haul it to a church somewhere and read the Quran together. Disgusting. You pinko Muslim lover you.

Art A Layman said...


Sorry. I don't drink beer, don't care for it. If you're going to drink go for the gold, drink whiskey. Don't know that whiskey was available in Jesus's neighborhhood, that's probably why he developed a taste for Miller Lite.

You'll have to pardon me, He ain't my personal Lord and Savior. One could suggest that given the basic comments in your post, Jesus wouldn't be knocking down doors to be your's either.

Anonymous said...

You don't drink beer and you don't believe in Jesus, huh Art?

That's all any of us ever thought of you anyway you un-American slob. Shit, I'll bet you don't like Hot Dogs, Baseball, Hamburgers, or Apple Pie either. I bet you drive a fucking Toyota too don't you? What else, you cut up the flag in pieces to use as toilet paper?

You kiss my rust red American ass you Pinko. I'm sticking with the Republicans like gum on a polocks shoe!

Art A Layman said...


Just to keep your ledger straight. I like Hot Dogs, not fond of Baseball, absolutely love Hamburgers, as long as they have cheese, pickle and onion on them and Apple Pie is the greatest, with or without Ice Cream.

I drive a Buick Regal and don't own a flag.

Your last statement puzzles me, are we debating here or making love?

vlad the impaler said...

Megan Kelly: Would you hit that?

a) I'd hit that
b) I wouldn't hit that
c) I already hit that
d) A bag of walnuts

Anonymous said...

Some people do not have or can not keep when they have, so therefor no one is to have anything