Friday, May 23, 2008

Maxine Waters-Socialism, yes that’s the answer.

In a rare, and most inadvertent, encounter with the truth, Democrat Maxine Waters, finally explained why Democrats have spent the last generation fighting for ever increasing gas, oil and energy prices.

Democrats have employed every means of American democracy to raise gas prices. When they controlled the White House they veto refinery construction and domestic oil exploration and production. When they control Congress they block legislation to the same purpose and when they don’t, characters like Chuck Schumer and Babs Barker filibuster domestic exploration and production. What little incentives to produce survive Congress are either killed by liberals in state legislative gymnastics or, failing that, blocked in well funded lawsuits where libs litigate their way to ever higher gas prices. How else can any rational person explain why we aren’t drilling the North Slope or the Caribbean basin when gas is $4 a gallon?

However, just yesterday, Maxine let it slip.


In the true spirit of the permanent revolution first advocated by Marx and Engels, the American liberals see an economically devastating energy crisis as the precipitating event for a socialist-governmental takeover of the energy industry.

So, if you want gas and electricity rationing (gas lines and brown outs you might recall) like California’s state controlled energy markets produced, then, by all means vote Democrat.

If you don’t, you’d better pull that GOP lever.


Anonymous said...

Good post, but you need to dig deeper . The republicans are quite the spenders also; also, we've got a republican governor in California.

Many of those GOPers just wasted a few billion in my tax dollars on that Farm Bill.

Good luck and carry on.

Art A Layman said...


Though we could haggle over the word "permanent" one could posit that our "revolution" preceded Marx and Engel by quite a few years.

Also before M&E, Thomas Jefferson and numerous other of our founders foresaw and supported periodic armed "revolutions" whenever the government was deemed to have lost contact with the wishes of the people.

If memory serves me the California "brown outs" occurred after deregulation did they not. And of course they were aided and abetted by Enron's manipulation of the markets.

An aside; I watch MSNBC most of the time. I enjoy the personalities though not always what they are pushing as the event of the day. I continue to be amazed though that between all the regulars and visiting pundits, Pat Buchanan quite often appears the only voice of reason.

RF said...


Art is 100% correct about the CA energy crisis. Completely brought to you by deregulation and greed. Those ideal well functioning markets don't always exist, no matter how bad you want them to. That's reality.

Anonymous said...

So Maxine Waters and her Socialist cronies want to run big oil. Does anyone remember 1980s, and those famous Pentagon hammers and toilet seats that cost nearly 1,000 dollars each?

Can you imagine what our government would be willing to pay a contractor, to have a well drilled? Utilizing some new start-up Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) that was run by a person fitting a certain profile, never mind that he/she didn’t know “buffalo crap” from “wild honey” about drilling a well.

Today’s gasoline prices would be an absolute bargain, compared to what Uncle Sam would have to charge.

I agree with Eddie Chiles when he said, “All that I want my Government to do is to defend our shores, deliver my mail and leave me alone”.

Claire said...

Yeah, Ted, cause blindly pulling that ole' GOP lever has been so successful these past few years... bwahahahahahahaha!

Steve said...

We should do away with both political parties.