Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Link: the Demo Memo

We newly discovered another local Democrat blog worthy of linking.

The author of The Demo Memo (pictured above left) will engage in some debate so it's not just the usual liberal name calling or ad homs.

Give it a read and challenge the author. We won't win the Culture War if we abandon the battlefield.


Claire Celsi said...

Hey thanks for the link-love, Ted. I welcome having your readers stop by. Perhaps we can even agree on something now and then. Probably not, but it will be fun trying. I will be linking up to you after my blog sponsor gets done migrating to another service. It may take a few months, but I didn't want you to think that I wasn't linking because I hate republicans. On the contrary, I love republicans, they are just misguided people looking for knowledge. LOL Claire

Art A Layman said...


You go girl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Republican rank and file may be misguided, Claire, but Sporer is the misguider and he never admits to a lack of knowledge. He deserves no links!---Spotlight

The Real Sporer said...

That's because I rarely lack knowledge Spot.

Its called education.

Try it. Be careful, intellectual expansion can tax one's brain and you might pull a muscle.

Start out slow. Use the larger letters and some graphic aids. Graduate to printing on both sides and before you know it, you too might know something.

Or you can continue to primarily inform your world view through the religous viewing of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert (its French bitch).

Anonymous said...

No Ted You lack class, a sense of decency, and basic human skills, but not knowledge!

of course the knowledge you have is basically the knowledge of deceit and untruths!

ted did try intellectual expansion one time. it scared him so badly that he wet his little panties.

Mary Louise Smith

The Real Sporer said...

Mary Louise

While you prove my point with almost every word you post here,
especially with the stream of names that pours from your other alias, I tire of your abuse.

It also provokes something other than the better angels of my nature.

Clean it up or stay away. No one makes you come here.

Art A Layman said...


You keep referring to the lesser angels of your nature. Now one could surely question where we see examples of your better angels, but maybe the solution lies in your pastor. Have you consulted him about the ease with which these bad angels emerge?

Could it be that your constant use of vitriol and vehemence in your posts brings out the lesser angels in your visitors? Could perhaps a more learned, Juris Doctor approach, to political issues and personalities provide a better platform for reasoned debate?

Reflect back to I'm sure an Iowan axiom, Ye shall reap what ye sow.

Though you couch it in more sophisticated language, sometimes, your invective shines through in all your posts.

Anonymous said...

clean up? What obscenities have I uttered? What obscenities have any of my screen names uttered? I guess what we see is that ted can dish out rudeness and obscenities but just can't take it!
There are no lesser angels in your psyche merely demons!

Prove what point ted? The point that you actually believe the lies and delusions that your lesser angels tell You?

My goodness you GOPer either talk to jesus or have spirits and astrology guide your decisions. try talking to real people Ted. Then you will finally get that education that the lesser angels tell you about!

real Teddy Ffn Sphincter GOP B.F.D.

Anonymous said...

(2) Almost any nonpornographic content is acceptable. On rare occasions we may delete a particularly childish personal attack.
Except of course unless ted says it then it is wit!

never expect a GOPer to follow even their own rules right Thaddeus?

Art A Layman said...


Forgive sporie he was having a bad hair day.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, none of you really know Sporer.

I find it interesting that the issue of education and knowledge are confused in your arguements. education is purely the ability to learn whereas knowledge is what one knows.

"Mary Louise Smith" (Quack! Mark Klein) is actually just bitter that he lost the Republican nomination without ever receiving a vote and blames such on Sporer. What I think is most surprising is that Klein thought he had a chance. My first impression of him was that he was a drunk with his crazy speech and swagger. The graeter irony is that the guy is suppose to be a shrink!
Quack Quack Quack!!!

KenRichards said...

I would not be surprised since I am sure Doctor Demento is lurking on the website under many false names with the only thing in common they all hate TRS.

Anonymous said...

They all doth protest too much it seems. One can only imagine the smallness of their penis's. They care just a little too much about their lame insults. You can just hear them giggle after they post them and then they move on to their prank calls.

War Prince Albert in a can.

Yours truly

Mike Rotch

Ken Hoyle said...

I love TRS. It's sanctimonious, know it all, multiple posting sacks of shit that ruin it for me. The kind that fall back on idiotic shit like "I'm putting my ass on the line defending America for idiots like (your name here, who ever so shall disagree with me)". We see their like at the VFW all the time. The real blow-hards, the ones always shooting their mouths off about what a hero they are; they are always the phony brave, the hacks who had desk jobs back in the States or lackey, behind the lines, types who show up after the last shot has been fired, or some consultant fink who likes to play soldier. Sound familiar?

KenRichards said...

Can everything bad in Mr. Hoyle’s life be blamed on Republicans or could it be he failed entirely on his own merits? If I were a betting man, I’d bet his military career was rather menial and unfulfilling and his lack of respect for those protecting his Freedom is a result. On the other hand, I made positive contributions as both an Army officer and as a contractor in Iraq for the last five years. I am not, despite Mr. Hoyle’s movie cliché attempt, a Spotlight Ranger, PX Cowboy, or Saigon Warrior. It seems Mr. Hoyle believes besmirching decorated soldiers is the best way to refute their worthy service not unlike the Radical Left’s recent attempt to mock the valor awards worn by General Patraeus.

Yet, I suspect Mr. Hoyle does not speak for the VFW with such asinine comments and I am sure most members of the VFW recognize him as a typical malcontent who should not presume their respect despite his self flatteries. Vets know America was built on the actions of those who defended freedom and vets should be given a disproportionate voice in our society since they put their bodies on the line to protect it. No vet, worth his salt, would ever mock the efforts of those having served in combat zones as easily as Mr. Hoyle, nor does he have license to perpetuate class warfare lies at our expense. In the end, Mr. Hoyle advocates for those seeking ever larger chunks of taxpayer financed largess at the expense of those doing the heavy lifting and his argument is both pathetic and abhorrent. To be honest, I have serious doubts whether Ken Hoyle is, in fact, a veteran or if he is just pretending to be one to advance his liberal arguments not unlike the exposed false vets of the anti-war movement.

Anonymous said...

Dido my friend and somebody tell Ken Hoyle watching Full Metal Jacket does not make him a Marine.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, Richards!

Somebody sure struck a nerve there but good didn't they? I am however sorry to say that I agree with Hoyle based on the statements of my Father, my two Uncles, Brother, Father in Law, and Brother in Law (all of whom are decorated Veterans and VFW members). To a man, each of them has always said that those that talk the loudest, and those that talk the longest, are generally those that did the least - the quiet dignity of a real hero says more than they will ever hope to.

Think about that for a moment before you go off on another rant and label me (and Hoyle) as leftist liberal pinko fags. Resorting to name calling like that, wow, how school yard. Anyway most of what I've read from that Hoyle fellow in the past was pretty much in line with you. And where did he malign anyone other than the blow hards? God almighty, Son, set up your own blog - and take Art with you. Better yet exchange phone numbers or e-mail addresses and spare the rest of us.......

KenRichards said...

How can I label you as anything other than anonymous?

BTW - point to any example of me bragging about heroics or anything other than my service. Point to anything specific about my service and I will eat my hat. I simply pointed out I served with distinction and where I served and I am 100% sure those who actually serve rather those who know only about the military from TV shows or relatives know very little.

I would think my point has been made but apparently it is not landing on Ken Hoyle or those who haven't served. If I were bragging about killing or take your pick of hooah stories you'd have a case here but since I only state I serve in Iraq your logic is flawed.

Again, find any example of me bragging about my service or shut up. BTW - pointing out I am in Iraq and things I observe in a political context don't count as bragging. I am beginning to think all liberals should be given IQ tests just to see if they are really as stupid as they sound lately.

Anonymous said...


Take your own advice and, "shut up". Your tripe has become boring.


KenRichards said...


Who the heck cares what you think you don't have the guts to post your own name. More to the point, you prove once again that liberals lack acccountability while trying to abuse the tax system to favor their pet projects.

Thanks for proving my point why I can't stand liberals such as yourself. No wonder you guys dispise the military and those who serve.

Anonymous said...

Damnation Richards, you've done nothing more than proven their point with each subsequent ranting post. Enough already, pal. Can't you see you're embarrassing yourself? Take your own advice and shut up as that one wag up there said.

Oh, and even though I've been voting Republican, and supporting Conservative issues, since I was 18, because I disagree with you that makes me a Liberal, an idiot, an Anti-Troop, anti-American, faggot, right? I take that back, you're not embarrassing yourself, you're embarrassing us.

My name is Richard Roma.

KenRichards said...

Richard Roma,

First, let me congratulate you for leaving the ranks of the anonymous. If you’re a real person and not a phony name it is admirable you decided enter the ranks of those who stand up and get counted. Yet, if you are a Republican, and TRS would certainly know, joining Mr. Hoyle’s camp is not the answer considering his is the voice of distortion and personal attack rather than intellectual debate. Rather than debating the merits of the War on Terror he attacks those who fight in it by mocking their efforts or claiming, like those who attacked General Petraeus, that the ribbons are fake.

And just because a person knows someone in the military doesn’t equate to understanding the issues like someone in the military. For anyone who can’t grasp that concept I have to say the stupid train is on the move and you’re on it. Likewise, I don’t get too upset about someone feeling embarrassed over those who serve in the military. The way I see it, our military, as well as other State Security Entities, have prevented a repeat of 9-11 and our success has allowed the protected public a leisurely seat in which to sit while second guessing those in the field. Mr. Roma, feel free to be embarrassed but at least you’re alive which is contrary to the plans of our terrorist enemies. The fact you’re able to criticize me only means those protecting you did their jobs.

In parting, Mr. Roma, those who profess knowledge about the military because they are related to a member have about as much qualification in that matter as say the uneducated wife of a brain surgeon when discussing the brain operations. I certainly hope Mr. Roma is semi-alone in his tirade against me because Republicans generally support the troops and remain respectful even in disagreement. Democrats, on the other hand, were recently polled and a sizeable minority admitted they wanted the United States to lose in Iraq so siding with the nut roots on this matter is abhorrent on many levels. This is not about me, per se, but about those who disagree with the administration and the War on Terror and attack those fighting it. Yet, TRS can chime in anytime and let me know if I’ve somehow embarrassed Republicans. Given his position I will respect his opinion even if it won’t change mine.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Fontaine:

Oh Godfather I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do!

The Don:

You can act like a man! (He slaps Johnny) This is how you turned out? A Hollywood fanuncio that cries like a woman? Wah ha ha ha, wah ha ha ha. What is that nonsense? Ridiculous.


And that's what Richard Roma has to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Don't let Roma get the last word on this thread, Richards!

KenRichards said...

Richard Roma's last post failed to contradict my statements so I don't care if he, or anyone else, gets the last word.

I don't know if Richard Roma or even Ken Hoyle swing to the far left of the anti-war argument but the sad fact is many Liberals hate the President, War on Terror, and those who fight, but some go as far as to wish defeat on our forces in the field. Yet, even those who wish defeat on us can express that opinion, as reprehensible as it sounds, because we live in a free country and people have a right to be “Assholes” in the immortal words of Simon Phoenix from “Demolition Man.” Not only do I respect that right, I am willing to defend the rights of those seeking my destruction as long as they respect the rules of the country I am sworn to protect. What I am not willing to do is listen to someone without firsthand knowledge of soldiering or even Iraq shout me down for having served. The latest tactic of those who don’t like what they hear from real Iraqi War vets is to attack the vet or his service. General Patraeus was attacked because his valor ribbons are less than six years old. This “Turn the Tables” argument seems to be all the anti-war crowd has left since their own war heroes often turn out to be frauds.

Ken Hoyle’s merit less statement that I must be faking my experience is contradicted by Congressman Steve King’s Press Release from almost four years ago. I served my first year in Iraq as a soldier and stayed three more as a contractor. I saw my little pieces of the war and know the general mood of those with whom I regularly interact (this includes Iraqis).

Anonymous said...

Last word, last word, last word.

Anonymous said...

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