Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lessons from the Courthouse vote.

Polk County voters handily defeated the Courthouse referendum last Tuesday.

What does the vote say?

Although we here at TRS supported the Courthouse imitative we figured we were on the losing side. After being swindled by the Democrats on the Event Center and the new jail, Polk County voters, like their counterparts all over the country, are showing an unwillingness to countenance further borrow, tax and spend projects.

The problem with which we are left, however, is the need for things like courthouses and jails continues notwithstanding public skepticism.

So what’s the answer?

Maybe reprioritize our existing spending to pay for the essential functions of government first? C’mon Iowa, let’s give that a try.

The Courthouse serves everyone in Polk County. Most of the municipal money spent in Polk County doesn’t. Most of the money we spend benefits only small subparts of the County population. Let’s dedicate say, Prairie Meadows money, to the cost of a new Courthouse. If that doesn’t work, any County money spent on job training can get thrown into the project. After all our unemployment rate is below 2% here in Polk County. ........... and so on.

What the Courthouse vote really teaches is that the tipping point where government can no longer deliver its essential function is rushing upon us.

Republicans have an excellent opportunity to educate the public about the poverty of liberalism. Will we take it?


Anonymous said...

I agree we need a new courthouse. I will not agree to spend one more penny of my tax dollars on anything new. They need to pay for it out of current taxes. How about we eliminate CIETC and ANY job training nonsense? How about we stop that 10% pay increase the democrat legislature just voted to themselves? How about all those gambling dollars?


Anonymous said...

"Republicans have an excellent opportunity to educate the public about the poverty of liberalism. Will we take it?"

Interesting question.

Our RPI chairman just declared he was the "cheerleader". We may need the student council president on this one.

Still trying to be like Ted said...

Or maybe one of the great debaters of our time?

How's that for kissing your ass Papa Bear?

The Real Sporer said...

Still trying,

Keep it up. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I think what we really need to stop doing is hiring RPI chairmen who need jobs. What we should be doing is selecting the best and the brightest from the private sector and in some instances even the public sector *Larson being the obvious exception. Sheesh, we are still recovering from the clusterfuck of his tenure.

Anonymous said...


Claire Celsi said...

It will just take one good (bad) courthouse shooting for this to finally happen.

A couple years ago, some little thugs from my kids school robbed my house and assaulted my daughter after school. When we went to court, these baby thugs were chained together and shackled to a courthouse bench, in full view of everyone, including my daughter. There was a retraining order against them, yet she was forced to share the same space with them.

Security systems have evolved with time. We need to catch up. And if I have to pay $24 more dollars a year to make it happen, so be it.

Anonymous said...

TRS, i cant believe you'd support a tax increase to build a new government building. TRS, the place is a ghost town on Mondays and Fridays(more so on Fridays)...why not make some judges actually hold court on Fridays instead of wouldnt be so cramped if we actually did that.

Anonymous said...

There would be enough tax dollars if 10 year tax abatements weren't given out so freely and if businesses were made to pay their fair share of the expense. truth is that all buildings wear out and the courthouse needs not only repair but also expansion. you see folks increasing prices also impact gov't budgets. Also Gov't workers pay taxes too.

When I adopted my children at the Courthouse and they saw the prisoners chained together, I told them that they were Republicans who were finally being punished for their crimes against our country!

I also voted No on the Courthouse as I was hoping the rats would bite Ted But instead they welcomed him as one of their own!. Vermin always watch out for vermin!

Teddy FFN Spinncter B.F. D.

The Real Sporer said...


The real tragedy is that you were allowed to adopt children.

Fortunately, you disclose the true nature of your demented hatred by giving voice to the kinds of things you post on this blog.

We here at TRS feel for your children and pray that they can overcome the very poor parenting that you described in your post of 7:50 p.m.

Anonymous said...

read your own comments if you want hate, Look in the mirror if you want to see a psycho!

A real lawyer knows the adoption process and knows that in iowa That an adopting couple is investigated to the hilt. You probably more the para legal type

You are one touchy SOB. Whats the matter Teddy truth hurts? I guess your little ego can only accept flattery as your previous post stated.
oh And i see that the Dems were successful in taking a House seat that was GOp for 33 years! Time to take the cyanide like a good little Eichman!

Teddy FFN Spincter GOP BFD

KenRichards said...

Adopted parents are investigated to the hilt? Perhaps but take a look at an investigation into the Foster Care system discovered.

Elsewhere, a report by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services determined that the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services "has no assurance that the quality of care being given to foster children placed by child-placing agencies was adequate." Federal reviewers found "many cases" of children "in potentially harmful situations." At least one fire or health deficiency was found at 40 of the 48 homes reviewed. In 28 of the 48 homes, no record could be found to prove that required criminal background checks had been made. The report described some foster homes as filled with trash.

KenRichards said...

While there are many types of adoptions I suspect the process is not as difficult as butt boy claims nor do they weed out unfit parents. Criminal history nor drug abuse prevent a person from being a foster parent or adopting children.

I am with TRS and it is too bad butt boy has been allowed to adopt any child and it demonstrates the need to reform the system. More than likely, give butt boy's tendencies, he adopted for selfish or financial reasons.

Anonymous said...

kenny kenny kenny

foster care is not the adoption system. Foster care takes abused GOP children and puts them in a semi protective environment. Foster parents are paid to house these victims of poor GOP parenting. Hell Kenny you and Ted could be foster parents as the standards are just not that high!

Adoption is very different process. The verification/ vetting process is very rigorous. Income, legal matters, education, home envirornment etc, etc all are probed. With each Adoption the whole process is renewed!
I will compare my results of my background investigation to yours anyday

you obviously know nothing out the Iowa process of adoption which basically reflects on most of your opinions.

Also you site texas which is not noted to be competent in any political or gov't endeavor as shown by the competency of bush, the honesty of Delay and the honor of Cheney. ( note to kenny, Cheney changed his residency from texas to wY when he vetted himself for VP) Also texas is not Iowa!

In the future kenny do a little more research than the whack web site you noted!

Teddy FFn Spincter GOP BFD

vlad the impaler said...

"A couple years ago, some little thugs from my kids school robbed my house and assaulted my daughter after school."

You may want to invest in firearms training for your daughter. Nothing says "Stop!" like a well-placed round from a Glock .40.

Anonymous said...

I agree, proper firearms training is essential if and when the time comes that a gun must be used for defense. the key word is "proper" fire arms training.

Ghost of gerald Ford

The Real Sporer said...

A couple of points about security at the start.

First, surely everyone agrees that the Courthosue should be secure. The current Corthouse is not. It would be easy for truly desperate people to just tear the place apart.

Second, the third and fourth floor are real, not a metaphorical, fire trap. There are simply no safe wasy to exit the top floor.

Also, we do hold court on Fridays. Not a lot of people because most trials start on Monday (jury) and Tuesday (non-jury). Hearings on other things are held by almost every the courthouse on Fridays and before the trials on M-Th.

Starting trials on Th/F is very destructive of justice because the side that goes first gives the other side two weekend days to work after listening to one or two days of testimony. Starting late in the week is more inconvenient to jurors.

We need a modern courthouse for a county that is five times larger than it was when our beautiful building was built.

There are many things that we don't need in Polk County nearly as badly as we need a courthouse. So stop spending on those things and start building a mondern, unified 20 or so story structure that will serve our needs for another century like our Courthouse has.

KenRichards said...

Buttboy, I "cited" a web page to demonstrate your “strenuous vetting theory” was flawed at the least and probably pretty flimsy upon investigation. Your attempt to dismiss my entire argument stems from the fact there are several types of adoption, which I mentioned as well in the next post, and your bizarre statement that Texas is an inferior state. You probably hate Texas for their consistent pro-Republican voting record which is not likely to change despite the influx of Latin immigrants but your stated reason still lacks merit considering every state fails Foster Children. Welfare’s introduction into the adoption system has not benefited the children of America and since many Foster Care placements later result in permanent placement how can we possibly separate Foster Care Adoptions out of the argument especially when there is a financial motive for Foster Parents to seek permanent adoption?

Regardless of your specific circumstances, I think a guy gleefully using a bunghole moniker shouldn’t raise children anymore than a gay couple.

KenRichards said...

TRS pointed out the public need for a new courthouse is not higher than the public need for responsible spending which is a valid argument our local politicians should start noticing.

Yoda said...

TRS is right on this one. We had a county attorney get stabbed while walking in the courthouse over here in Linn just a couple years ago. The counties differ, but the problems remain the same. A safe and secure courthouse is in fact a necessary government service that must be provided.

Anonymous said...

kenny kenny Kenney

look where texas ranks in education, quality of government services and in corruption and I guess it is the perfect republican state! One other thing kenny boy, Those latin Immigrants that you cite are the native population and have every right to live in texas/ Mexico. Now being that you believe in the right for israel to exist then you must grant the same right to the citizens of mexico to live in texas. Same arguments can be made.

the sphincter moniker is a slam in reference to the Sporer moniker who who verbal and written flatulence has polluted the irwaves and web space. You seemed to have a fixation on that part of thebody that you should consult a good shrink to address!

Again you know nothing about the adoption process in Iowa but choose to use some texas investigation as your point of debate. Why don't you try to make it through the process kenny? then try to speak with some semblance of authority.

KenRichards said...

In the form of a Fortune Cookie.

"He who uses name of a body part should expect others to make fun of him."


KenRichards said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KenRichards said...

The ignorant blather about Israel's right to exist being equivalent to illegal immigrants living in Texas was a logic leap for the ages.

Rev Wright has company in the extreme stupidity department thanks to our Texas bashing adopton expert who had way too many stupid pills this morning.

Meanwhile at a nameless fast food restaurant, Mr. "Buttboy" is back at work asking yet another customer, "do you want fries with your order?"

Terri said...

I don't live in Polk county but the fact that voters rejected this proposal reminds me of the event that brought us to the state-wide SILO tax the gov. signed recently. Polk county voters or school districts in the Des Moines area voted down their renewal for the 1 cent tax. It is obvious the folks around there don't trust their governments to do what is right.