Saturday, May 03, 2008

The sky isn’t falling?

We've now had seven years of Democrats and their liberal press allies telling the world that the United States wasn’t just in a recession but that our economy had actually collapsed. Democrats, especially the Drama and Evita, have been all over the talk shows comparing the status quo to the Great Depression. The liberal media, who described the booming years of 03-07 as “the jobless recovery” (at a time when the US experienced full employment), have essentially convinced the public that we are living in catastrophic times.

All lies. There is
no recession. Growth is weak but continuing.

The liberals told us that the job market had collapsed with the housing market yet the
already low unemployment rate fell further. The US remains at or near full employment.

The stock market is rebounding. Confidence is creeping back into
support for the dollar.

Has the economy stumbled as we cross the hurdles of higher energy prices and the now burst housing “bubble”? Sure. Rather than solve the problem, the libs just bitch. (Before Art and the rest of the mindless talk about the Clinton economy remember he inherited a booming economy, slowed the boom through taxes by 96 and left a real recession-as in one that actually occurred-to his successor.)

It’s kind of like we said earlier this week. You just cannot believe anything these guys say.


Anonymous said...

I see the democrats continue to put their best foot forward in the political arean in Iowa. I took this snippet from State 29. Tsk tsk tsk - such hate speech and waste.

"Turns out the "Baptist Minister" Marty Parrish was a Joe Biden campaign office manager.

Here's Marty's blog.

Just another Democratic Party nutroot plant.

Funny how the Des Moines Register didn't point that out!

The information has been verified, has been scrutinized by editors, has been fact-checked and proofed, indeed!"

Anonymous said...

So THAT's what Stu's supposed to do - be a cheerleader. Just what we need by golly. Stu - I'm still down in the dumps. What's the cheer! Go RPI - Go RPI - GO!

Next up, Iowa GOP chair Stewart Iverson, who told the crowd he was a kind of cheerleader, but began by saying Iowa Republicans had started the year "down in the dumps." After Iverson was done, Roederer took the microphone back, thanked Iverson for being a cheerleader, and concluding with this: "We appreciate the fact that you don't dress like one."

Anonymous said...

The dummycrats were never known to have any math skills. Just dramatic skills. Ever notice that everyone in drama class in high school were future libs? Learning math and economics were the domain for future conservatives.

How else do you explain the Big Lugs's and Mike Gronstal's budget? No math or economic classes.

Did Gronstal go to college?

Ghost of Jim Ross Lightfoot said...

Roederer is a much bigger problem for Iowa Republicans than Iverson. Unless of course you count the fact that Iverson is his lap dog.

Could this be a prelude to an Iverson for Governor campaign chaired by none other than the preeminent failing campaign chairman of many election cycles himself David Roederer?

Art A Layman said...


You really should write fiction. Problem might be that fiction writers, good ones, understand reality and then add all kinds of possibilities to that reality. You exhibit scant knowledge of reality.

The NBER (look it up) states that the recession of Bush's first term started in Feb or Mar of 2001. This does not make it Bush's recession nor necessarily Clinton's recession.

We have this thing called business cycles that bring us this wonderful phenomenon every so often. Clinton defied history by giving us the longest period of uninterrupted growth in history.

The economy was far from booming in 1993 when Clinton took office. The NBER targets the end of Bush, the father's, recession as Dec 1992. During Clinton's first term the economy grew at a 3.3% average clip, even with tax hikes. His second term, 1996 through 2000 it grew at an average rate of 4.4%. In 2000 it grew at 3.7%. Some slowing!

When Clinton took office unemployment was near 8%. When he left office it was down below 4%. Bush has never gotten back to 4%, best about 4.5%. In fairness Bush faced a recession and 9/11 which did affect his performance. In job growth however, even if you start at mid-2003, Dumbya's choice, he has averaged 177,000, through 2007, new jobs per month. Clinton for his eight years averaged 240,000 new jobs per month.

I realize lawyers are not good with figures or understanding them, but think for a minute. We've just had 3 months of net job losses yet the unemployment rate went down in April. Does that not give you pause? Our data collection process is far from perfect. It is all we have but you do have to do more than just regurgitate the numbers. You have to apply a little intellect. That's good because a little intellect is all you seem capable of applying.

Pray for better economic numbers that might help McCain but God doesn't like it when you lie about the numbers.

Look at the data behind the .6% economic growth for the first quarter and you don't find any facts that suggest the economy has turned around. Remember too, that this is the advance report subject to change. That we haven't reached the technical definition of recession matters little with a growth of only .6% and a fuzzy .6% at that.

BTW; your hero Reagan is still on record as pushing through the biggest tax increase in history.

Have a nice day sporie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ghost Of Jim Ross

You sir have been a ghost ever since you blew a 20 point lead to Tom Vilsack for petes sake. I remember the graceless concession speech Stating how you would stay around and keep an eye on things. Three weeks later you became a DC GOP lobbyist and haven't shown your face in Iowa since!

I will always cherish the look and smell of defeat from that stage that night in 1998.

mary Louise Smith

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to the obvous signs of doom. only listen to the ted behind the curtain.

Lets see Ted has been batting zero for the last 2 years in his analysis on the economy, values and politics.

While ted reassures us, he ignores that besides regency builders that 3 other home builders declared bankruptcy this week. Of course thanks to the GOP businesses have an easier time filing bankruptcy than the common man!

The Real Sporer said...

"signs of doom"? Your wizard of oz reference isn't the man behind the current but your intellectual expression of the flying monkeys.

The housing and construction industries are not doing well. Other sectors of the economy are doing quite well. The entire agri sector is booming-record profits, growth and employment.

So, while in liberal world, where everything is defined as bad and getting worse ("people are hurting")its not hardly "deceitful" to argue with complete statistical accuracy that unemployment remains low and declining, the manufacturing sector gained, the stock market is gaining, etc..

Its those damn fact things, they just intrude into reality. Good thing to, when the opposition party and the press and academia they control feel so free to disregard factual reality.

Art A Layman said...


I'm probably remiss. I need to look up the definition of "factual reality". Apparently you are endowed with a crystal ball where are the usual defintions are inverted.

Now is the agri sector doing well? No doubt! When food prices are on a trajectory that is almost vertical it stands to reason that the agri sector would benefit. The flip side of the coin is that everyone else is hurting because of the steep price increases.

My guess would be that most of the profits of the agri sector are going to those in the distribution chain with far less going to the individual farmers. That seems to be a constant.

Where you get the rest of your "factual reality" is a mystery. Unemployment is up .5% from this time last year. The manufacturing sector, which lost 46,000 jobs in April and has lost 326,000 jobs in the past twelve months, did not gain.

At best, the stock market rising, can only be viewed as a harbinger of a turnaround sometime in the next year or so. It is not, nor never has been, a sign that the economy is currently turning around.

You seem to follow that old conservative theory that if you tell the same lies to the people often enough then your lies will become truth. Rather a perverted idea of "factual reality". I would suggest if you are going to expound on all things economic, you try to spend a little time to educate yourself. Otherwise you leave yourself open to becoming Shakespeare's, "poor player".

You won't win the Culture War by telling the third shift crew at midnight that the sun is shining outside.