Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Chris Hagenow & Chris Sanger Win Big in Polk

Chris H. (above) and Chris S. (below) each won comfortable victories over spirited opposition tonight.

Chris Hagenow bested longtime Clive resident Susan Murphy. Chris’s election represents a clear generational transformation in the west suburbs.

Chris H. is a soft but well spoken candidate. Chris also can bring people back into our party in an area where our fortress foundation appears somewhat wobbly. Chris’s win shows that he can reach the increasingly younger and less partisan demographic that is growing out here.

Chris S. also defeated a candidate with two previous campaigns under his belt. Chris S. is a tech savy in that competent, not nerdy fashion that speaks confidence to a new generation.

We have almost no chance to retake the house without Chris H holding HD 59. Its just that simple. The Dems have a hell of a candidate in this race so we need to have an unusually hard working candidate and fortunately we do in Chris Hagenow.

To retake the House we need to knock off four Democrat incumbents and Bruce Hunter in HD 62 seems a real possibility. Bruce won’t campaign, and Chris S. will. Let’s go get ‘em


Anonymous said...

So the Branstadt era is finally over after all these years? Looks like they lost all his races and ITR/ICA/IRLC won all theirs.


I guess endorsements from the 70's don't matter.

I guess the Tritan Trio know how to turn out voters after all.

The George Eichon defeat is momentous in it's bigger meaning.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't bode well for Kimmie "I'm really a guy" Schmett's pathetic run for Congress in the 3rd. His wife Crzy Connie, was Susan's campaign manager. They recruited her to run against Erik.

Their main campaign theme was "Vote for me because I used to work for Terry Brandstadt way back when he was Governor".

Terry Brandstat who?

Anonymous said...

ugh. it's bransTAD not STAT you retard.

Anonymous said...

THe BRANSTAD ERA will never die!!! We must wait for an offspring to grab some rein and ride. Amazing what a difference young man from Leland, IA can make in this great state. Wish he was still in Terrace Hill.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 10:32 - There are more Branstad's to come and they know how to fight for their Party and their State. Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Marcus Branstad is Latham's Political Director

Anonymous said...

I think Lathan is going to lose his seat. Has anyone ever heard him speak? He didn't even have anything to say about Agriprossors. He's toast, I fear.

So, why are the Branstadt boys waiting to fight? Do they have some magic language, magic issues they are keeping to themselves? What does that mean...fight for Iowa?

I think ITR, ICA and IRLC are doing all the fighting for our state from what I can see.

Gee, they won all their races. How many did the Branstadts win?

Al Laurenzen is a HUGE example.

Anonymous said...

10:32 - Ever heard Bruce Springsteens song "glory days"? They pass you by.

Anonymous said...

"THe BRANSTAD ERA will never die!!! "

That, my friends, is the crux of the issue. We can't move past 1978 in method, tactics, message, or even staff.

Anonymous said...

In our state, staff go on to be the candidate...so eventually they will all be raking in about 35k a year plus IPERS and making laws that ITR and ICA tell them to pass.

We don't welcome new blood into the system.

Anonymous said...

did lorenzen really have the brandstadts support? I heard he didn't and I guess what matter would it be if he did...they don't do much

Anonymous said...

The reality is that hardly anyone voted...it's a shame when it is so easy and takes no time at all.

Vlad the impaler said...

Terry Braindead was too busy getting DemocRATS elected in Nebraska to bother with the peons in Iowa.

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