Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The razor’s edge: Reed v. Eichhorn.

Talk about tiny margins-Chris Reed finished last night with a 413 vote lead over George Eichhorn in the GOP Senate primary. Steve Rathje is about 3800 votes behind the two leaders.

Chris is sitting with 35.29% of the vote so a recount and challenges could very well send this race to the GOP State Convention on June 14. Now that will be wild.

Given the current mood of the Republican rank and file it would appear that Chris’ outsider status will be popular in a state delegation that is longing for party reform and regeneration. However, George is well liked by almost everyone who knows him and is likely to have dozens if not a hundred or more good friends in the delegation to work the floor on his behalf. Steve would seem to be at a serious disadvantage in a convention floor fight-Reed steals the outsider vote and Eichhorn the party regular.

So, preliminary congratulations to Chris Reed.

Updates to follow.


Anonymous said...

If Eichorn does not concede this race to Reed and it goes to convention, there is a chance that Rathje could walk away a winner. George please save us! Concede!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So much for legislative endorsements. So much for endorsements from the glory days gone bye.

Anonymous said...

I recall Yepsens article about how the Mods needed to take over the party because...well, I dunno, why? He never really said a reason a reason.

I just remember is reasoning for why they were NOT involved. They somehow were better than those conservatives who work hard for candidates.

They had activities, golf and such to do. They had "lives" to live rather than to spend time so stupidly as attending conventions, caring about a platform or being on central committees doing the hard work.

Well, David. Your Mods must have been busy on Tuesday. I guess they were boating, or golfing or lunching or shopping or otherwise living their "lives".

They sure didn't show up at the voting booth.

It took only 10 minutes out of my day to drive there and vote. 10 minutes total.

But, I did miss out on my Seinfeld rerun, sadly. But, I made that sacrifice to fight for my state and my values.

Did David vote?

Anonymous said...

too bad reed is doa. reed may think that he will be debating the issues with harking but -- i've heard that it is more likely that he will be talking to the senate about their ethics and campaign disclosure laws. who besides the feds can take this guy seriously?