Sunday, June 08, 2008

Chris Reed on IPTV

Chris Reed looked good on IPTV. He has a great line that Democrats want to provide the common welfare while we Republicans follow the Constitution and seek to promote the common welfare.

Chris and George Eichhorn each did a hell of a good job of putting campaigns together in very short order. Hopefully both will still be active Republicans after June 14 as both have so much to offer.


Anonymous said...

November is going to be a total bloodbath.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, I love you but you are way off on this one. I saw IPTV and saw a candidate that was unsure of himself and looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I kinda liked him before I saw him, but this guy looked stupid. Someone need to help him with his media appearances and speaking ability. Not to mention the whole bank account!

Anonymous said...

May Chris can parlay this into a state house, or senate carrer. I dont think he's a national spotlight guy.

Eastern Iowa Conservative said...

I thought Chris started off a little rough, but seemed more comfortable as the show went on. Still, the guy definitely needs a little polish before November. Going on shows like this where he's not just preaching to the choir will definitely help him. He has the right message, now he just needs to work on the delivery.

Anonymous said...

Wow we have reach this far down the barrel that we can even put up a competent candidate!! We are already at a disadvantage with the money game , can't we at least get someone who can talk?

Anonymous said...

All in favor of candidate school. say aye

Anonymous said...

Put a suit and tie on a pig. After the initial novelty wears off, it's no even funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

Tie? I didn't see any tie.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of the slick speaking politician. They sound like they've rehearsed their lines too many times. It's too packaged, it's too clean, it's too too perfect to be real - and the truth is, they aren't real. We've learned that now and want "change" to something other than "slick and polished".

He came across to me as sincere and thoughtful - as if they were really his own beliefs.

Ahhhhh...the refreshing feel of honesty and concern for the constituent instead of the concern for the personal power of the person who is looking to live in the senate at our expense for 50 years.

I liked the look. He clothes fit and that's always a good start.

Anonymous said...

He has no substance!!! He has no original idea of his own!! He has a lot of work to do. We expect this out of a legislative candidate but not for US Senate!!

Anonymous said...

I dont believe that anyone is really taking this race seriously. Harkin gets his free pass in his last term because Latham and King were scared off by record high Democratic caucus turnouts.

And Reed won among a field of candidates that have never held office, got thumped by 26 year old McKinley Bailey, or just plain didnt know how to run a campaign (Rathje).

Lets look at this for what it is. Reed is a young man and will have a senate race under his belt. He definitely has a future in the party.

Eichhorn should retire
And Rathje should really hide his face.

Uncle Tom Wins again


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