Sunday, June 08, 2008

Battle of the Veepstakes: Pawlenty v. Kain on Chris Wallace.

This morning’s Fox News Sunday presented an early round in the battle for Vice President. Pawlenty and Kain are early front runners. The two governors also display a little of the state of the campaign on this first weekend of the general election.


Supertramp said...

Bobby Jindahl, the Catholic governor of Louisiana, who happens to be an Indian-American Rhodes Scholar.

He should pick him.

Regardless, I will be with him 2012if McCain loses or 2016 if McCain wins. What a great young pragmatic conservative who knows how to present the modern day conservative agenda.

Anonymous said...

Some Hindu/Catholic to balance the ticket? Or would it more likely be some Hindu/Catholic to off-set Badrake's blackness?

RF said...

Off topic, but how do you folks feel about Pat Robertson and Newt Gigrich appearing in the new climate change ads?

Anonymous said...

Anything that brings to the table a move towards telling those dirty, Muslim, Arab, towels held in place by ring toss rope, robe wearing, goatee sporting slobs what they can do with oil is all right by me. Anyway, Robertson is a fink, selling Jesus like he was a used car. The guy gives me the creeps. And Newt with his fag sister, that guy is beyond yesterday. What's next, they gonna bring in Dan Quayle to do Toyota ads. Wouldn't take much for that schlep to cozy up to those little yellow monkeys once they show him the color of their money.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, some leadership from a congressional republican. What is the difference between a republican and a conservative? We used to win when our electeds behaved like conservatives. Now, we don't win. What changed? Our "republicans" turned into non-conservative big government earmark lovin democrats.

MODERATES NEED NOT APPLY: GOP Sen. JIM DeMINT breaks with tradition and forms a PAC aimed only at conservatives rather than all Republicans.

"Senate Conservatives Fund will help elect senators who will fight for conservative principles," DeMint says, adding: "Republicans across the country are very upset with their leaders, and they have every right to be. This will give frustrated Republicans a powerful way to take back their party and elect the kind of senators they can be proud of."

The PAC will make its first candidate endorsement later this month.

AND IN THE HOUSE: "In what may be a preview of internal clashes to come, conservatives are pushing House Minority Leader John A. Boehner to change the way he handles his job," says CQ's Alan K. Ota.

"The Republican Study Committee (RSC), the largest House GOP faction, wants Boehner to start basing strategy decisions on formal votes of the entire caucus — in effect, turning control of minority party strategy over to the rank and file. RSC members argue that in the face of three special-election losses, internal votes to decide caucus direction would provide a needed jolt of energy."

RSC Chairman JEB HENSARLING says he's not trying to embarrass Boehner, just trying to make the Republican caucus bolder and more conservative.

An RSC member predicts that House conservatives will run for leadership positions "across the board" after the November elections.

Anonymous said...

Kinda sounds like what needs done at our upcoming state convention.

Stew Who?

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have left the conservative movement. Time to kill off the party and start a new one. Has anyone copyrighted "The Conservative Party" yet?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain what a modern conservative is? Because it is sure different than what a conservative was during the Reagan era.

Anonymous said...

Please explain in what way it was different under Reagan?

Anonymous said...

You know - back when they didn't spend like drunken sailors at a house of ill-repute.

Anonymous said...

.....or solicit fag sex in bathroom stalls at airports.

..........or send filthy e-mails to the pages and have it covered up by the speaker.

............or nominate some old fink, some "aid and comfort to the enemy" fool to represent the party in the general election.

You know, the good old days when we sucked the ass of religious zealots like Falwell and bled their coifers dry in the name of Jesus.


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