Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guest Report: Chairman Michael Ryan on Chris Reed in Fort Dodge

Pocahontas County GOP Chair Michael Ryan submitted this candidate report on Chris Reed's appearance at the Fort Dodge Frontier Day Parade:

As Chairman of the Pocahontas County Republicans I had the privilege to drive our U.S. Senate nominee in the Frontier Day Parade in Fort Dodge,IA on June 7, 2008. The Parade route was between a mile and a half a mile. Chris walked the entire route handing out his literature, shaking hands, and greeting his future constituents. I myself got to drive a 2004 Mustang GT convertible top with his signs on his vehicle. Chris did great with the crowd interaction, and really enjoyed himself despite walking in real hot, humid weather. The part that really impressed me most was that he could have sat in the Mustang with the top down and just waved to the crowd. Instead he wanted to be out in the hot, humid weather to greet his fellow Iowans. In Iowa we are really privilege to have such hard working U.S. Senate nominee

Michael Ryan,
Pocahontas County Chair


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton walking the route following their inaugurations. So what does that say about this clown? That he's following in the foot steps of his brothers that's what! Only a liberal fink would wear out shoe leather and sweat like a coolie as opposed to riding in an American Made Automobile. What's next, this joker talking about solar power, wind energy, and alternative fuel sources? Disgusting. Sporer when are you going to grow a pair and make a run at this thing?

Anonymous said...

I've walked in bunches of parades for candidates. They are fun. It is the very rare exception that I see the candidate in a car. They are shaking hands, etc. It's like door knocking parade style.

The only person I ever see in a car is Leonard Boswell - fat and lazy - was my impression. It was almost a metaphor for his service to Iowa - Fat and Lazy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Teddy - I've seen some commentary today regarding the increase in jobless rates. Very interesting. The UNIONS who forced Pelosi to SHOVE a minimum wage increase upon us, created the spike. Perhaps our candidates in Iowa might want to run on that issue - yes, I know it's an issue in 2008 and not 1978 - but we can hope.

UNIONS cause jobs to go away. I don't get it with them. They ruin their own cause by their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

Got a question:

How is it that Dave Roederer can be a top campaign advisor to McCain when he is a 100% paid lobbyist? I thought McCain was banning those guys.

Does McCain not know that Roederer is a lobbyist? He was the guy that lobbied for the 1 cent project destiny sales tax and the guy that lobbied to keep eminent domain and take private property away from people for stip malls.

I don't like that very well.

Anonymous said...

The democrat agenda is finally producing it's results. This is the result they want. It achieves devolution which is their ultimate goal.

After Obama doubles the dividend income and capital gains taxes on retiree's savings and installs his 8.95% global poverty tax, he will get a lot closer to achieving his ultimate goal, to "equalize" us to be like any other typical third world country - like Kenya perhaps.
"In the past two months, more than 50 percent of workers and retirees have cut back on spending due to challenging economic conditions, up from about one-third in fourth-quarter 2007, according to the latest Principal Financial Well-Being Index.

Other findings showed that more than 50 percent of workers and retirees are worried that rising fuel costs will affect their summer vacation plans. (D's WANT EVEN MORE TAX ON GAS. THEY HATE PEOPLE HAVING FUN ON VACATIONS. IT OFFENDS THEM TO SEE PEOPLE HAVING FUN AND WASTING ALL THAT FUEL).

More than half are driving less, while 36 percent of workers and 27 percent of retirees are spending less on basic necessities. (IOWA D's MADE IT TOUGHER TO BUY FOOD WITH THE BOTTLE BILL EXPANSION AND INCREASED SALES TAX AND UTILITY FEES)

Sixty-one percent of workers and 49 percent of retirees are also dining out less to offset the increasing grocery prices. (I WONDER HOW THE UNIONIZED FOOD AND SERVICE WORKERS FEEL ABOUT THIS IMPACT ON THEIR JOBS AND TIPS).

Anonymous said...

Chet so stupid.

Anonymous said...

How does a bottle bill make it tougher to buy food? If you can't afford the basics why the hell are you buying liquid corn with flavoring?
With that kind of logic it's no wonder the Republican party is in its death throes.

Anonymous said...

If you bastards had not hung Mark Klein, M.D. out to dry the way you did, by God then we'd have a candidate that truly understood the forgotten Middle Class. We had our new prophet in the palm of our hands and we swished him away like a cow's tail does to the flies around it's bung hole. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Quack klein! Quack Klein!

Anonymous said...

That dumb fucking Klein?!?!?!

Anonymous said...


I'd delete that first post if I was you.

"Sweating like a coolie"

What is that nonsense? Calling somebody a coolie in my day was akin to calling somebody a nigger these days.

Anonymous said...

洪熙官: 决战螳螂拳

Anonymous said...

Name-calling in one of Sporer's traditions, tho it's one he's neglected lately. Commenters have to take up the slack.---Spotlight

Art A Layman said...

Hey guys:

Haven't looked at all the new posts from sporie - can't seem to get all fired up over Iowa politics - but I've noticed we haven't heard from kenrichards lately. Anyone know if he's alright?

Anonymous said...

We all know the Clintons are big grudge keepers and have enemies lists - here's McAwful confirming that. Guess who's high on the list? The entire state of Iowa.

Nice folks those clintons.
McAuliffe, who knows of Band's diligent scorekeeping, emphasized that "revenge is not what the Clintons are about." The accounting is more about being practical, he said, adding, "You have to keep track of this."

Several names and entities are common among various list makers. The lineup invariably begins with A-list members like Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico; Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina, the House Democratic whip; Gregory Craig, Bill Clinton's lawyer in his impeachment and trial; David Axelrod, Obama's chief strategist; Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri; and several Kennedys. Some members of the Democratic Party's rules committee, the state of Iowa and the caucus system in general are also near the top.

Anonymous said...

Chris Reed is great! For a State House seat in 2010 (Gretchen Lawyer in Marion).

But not for US Senate. I think Tom Latham and Steven King had a great opportunity to kick out Tom and they passed


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