Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is McCain abandoning Iowa?

Earlier this week we mentioned a Fox and CNN report that Iowa was not included in Sen. McCain’s first “battleground” state ad buy. This morning Fox’s James Rosen reported that Sen. McCain was reducing staff in anticipation of just such a retreat from Iowa.

Yesterday we spoke with a high level member of the McCain campaign who told us that the ad buy did include Iowa. We keep Fox or CNN on pretty much 24/7 (ok, more like 16/7) and have not yet seen the ads so any reader who has seen the ad please post when and the channel on which it was seen.

Today, we spoke with Iowa campaign director, Dave Roderer. Dave personally assured me, subject to future changes in the polling data that the McCain campaign is in Iowa for the long haul. Dave indicated that the campaign either had or was about to sign a lease for Iowa.

Stay tuned for further developments.


Art A Layman said...


Of course you bought all that, hook, line and sinker, right?

Did he mention the lease they were about to sign was for a car to get out of town?

RF said...

Speaking of McCain-Obama, a great article by Bruce Bartlett in The New Republic about conservatives who are for Obama:

My favorite passage: “I know what Hunter and the rest of the Obamacons are talking about. As a conservative, I share their disgust with a Republican Party that still does not see how badly George W. Bush has misgoverned this country. But, while I am sympathetic to the Obamacons and have a number of friends that are, I am not one of them. I'm not ready to join the other side.”

Anonymous said...

Mcain already has an office in Urbandale and are starting to put together a full staff for Iowa. I understand that Victory is also opening an office and is in the process of hiring a staff. Interestingly enough i also received a call to volunteer in the McCain office. I know you can call State party HQ if you to would also like to volunteer 515-282-8105.

Anonymous said...

Mr Sporer will you volunteer in the McCain office and help out any way you can?

Bonnie Hall said...

Go his ads are on 24/7 on the networks.

Bonnie Hall for chair of the convention!

Anonymous said...

Channel 13, whotv13 is running is fool or phoney ad, fox is running the same ad here

Anonymous said...

Iowa according The Hill is one of McCain's top three places he is spending money. I don't think he is pulling out, What are your sources other than your own opinions?

Anonymous said...

I think that since McCain is picking up long time stalwarts of successful republican campaigns in Iowa, the McCain Campaign is making some smart moves!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Daily kos? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

It's the daily George Soros.

Anonymous said...


George Soros?

Are they Greeks like our hero Sporer "Ted" Agnew?

Are they "working men" or do they sweat like coolies out in the fields all day?

Anonymous said...

Quack Klein! Quack Klein! Quack Klein!

Oh by the way Mark We know it's you!!
To bad you have nothing to do with your life than attack some no nothing county chair blog in of all places Iowa. How pathetic!

vlad the impaler said...


Go Google "John McCain and George Soros" and see what you get.

McCain took Soros money too!

Anonymous said...

I was one of the 101 people to straw poll for McCain in Ames last summer, but I really thought he could have made more of an effort here.
Ads dont really make up for his absence... All I can say is Huck had breakfast with my family (who are bleeding heart liberals) and they wouldve voted for him... just saying...


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