Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hope is Obama’s real fairy tale.

Does the reader remember those salad days of January and February when Barack Obama was creating all the drama with his high minded talk of a “post racial, post partisan” America? Well, as Bill Clinton himself said, this whole thing is a big fairy tale.

Obama’s twenty year association with racist hate monger Jeremiah Wright first exposed fissures in the nonsense about Obama’s “post racial claims”. The reemergence of the old faces of deceit and confrontation like Eric Holder and Madeleine Albright in the Obama campaign challenged the notion that Obama offered anything new. Then, just this week, the Obama campaign
prohibited two Muslim women from sitting behind the “post racial” candidate because their presence would imply that Obama was also a Muslim. (Ironically, we’ve also learned that liberal logic somehow reconciles ethnic profiling with pretensions of racial, political and religious homogeneity-go figure.)

Such problems only eroded the periphery of Obama’s offer of a new, clean cut and straight laced politics. The Drama reached a recent crescendo of duplicity by
repudiating his promise to accept only public financing.

Crawfishing the on the
public financing promise goes right to the very heart of Obama’s image, however. While we here at TRS think public financing of elections as antithetical to a free society, Obama and, sadly, John McCain have always claimed public financing is a precondition to cleaning up politics. The hypocrisy and cynicism that Obama demonstrated in rejecting public financing belies the very core of his claim as a political reformer. We need to attack hard on this one; every day in every battleground state McCain’s surrogates, both local and national, need to hammer the financing duplicity.

Every Obama claim to the higher ground is
enfeebled by his disillusioning adherence to the financing system that he had previously endorsed and sought to impose on others.

While the Drama’s getting just a little more strained as it’s mythical premises become progressively more disconnected from even credible fantasy at least we’re getting a little better idea of what he means by “change”.


Anonymous said...

Wait a second... Obama decides not to take 84 million dollars in tax payer money and you are criticizing him????

Sounds like a very conservative thing to do.

Why should tax payers have to pay for John McCain's presidential bid? Taxes are high enough already

Anonymous said...

You missed the point, as usual. It's Obama being a big fat liar telling a big fat lie. It's also Obama being just a regular ole politician and not an agent of "change". He's a great big fraud. He said what he needed to say to fool the primary voters and now, he's morphed into quite something else - the same ole same ole slick say anything do anything politician from the most politically corrupt city in america - chicago. I think Jeremiah Wright got it right when he characterized Obama's response to his ministry.

Anonymous said...

You want "financial duplicity"? See Senator John McSame. He said he wanted to take public financing for the primary race. He got on the ballot for free in several states and took out a loan using the public money as collateral.

Then he changed his mind. He wants out of public financing, but the understaffed FEC can't take a vote. So he's stuck, but he's ignoring the law and has already overspent his limit (limits on spending apply to those who take public financing).

You'll have a hard time disagreeing with Obama's conclusion that the public financing system is broken. McSame helped break it.--Spotlight

Anonymous said...

Let's see......take the public financing and give McSame and the RNC and the 527s a HUGE money advantage or forgo the public money and raise your own to be competitive with the Republicans?????

No wonder the GOP is falling apart - if you can't see the smartest course of action to take you are all a bunch of fucking idiots.
Only a dumb ass wouldn't take into consideration the changes and make the best choice for winning.

RF said...


I know you are mad your candidate can't raise nearly the kind of cash Obama has been raising. I can understand that. Clearly Obama is in it to win it. And yes, his point about 527's and all other groups gaming the system swiftboat-style is a very valid one. Obama can also make a strong argument that his campaign IS publicly funded, by the huge numbers of people who have already contributed.

One can argue that Obama made some level of commitment to stick with public funding. No question about that. But politics is a contact sport, and changing your mind about a campaign tactic such as this is hardly unusual. You can try to scream about this as much as you want, but I suspect it will have less traction than all the straight talk express reversals we have seen during this campaign.

BTW, where is your post about all the latest poll results? Not looking so good for McCain. - Well, even when news are good for my guy, I know it's too early to make any conclusions about those polls. This will surely be an interesting campaign.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Hillary fan and will not vote for Obama. I don't trust him. We don't know that much about him and what we do know ( William Ayers, Jeremiah White, etc.) is too damn scary.

vlad the impaler said...

I am truly enjoying seeing McCain/Feingold come back and bite McCain square in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Look what I found at kos: Senator McSame's opinion on how Obama is raising his money. McSame expressed this opinion in 2004:

"I think it's wonderful that Howard Dean was able to use the Internet, $50, $75, $100 contributions. That's what we want it to be all about. We want average citizens to contribute small amounts of money, and that's a commitment to a campaign. So I'm for that. I think it's a great thing. I think the Internet is going to change American politics for the better."

Art A Layman said...


Look quickly, there ain't many "battleground states" left.

vlad the impaler said...

From Jonathan Martin's blog this morning. Is McCain really the best the Republicans could do?

McCain's secret meeting with Hispanics

Holding an off-schedule meeting with an interest group was bound to arouse interest, and sure enough comes an AP report about McCain's get together with Chicago-area Hispanics Wednesday night.

The predictable lede bound to irk some on the right:

Republican presidential John McCain assured Hispanic leaders he would push through Congress legislation to overhaul federal immigration laws if elected, several people who attended a private meeting with the candidate said Thursday.

And, apparently, it's just McCain's luck that the head of the Minutemen in Illinois happens to be, you guessed it, Latino:

"He's one John McCain in front of white Republicans. And he's a different John McCain in front of Hispanics," complained Rosanna Pulido, a Hispanic and conservative Republican who attended the meeting.

Pulido, who heads the Illinois Minuteman Project, which advocates for restrictive immigration laws, said she thought McCain was "pandering to the crowd" by emphasizing immigration reform in his 15-minute speech.

"He's having his private meetings to rally Hispanics and to tell them what they want to hear," she said. "I'm outraged that he would reach out to me as a Hispanic but not as a conservative."

Anonymous said...

Iowa definitely isnt battleground. Its blue, dark blue.

Maybe thats why McCain forgot about us. Too bad for all our state candidates that will be hurt by lower gop turnout.

I really thought the smoking ban was our way back into the majority, but we will be lucky if we only lose 4-8 seats

Goerge Canstandya said...

Why are we dark blue?

Because the same fucking idiots say the same thing every two years here in Iowa. We get bluer and fewer people lilsten to them, but they still call the shots.

Who speaks for conservatism in Iowa? No one.

Who energizes the voters? No one.

McCain would be a fool to waste money in Iowa. Who would decide how to spend it? The same people who decided for Nussle, kids from D.C. who know nothing about Iowa or waste of time insiders like Roderer, Popma or worse yet, Gross Rants or Iverson?

Those bums haven't won anything in forever-althought I guess they want to claim credit for Bush in 04though. I'm sure Rove and his people would argue that point.

I read some bullshit on Krusty about not giving up and working hard. That is the same line of shit they fed us in 04 and 06.

Don't just burn down the grass Krusty, burn down the building.

Anonymous said...

I agree 1:23.

Here's roughly the Rants/Iverson team message as you've repeatedly seen in the comments on this blog:

"Just shut up and let us professionals do what we know how to do. Shut up and do what you are told sheeple. No issues allowed here. Jeez. If it wasn't for those damn voters we could get some work done."

Krusty is so condescending. He's working for candidates and thinks we can't figure that out as the entire point of his blog.

Krusty - what do we win in Iowa if your candidates win? What issues will they talk about? You gave us not one reason to do anything for your folks. Gee, they sure look like decent folk.

In January 2009, we need these people to do serious things. We need leadership in the House for sure. The FLOOD, Right to Work, Recognizing gay marriages committed in other states, eminent domain etc.

Krusty, do any of your candidates have a position on these major topics or should we just vote for them because you said to?

There doesn't seem to be a difference between our republican and democrat legislators.

What is the motivation a volunteer would find to volunteer?

Oh yea - They are all just in it for the photos - They don't care about issues.

Anonymous said...

Krusty said:

"Republicans can win in November if they are disciplined and focused."

What does that mean? What does focus and discipline look like in this fantasy of yours, Krusty?

Who needs to focus? Focus on what?

Who needs discipline?

Does Krusty like to spank?

Art A Layman said...

I'm shocked!!! Shocked; that there's politics going on here!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Krusty doesn't have the stones to allow anonymous comments. Pretty thin skin over there.

vlad the impaler said...

On Krusty, you are never anonymous. They trap ISP addresses.

They used to allow anonymous comments but it got completely out of hand.

vlad the impaler said...

On Krusty, you are never anonymous. They trap ISP addresses.

They used to allow anonymous comments but it got completely out of hand.

Anonymous said...


In this piece you failed to mention that Obama is technically a Negro.

Just wanted to clear that up.


desmoinesdem said...

Mr. Sporer, John McCain said he'd take public matching funds and then used that to secure a loan and get on the Ohio ballot.

Months later, after winning the nomination, he backed out of his promise to take public financing.

So I wouldn't say this issue is the best one to use against Obama.

I think Republicans were expecting Obama to be an easy mark, but he is going to give them a run for their money. He wasn't my first, second or third choice in our Democratic field, but I still look forward to watching him kick McCain's butt.

Anonymous said...

Im a conservative first. A republican second.

The Iowa Republican Party has no one to blame but themselves for the slaughter that is coming in November.

Steven King may be our only congressman left, and why? because he IS A REAL CONSERVATIVE!

I live in District Four where Pork Barrel Latham is going up against Becky Greenwald, a centerists even by my standards. This one NEEDS MORE ATTENTION THAN THE PARTY IS GIVING IT!

IA-04 is Democratic rated and recieved a 20,000 + Dem voter registration in January.

Take a look at the maps on the left sometime, you'll see we are getting stomped every which way. And yo know what? I dont really care anymore

vlad the impaler said...

The Obama campaign is a joke.

On Monday, stock trading fell and productivity was down generally. Why? That is an easy one.

I was at the I-Cubs game monday afternoon. The Woods-Mediate score flashed up on the scoreboard. I saw that it was getting close so I went to the bar area in left field to watch some of the match. There were five of us in there when I arrived.

Not fifteen minutes later, the bar was PACKED. Nobody was talking. Nobody was eating. Nobody was looking at their watches. Here was this crowd, overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly male, completely in awe watching their hero...a black man.

Tiger is exceptionally gifted. Despite that, he is still the hardest working guy on Tour. He is committed to being the best and is not ashamed of that. Tiger Woods exemplifies everything Barack Obama ( and his supporters) does not. Strength of character, self-reliance, commitment to excellence, personal accountabilty and work ethic.

So the next time you hear the Messiah or one of his disciples talk about "institutional racism" think about the crowds of white, educated males whose hero just happens to be a black man. If someone asks me if the United States is ready for a black President, I respond "Yes, which one?"

Anonymous said...

I hate Barack for this cynical nasty lie. I recall all the fear mongering about barack being black was done by the democrats themselves.

By Caren Bohan

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (Reuters) - Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said on Friday he expects Republicans to highlight the fact that he is black as part of an effort to make voters afraid of him.

Anonymous said...

Barack is going to lose being his policies are naive and stupid.

Hillary lost because democrats just aren't ready to vote for a woman yet.

Anonymous said...

Krusty got out of hand because krusty himself got out of hand.

Anonymous said...

I just signed up for the Drill Here Drill Now petition Newt is presenting to congress - go do it if you haven't.

As you know, the democrats are livid about the idea of the US being energy independent. No drilling, no way! is their bumper sticker.

Their current talking point is to "use it or lose it" on land in the US that is leased by oil companies for exploration - we don't know if oil is ther.

Why do democrats think it's ok to do NEW drilling on the mainland, but it's not ok in the tundra of ANWR or next to the Chinese drilling rigs off shore Florida?

Anonymous said...

Krusty let his friends get out of hand.

vlad the impaler said...

Just something for the Mary Lundby jackbooted fascist asshole faction of the party to read before the smoking ban hits.

Long URL address but worth the read.

Anonymous said...

I hear the grave concern about Latham's race. You've heard the prediction on this blog that Latham is going to lose. Here is why:

Has anyone heard Tom Latham speak?

Anonymous said...

Here's another reason why RPI will not help Latham.

Stewman is too busy going to war with the voterteers for some inexplicable reason. He wishes to destroy the people who volunteer and who vote. Can anyone explain what on earth is motivating stewman to conduct a personal vanity war with the very troops we need to "win" in 08?

Krusty - can you tell stewman that it would help his focus and discipline if he concentrated on Tom Latham instead of Steve Scheffler and the social conservatives who want to win far more than stewman seems to.

"if it wasn't for those damn voterteers, we could get some work done" - Stewman the Maginificent.

Anonymous said...

I saw a log cabin republican with a "Drill here, drill now" on the back of his shirt with an arrow pointing down!!!

Anonymous said...

drill In his ass?

Is that what he means?

vlad the impaler said...

Has anyone heard Tom Latham speak?

Latham can talk? He's my congresscritter and I have barely heard him utter more than 3-4 sentences at a time.

Second To None said...

Lets get Latham outta there!

donate to Becky Greenwald's campaign on act blue at

Thanks Dems and keep reading Sporer for updates!