Saturday, June 21, 2008

Link Updates: Hartsuch, Latham, King and Giovannetti

We’ve updated the link list. To the left, below the interactive electoral map, we have added links to David Hartsuch over in the 1st District and our incumbents: Tom Latham in the 4th and Steve King in the 5th.

Dr. M3 and Christopher Reed were already there from the primary so stop and visit those sites as well.

Local celebrity EJ Giovannetti, Polk County Supervisor for District 2 has his reelection campaign site up and we’ve linked that as well. EJ's link is a few inches below left with the local and legislative candidates.

Happy reading


Anonymous said...

If you update the electoral map, you can show us the current totals, wherein Obama has 317 votes and is the WINNER!
-------Spotlight on McSame's sinking ship

Kent said...

Considering 147 votes are within 1 or 2 percent of going either direction, no one has any lock at the moment. The race is very much on for the most part, and easily one faux pas away for either candidate.

Second To None said...

The Democrats will win Iowa and they will win this election.

To all my Democratic fellow readers... please take a moment to make it happen by making a small donation to Barack Obama's campaign through Act Blue

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey second class citizen - get the hell out of here with your barack shit. We already know Barack is going to win. You have Oprah on your side for gods sake. How are we going to compete with that?

Second to None said...

Its not Second Clas citizen. "Second to None" is the motto of the Second Infantry Division of which I served in, in Iraq, maybe if you spent a little more time fighting for our freedoms instead of just enjoying what others have given to you, you might now that.

We dont need Oprah we have a million disgruntled vets to deal with you Facist Republicans