Sunday, June 22, 2008

Restaurant owners feel the Commissar’s lash.

Occasionally Democrats provide real insight, or perhaps foresight, into the socialist total state they envision. The Democrats’ restaurant smoking ban, that takes effect in only nine days, is one such glimpse.

The concept of shared responsibility is the more fascist manifestation of John Donne’s postulation that no man is an island. Almost every action any human takes, from getting into one’s car and risking a collision, to the food one purchases at the end of a car ride to HyVee or Dahl’s, to the food one individually consumes at the end of the perilous car ride, effects change on human behavior and affects the lives of countless known and unknown people.

Democrats use the reality of human interaction and effect as the fundamental justification for their ongoing war on the traditional values and institutions that created American prosperity and success. Since a fundamental reordering of human species is necessary to provide people to trade down, the Democrats seek ever larger intrusions into private behavior and far broader definitions of public behavior through which to control thought and expression.

Of course, the exception of casinos from the smoking ban also shows the Soviet style of official hypocricy that inheres in the total state that the Democrats and liberals promise will solve the problems of mankind, even the weather. This inevitable totalitarianism is, however, always camouflaged behind the veil of “shared responsibility”.

The bar owners get it. Jason Clayworth’s article in this morning’s Register capably illustrates the sense of outrage that the next step into the total state caused Iowa’s bar and restaurant owners. Unfortunately complaints and demonstrations don’t create the political change that the bar and restaurant owners need but political action will.

Hopefully every one of those bar and restaurant owners will get a yard sign for their local Republican legislative candidate in their yard and business. If they want change, work for and donate to the Polk County Republican Party so that we can build the infrastructure that can win elections and fire the nanny.

Promote freedom, vote Republican.


Art A Layman said...


My God man! Are conservatives so devoid of policies that they're grabbing at straws?

Nationwide this is far more a bipartisan movement than a liberal one. The winner of the Iowa Republican caucuses, Mike Huckabee, favored a nationwide ban on smoking. I bet he's a closet Democrat.

I am a smoker and do get pissed at some of the ridiculous knee jerk reactions. The scientific studies(?) notwithstanding, I have never been able to figure out how if smoke is so bad for me, the smoker, filling my lungs with all the bad stuff, essentially acting as a filter, how much bad stuff can be left over for second hand smoke, breathed in by innocents, in far less parts per million than I inhaled.

Progress works in strange ways. Maybe it's a good idea or maybe not. Either way it is not a partisan issue.

I believe most studies have shown that is has very little impact on the business at bars and restaurants.

We smokers are the frontiersmen of the 21st century. If we have to brave the elements to enjoy our smokes, so be it. I'll bet there is even research going on as we speak on how to avoid exhaling.

You Iowa Reps must really be having a hard time.

Anonymous said...

You Repubs can have all the votes from those opposed to the ban. That will leave the Dems with a 60-70% vote total.

Anonymous said...

Why is it I never see anyone on the far right address the re-election campaigns of the republicans who voted for this smoke free legislation?

Anonymous said...

Do you smoke, Sporer? Do you? My experience shows me that ignorant migrant illegal coolies and the blacks have got the market cornered on smoking, save for the kids who want to act like "bad asses". Ridiculous. So what's your point. Smokers are in the minority, and if you are in the monority in this Country then you deserve to be trod upon. Why? Because the majority (or those with the most money) rules, baby. So agaim, what is this bullshit?

And it's no wonder Layman smokes. He's from North Carolina for Christ's sake. That's all those hayseeds have to do with their spare time is to smoke and watch black boys from somewheres else play basketball at one of their "Universities". Don't believe me, look at who those dumb asses elected to the Senate - that dried up old Liddy Dole. If that doesn't prove them as idiots I don't know what else does!

Art A Layman said...


Am I to assume that if I didn't vote for "Liddy", nor for the other dumbass we elected, Burr, that I am exempt from the hayseed category? I do, of course, love ACC basketball, the only truly great arena of college basketball.

Anonymous said...


I'll say this for NC. That Jim Hunt was a good man, Jesse Helms should be commended for all he did to keep the niggers in line, Terry Sanford was a damn fine human being, Richard Burr is a fucking lap dog idiot that will do whatever Liddy tells him to, which is whatever the national party tells that cunt to do. From that that standpoint, Liddy and Dick serve their purpose in voting against anything you Socialists are for. Now for NC itself, Charlotte is a goddamn abomination, Greensboro a hellhole, Raleigh a traffic jammed nightmare, Ashevile's pretty damned nice, Durham has the greates fucking minor league ball park in the Nation, Wilmington is a jewel (there's a UNC campus down there that had a beautiful collection of buildings nestled amongst the long leaf pines that drop cones the size of fucking bombs), and your beaches (except for Black Atlantic) are pristine delights unlike that shit invested sand trap Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Either of the Barbeques your "boys" are known for makes for a damn fine meal, and you seem to have a progressive enough mix of R and D's to try and stay a step ahead of the textile work that went over to the dirty yellow slope Commie Red Chinx and/or the wet back spics in Mexico thanks to Clinton. Plus, you boys are smart enough to have a Miller Brewing Plant in Eden which throws the Unions a bone. As for the new South, you jokers are the least laughable of the bunch. Keep up the good work. I'll be back there in about 10 to 12 weeks, you should by me a beer and some 'que. We'll get drunk, eat in the whites only section of one of them barbeque joints, argue like hell, call ourselves a couple cabs and call it a draw.

Anonymous said...

Reap what you sow, Sporer. In one post you linked Democrats to socialists, fascists, totalitarians, and Soviets.

This mindless barrage prompted a commentator at 4:26 pm to engage in such racism and sexism that you will likely remove that comment as soon as you notice it.

All because you think indoor air pollution is some sort of freedom.


Yoda said...

This republican is thrilled to see a smoking ban in public places. What my colleagues seem to forget is that although we have rights, they extend only as far as until they infringe on the rights of others.

Let me put it another way. Restaurants with smoking sections are like swimming pools wth peeing sections.

The sooner my party realizes just how horribly stupid it is to side with the "right" to spread cancer causing second hand smoke to other people, the sooner we may get back on track to connecting with what Iowa needs and wants.

As for the casino exemption, I agree with Uncle Ted that it is very hypocritical and I further believe those who sold out to the gaming community will be held accountable in November.

RF said...

I agree 100% with Yoda. I'm all for a total smoking ban in all public places. There are still plenty of opportunity for smokers to smoke. The casino exemption was incredibly stupid.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Yoda - maybe you should become the Polk County Repub Chair. More common sense like that and the GOP might actually survive this November.

Vlad the impaler said...

Um, Ted. The smoking ban would not have passed without Republican support. Garbage in, garbage out.

Art A Layman said...

Go easy guys....

More and more I am convinced that sporie doesn't post anything until he's three sheets to the wind.

Either that or he's bipolar. There is no way in hell that anyone with an ounce of sense would post this ridiculous tripe.

Art A Layman said...


Let me know when you'll be in Raleigh and we'll see if we can get together.

Hope you don't mind if I bring a few black friends. Maybe a couple of rednecks too, just to make you feel at home.

Anonymous said...

Laat je verrassen en vind een leuk restaurant

Second To None said...

I am a veteran of the war in Iraq. I dont believe in a smoking ban but due to draft dodging panzy George Bush I will be voting Democrat, in November and for the rest of my life!

I know I am not the only one out there...

Mark my word Sporer the worst thing you cowards did was piss off veterans and you and the Republican Party are in for the beating of a lifetime

vlad the impaler said...

Do any of you own a restaurant? If not, what gives YOU the right to tell owners which legal activities can and cannot go on inside their establishment?

If green Jedi's don't like smoke, don't patronize the establishment. The Jedi Council can host their meetings at vegan establishments and drink wheat grass juice. I'll continue to enjoy large containers of beer and Fuente 8-5-8's.

The fact is, the anti-smoking crowd doesn't give a shit about "the people." They worry that THEY might be personally inconvenienced at some point.

Yoda said...

Hey, before some of you get all hot and bothered that an R disagrees with uncle Ted, you should know that TRS and I agree 98.3% of the time.

I'll give you an example: Said issue above and New Coke vs Coca-Cola Classic. I sided with New Coke. And before any of you give me hell for New Coke you better dust off and hide your vintage Betamax player.

WAR Sporer

WAR Celtics #17

Anonymous said...

Using the fact that republicans voted for this does not make it right. Remember, republicans are losing like crazy over shit like this. This is what we mean when we say there really isn't much difference between the fascist democrats and their MOD fascist colleagues that are coded on paper as republicans.

Anonymous said...

yea - sure 5:18. we believe you.

Anonymous said...

Hey second - how did you feel about the real draft dodger Bill Clinton? Ya know, the one that had his records cleansed by Jimmah Cartah? Bill Clinton was a public draft dodger.

George didn't dodge the draft. Did you know hear about Dan Rather's excellence in Journalism on the subject?

You will fit right in with the democrats because you prove that you do not read the news and believe lies.

Or, perhaps you are just jokin right? You are one of those phony soldiers John Kerry talks about aren't you?

Do you guys actually pay tuition to learn that trick where you try to convince us you are a republican who just must have to out of complete moral indignation, just must vote democrat.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Rf, Yoda is a mod - or as we call them - democrats in republican cover. Mods don't understand the principle of freedom either.

Anonymous said...

I love how the guy up there that isn't second to anyone by god, is trying to convince us that republicans are worse for soldiers than democrats.

Ya sure - no wonder you come in second.

Anonymous said...

How much is this per employee? $4000 per employee in West Des Moines - if they ever really get hired.

Am I reading it correctly - $14 MILLION dollars for 11 employees in the second give away?

So much for responsible stewardship of taxpayer money once again.
The Iowa Economic Development Board this morning approved economic development funding incentives for 14 projects in 12 Iowa cities, among them projects in West Des Moines and Waukee.

The board approved $120,000 in Community Economic Betterment Account funds and tax benefits for Warrenton, Va.-based Buccaneer Computer Systems & Services Inc. for the creation of 30 qualifying jobs at its new Midwest office location in West Des Moines, which will employ a total of 40 people. The company currently has operations in Sully.

The board also approved tax benefits from the High Quality Job Creation program for Cedar Falls-based TEAM Cos., which plans to build a data center in Waukee. The $14 million project is expected to create 11 jobs. Construction is scheduled to begin in August.

Anonymous said...

so today's news from barack is that he is going to reintroduce himself to the public.

Is that because he's a completely new human now that he's won the primary? Is that because since he's won the primary, he's lied several times?

Is that because Democrats no longer know him either with that great big HUGE John Kerry like flip flop lie on public financing?

Did you hear that Barack is really a Muslim front for George Soros??

Anonymous said...

Barack used as an excuse to lie about public financing because he claims mccain won't "control" 527 groups like (can'

Did you hear that Barack is really a Muslim?

Did you know he's black?

Did you hear he's inexperienced and naive?

Did you know he's black?

Anonymous said...


If you define "pulic" as taxpayer supported buildings and properties, then by all means smoking should be banned in those locations.

But come on, your rights are not infringed upon by someone smoking in a privately owned facility such as a bar or restaurant.

You have ZERO constitutional right to go to any privately owned facility.

You aren't being forced to pay for that facility.

If you choose to go to a privately owned location that has smoking, that is your choice and you accept the potential risk.

OR, you can speak with your dollars and not patronize a business that allows smoking.

Better yet, stop whining, take a risk, and open your own non-smoking establishment funded by YOUR money.

No, you would never do that. It is much easier to whine and try to tell others what they may or may not do with their privately owned property.

The key is, you are controlling privately owned property unconstitutionally, if the truth be known.

Atlas is about to shrug!!

Anonymous said...

William Kristol provides truth to Moveon.orgs latest lies and fear mongering tactics. This is regarding that silly commercial they have right now with a baby in it that is nothing but fear fear scaredy cat fear.

Apparently, the democrats intend to scare us to death with babies. Why do they always use fear as their message?
"So, why, I wondered after first seeing the MoveOn ad, did I find it so ... creepy?

I was having trouble putting my finger on just why until I came across a post by a mother of a soldier recently deployed in Iraq, at the Web site

Here’s what the mother of an actual soldier has to say about the remarks of the mother of the prospective non-soldier in the ad:

“Does that mean that she wants other people’s sons to keep the wolves at bay so that her son can live a life of complete narcissism?

What is it she thinks happens in the world? ... Someone has to stand between our society and danger.

If not my son, then who? If not little Alex then someone else will have to stand and deliver. Someone’s son, somewhere.”

This is the sober truth. Unless we enter a world without enemies and without war, we will need young men and women willing to risk their lives for our nation. And we’re not entering any such world."

Anonymous said...

Not in my back yard is the major premise of liberal policies.

We can destroy Saudi Arabia's environment to produce oil for america, but america can't produce it.

Ted Kennedy's democrats in Massachusetts can't have wind power because they thinks it's ugly, but wind power windmills are ok in everyone else's back yard.

what a bunch of elitists.

did you hear that barack obama is black?

Anonymous said...

Are Krusty and Emily Geiger the same person? They both have the exact same issue with smoking. They both use cartoon covers for their real identities. Their blogs are entirely devoted to promoting candidates for whom they work. I always suspected that Krusty was a female - being all emotional and all.

Hmmmm.....I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Yes, is the infant wing of the democrat party. They promote vanity, selfishness, greed and hate.

More from Kristol who is chrystal clear on this. A few TRUTHS can' forgot to mention.

"We do, however, live in a free country with a VOLUNTEER ARMY.

In the United States, individuals can CHOOSE to serve in the military or not.

The choice not to serve should carry no taint, nor should it be viewed with the least prejudice.

If Alex chooses to pursue other opportunities, he won’t be criticized by John McCain or anyone else.

But that’s not at all the message of the MoveOn ad.

Anonymous said...

"The MoveOn ad is unapologetic in its selfishness, and barely disguised in its disdain for those who have chosen to serve — and its contempt for those parents who might be proud of sons and daughters who are serving.

The ad boldly embraces a vision of a selfish and infantilized America, suggesting that military service and sacrifice are unnecessary and deplorable relics of the past.

And the sole responsibility of others."

Yup - Bill points it out very Kristol Clear. The democrats are nothing but selfish, self-centered 2 year olds.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear? The reason those girls got pregant in Gloucestor Mass is NOT because they are sluts, but because of No Child Left Behind.

Wow - George Bush is diabolical with all that evil genius of his.

Anonymous said...

My God - who left the door open this morning at the idiot warehouse?

Anonymous said...

I guess Obama put the nail in the coffin of public financing of campaigns. I heard it's because he's black.

By John Brinsley

June 22 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic Senator Barack Obama's decision not to accept public funds for his presidential campaign puts the financing system at risk, said Senator Joe Biden, an Obama supporter.

``In terms of undermining the public financing idea for everyone'' the decision ``doesn't help,'' Biden, a Delaware Democrat, said today on NBC's ``Meet the Press'' program. ``It's going to be harder to make the case'' for public financing, he said.

Anonymous said...

Another Obama lie - He really DOES believe that D's don't read. I think he lied about this because he's black.

Padding Obama [Yuval Levin]

Barack Obama released his first general election ad on Friday, which seems aimed above all to answer some early concerns about his biography and experience. It’s a well made ad, but it also offers an example of the kind of brazen padding of the resume that Obama will inevitably need to engage in, and which will carry serious risks for him.

About 46 seconds into the ad, we are told that Obama “passed laws” that “extended healthcare for wounded troops who’d been neglected,” and in the usual manner of these political commercials we are given a little citation at the bottom. The citation reads “Public Law 110-181 1/28/08”. That law is the only federal legislation cited in the ad — the other two items mentioned were from the Illinois legislature and referred to other issues raised in the ad.

Public Law 110-181 was the 2008 defense authorization bill. It passed the Senate by 91 to 3 in January, with six Senators not voting.

Among those six absentees was Barack Obama. So he cites a bill he didn’t even vote for.

Anonymous said...

"The Chicago Tribune noted the problem on its blog last week but defended Obama by pointing out that John McCain didn’t vote for the bill either.

That would be an interesting piece of information if John McCain had cited this bill as among his chief legislative accomplishments.

The Obama team’s desire to pad the resume is understandable — it’s awfully slim after all.

But this kind of dishonesty will catch up with them…or at least it should."

Nah- democrats don't care if their candidates lie. They don't care at all. Whatever it takes is the motto.

Barack isn't about change. He's a cynical elitist lying politician frm the most politically corrupt City in the US.

Anonymous said...

OMG - is it possible that oby lies even more than Hill and Bill????

The lies just keep on coming. I can't keep up.
As a New York Post editorial observed:

• He [Obama] ripped Hillary Clinton for months for voting to list Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. Days after Clinton conceded, Obama flipped and said he supported the definition.

• Obama repeatedly vowed to meet with various heads of terror states—most notably Ahmadinejad of Iran—"without preconditions." Then, with the nomination in sight, he zigzagged: "There's no reason why we would necessarily meet with Ahmadinejad. He's not the most powerful person in Iran."

• In October, he supported NAFTA expansion. In March, campaigning in the Ohio primary, he called for a "reopening" of the trade pact's terms. This week, he called his own primary rhetoric "overheated" and said NAFTA has had a positive effect on the US economy.

• Yesterday, after signaling opposition to nuclear power, he told Democratic governors he's open to expanding it."

Does he do this just because he's black or is he just a liar?

Yoda said...


I hear what you are saying. Really I do. Its a an argument I subscribed to for quite a while actually. However, we aren't talking about Nike vs Reebok or Ford vs Chevy but rather cancerous vs cancer-free eating/drinking establishments for patrons and employees.

Now consider the state already has a litanny of regulations and hoops to jump through for said establishemtns to maintain a reasonable expection of a clean environemnt. For instance, there is a set level of acceptable rat droppings that can be found in a kitchen or the proper degree of heated water to wash dishes to kill bacteria etc. Now how exactly is it that we can have these regulations but eliminating known cancer causing agents like second hand smoke is so outrageous?

I too am a firm believer in the marketplace deciding things, but that market needs to have a level playing field withouth exemptions (think casinos).

In instances like California and New York and anywhere it has been tried, there have proven to be far more non-smokers who stay away from monuments to commerce like rastaurants/bars than there are smokers who are merely inconvenienced that they will only have the option to give their family and closest friends cancer.

I have had my fill of close friends and loved ones die too soon from the effects of smoking so if you and a few other anonymously brave bloggers want to call me names like mod etc., you aren't going to bother me.

So smoke 'em, if you got 'em.

And one more thing, my phone has been ringing pretty steadily since that orginal post from prominent R's who agree with me but are afraid to say so publicly. they know who they are and while I respect their reasons, cowboy up and stand for what you beleive in. For the way of the Jedi it is....

Anonymous said...

well apparently the girls in MA weren't listening to Kimmi to not have sex and cross your legs girls! Maybe Kimmi will ask one of them to be on her board!

Second to None said...

Promote Freedom and Vote Democrat!

Freedom for all just not the priviledged few!


Anonymous said...

mods are the republican party! However they are going to sit back and let the evangelicals work and loose elections. You're right we are working, keeping our money, and letting sheffler, TS, & KL get black and blue.

RF said...

I take our anon who is so upset with Barack is not paying any attention to what McCain has been saying and doing. One could surely come up with a book or two of his reversals, misleading statements, etc. If you want, you can do this to all politicians and pretty much all human beings. I suspect we are all big fat liars by anon’s standards.

Anonymous said...


You lack logic. You either believe in private property, or you believe in "the state" and their need to do that which is in the public good at the cost of freedom.

NOTHING forces anyone to patronize or work at a smoking establishment.

By your logic, if you go to a friends house and you pay for the pizza, your buddy should not be able to smoke in his home.

Come on, engage the flicker of logic our socialist governement has not taken from your young mind.


Everyone you and I care about is going to die. You are going to die. I am going to die.

Those facts do not scare me.

Not one life has EVER been saved, only extended.

In the grand cosmic scheme of time, this life is but a flicker.

You know noone who has EVER died from second hand smoke!

If I choose to work at a place with smoking, frequent a smoking establishment, or smoke 3 packs a day, freedom dictates I accept the risk and the consequence thereof!

It is not the collective responsibility of a free society to try to extend the lives of everyone, by our wisdom, by monitoring and legislating away their freedom!


I lost my grandfather and will lose my father due to smoking.

I hate smoking.

Smoking is sooooo stupid, the act by intelligent people amazes me.

But, in a free society, people have the right to do stupid things to their most precious piece of property, their life\body.

Our freedoms are slipping away!

You either believe in the rights of the individual or not.

Anonymous said...

Lack of government is Anarchy, and anarchy cannot exist. It is impossible with todays population to have anarchy.

Iowans voted OVERWHELMINGLY for Democrats in 2006. Because of Republican corruption, lack of faith in the national party or whatever the situation may be, THE PEOPLE VOTED.

Now the Representatives of these people are making decisions, how is this not democracy? How is this not the most basic of ideals? How is this lost upon you?

noneed4thneed said...

Fascism is the merger of big government promoting the interests of big business. It is what we are seeing in DC, not in Iowa.

You can disagree with the smoking, but it isn't fascism.

Anonymous said...

5:24- the rights of the individual cease when they infringe on the rights of others. Otherwise I will stop by your house with a can full of cancer causing chemicals and let you family inhale them for a while. Or dump some mercury in your local water supply. Or park a manure truck across from your church. Individual rights have never been absolute - they all have their limitations. People who want to smoke still can - they just can't stink up the restaurants the rest of us frequent.

vlad the impaler said...


Apples and oranges. My house is my property. If I INVITE you into my house with a can full of cancer causing chemicals, knock yourself out! The mercury example is the same. That would infringe on my rights, which contradicts your premise. If people drink from the same water supply out of necessity, then your example becomes a problem as they would not have a choice in the matter.

You do not own restaurants or bars. You also do not have a RIGHT to enter my bar or restaurant. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to force you to patronize an establishment. If you don't like smoking, fine. Then you have the opportunity (although not for much longer) to open your own establishment that caters to non-smokers. See how that works?

That is a non-nannystate solution to the problem. The free market is a wonderful thing.

Using Yoda and your logic (or your appalling lack thereof) lets find out what is bad about bars and ban it. Hmmm...Let's see..

Loud music is bad. People could suffer hearing damage. And they have to talk louder to be heard, which could damage vocal chords. Both of those are negative health consequences! The people wo work there are forced to listen to this loud music. We need to ban loud music!

Some of these evil bars have dance floors. Dancing could lead to someone being touched inappropriately or in a way in which they feel uncomfortable. We need to ban dancing in bars!

And have you seen the amount of drinking that goes on in those places?

Ban drinking. Please. Do it for the children.

vlad the impaler said...

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their consciences.”

—C.S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

On the subject of smoking:

Does anyone know of a DM Hotel that still takes smokers?

I had a reservation at the Holiday Inn for the Convention. When I canceled and rescheduled, I later received a letter from them letting me know they were switching over to being a No Smoking Hotel on July 1.

So, I'm trying to figure out where I will stay. Or if I'll just stay home.

Any info you can provide would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to stay home or smoke in your car.

noneed4thneed said...

You could always quit smoking.

Anonymous said...

Join the Movement!

Keep masturbation free, legal, and easy!

Art A Layman said...

Are you allowed to masturbate in bars and restaurants in Iowa?

Anonymous said...

Yoda, do you really believe your own bullshit? I find this hard to believe. Prominent Iowans are calling you to discuss smoking with you but are afraid to be public. Ya right. Jeez.

Yoda fantasized:

"And one more thing, my phone has been ringing pretty steadily since that orginal post from prominent R's who agree with me but are afraid to say so publicly. they know who they are and while I respect their reasons, cowboy up and stand for what you beleive in. For the way of the Jedi it is....

Yoda said...

Typical anon.

Hush now grownups are talking.

vlad the impaler said...


Only when Marisa Miller is in the bar. I think that is an international law. If you see Marisa Miller you are legally allowed to publicly masturbate.


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