Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby update.

"What's Daddy doing?"

"Up and alert."

"Hugging babies."

"On point!"


Anonymous said...

Super Cute Pups.

On another note. Did you hear that Nancy Pelosi wrote a book? Probably not. It bombed. No one is buying it. Here's a choice review:

"The democrat matron of global warming hysteria is doing her part to destroy the planet by writing an unnecessary book - to be made out of paper and ultimately tossed in a landfill?

Even if her publishers are using recycled paper, they are still using materials that could be used for a better purpose.

The printing process and delivery of the book also squander valuable energy and resources that could go to better use.

So park your SUVs and turn off your air conditioners... Nancy needs the power to make profits from her book.

Anyone who buys this book should, out of deference for the planet, multipurpose the material and use it for toilet paper - preferably before they read it."

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh has 20 million listeners a week.

FOX News outperforms CNN and MSNBC by nearly doubling CNN and tripling MSNBC.

Air America is bankrupt - are they even still on the air?

Ann Coulter has written 5-6 #1 bestsellers. I think all of her books have gone to #1.

Liberal talk just simply doesn't sell. Why is that?

Why doesn't liberal talk radio or liberal TV commentary get any ratings? Liberal books by liberals don't sell.

Nancy is #865 rather than #1.

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

The NY Times continues their deep spiral death spin, with the latest news of about an 85% drop in profits.

The LA Times - the same

San Fran's paper - big bad shape.

Dsm Register - same story.

These are all liberal publications. They have an unlimited marketplace yet no one is buying.

Why is that?

Why can't liberals compete in the marketplace of opinion? Why can't liberals make money on their spoken and written word?

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

States that have been under liberal control for decades are falling apart.

California - the govt is so overbloated that they can't afford it anymore - ahnold is cutting their salaries to minimum wage today - kudos to ahnold!

Michigan - the home of the only state in the union having a recession. Are you up to speed on the Mayor of Detroits huge corruption scandal?

New York - the gov basically said their state was in a depression and that government had to be cut.

Why is that? Why are states who have been under democrat control for decades find themselves in all kinds of economic trouble?

Why is that?

Essential Estrogen said...

Wow. Can't anyone take a break from politics long enough to 'oooo' and 'aahhh' over these adorable babies?!

Are they little Bostons? Adorable!

My sister, who is probably an even bigger dog lover than I am, had two Boston pups traveling with her when we met earlier this year in Oklahoma for our nieces' funeral. It wasn't that she really wanted to travel with puppies, but they were too young for new homes and she had no one to leave them with.

Still, it was good. We could all use the stress relief of playing and chasing the pups -- not to mention the whole life-affirming aspect.

Your babies are beautiful, dad. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hi Essential

I read about your niece on your blog a while back. Very sad story. We are sad for your loss.

Just in case your sister ever needs help with bostons in the future for some reason - you may wish to contact Ted.

He's nuts about them. Nuts in a good way.

See - Dogs always bring people together for good purpose and make every sad situation, a teeny bit brighter.

I hope your family is recovering ok.

Yoda said...

I had to google Pelosi to find the name of her book, but I found it on for $4.99 after a $20 mail in rebate.

The book is called, "How to reach 9% in just 18 months!"

Somebody tell me how it ends, I'm saving my $4.99 for an extra gallon of gas.

WAR GOPFest '08

Anonymous said...

I see Obama is rolling out more details of his energy plan.

Inflate your tires
Get your old beater tuned up

Thanks Oby - so simple, yet so effective.

By the way, I hadn't noticed until just today when you pointed it out in your speech that you are black. You don't look like any of those other presidents on the coins and dollars. As a matter of fact, Hillary doesn't either.

I never noticed that before. Thanks for pointing that out so I can make a more informed decision about whom to vote for.

What a jerk Obama is. He's playing the race card still and again.

What a jerk.

The only racism that anyone saw was by democrats towards democrats.

What a jerk.

What a stupid energy plan.

What an idiot racist he is.

RF said...


Instead of getting your talking points from Fox or some other "fair and balanced" news source, I recommend you read Obama's Cedar Rapids speech on energy or his energy plan. I love chatting about stuff with you feisty R's, but I prefer to stick with reality and actual proposals.

Speaking of conversing with you R folks, your resident liberal will need to take a break from the blogs for a while. Maybe Art will come back to compensate.

See ya!

Mr. Joshua said...


As somebody who has loved ones affected by the floods in Cedar Rapids, I'd like to know your thoughts on something.

Barack Obama is the leader of your party and a member of the United States Senate which is controlled by (drum roll please) the Democratic party. So why is it that he is supporting the decision by fellow Dems to recess for the month of August to campaign? I listened to his speech in Cedar Rapids and he said that we need immediate relief for the flood victims. By immediate did he mean after a good month's worth of campaigning and taking photo ops with flood victims to show how much he cares? Immediate?

This isn't about R's or D's, this is a natural disaster and real people. There was no recess following the aftermath of Katrina.

Why do democrats hate white people? ok, that was just a joke.

Anonymous said...

Rf - I'm not included in the distribution list of talking points. That's another fantasy you guys have.

I listened to his speech LIVE. I made my own conclusion.

He told us to inflate our tires.

He intends to accuse anyone who doesn't vote for him that they are racist.

I hope Barack keeps using that race card. He's a new kind of politician - right? Post Racial - right? He's just a simple citizen of the world.

What a jerk.

Inflate your tires. Sheesh.

RF said...

Of course we hate whitey! ;)

It’s almost time to go, but the sensible Mr. Joshua always deserves a response. Even when I don’t have a good one to give. To be honest, I have not been following the recess/flood relief discussion hardly at all. Not knowing the facts, I can’t really comment on it. Your point certainly appears valid. On the other hand, I've never claimed my guy Obama to be a saint.

Anon - Inflating tires actually works. Again, realpolitik vs. faith-based policy.

Anonymous said...

Come on rf - you know the drill - never let the facts get in the way of a partisan rant.
Not sure how much McCain has done to push for flood relief either. They call us "flyover country" for a reason.

vlad the impaler said...

I could make a really bad joke about pic #2 regarding terriers playing with boxers...but I won't.

These two are cuties. Take pics now, Ted. They grow up fast.