Monday, July 28, 2008

E.J. Giovannetti shows some muscle.

Today’s DM Register brings more interesting news indeed. It looks like Republican Supervisor EJ Giovannetti is out raising his Democrat opponent by a factor of 64.


It isn’t surprising; Scarpino is running a campaign that attacks the incumbent Supervisors performance. The Board of Supervisors is, of course, Democrat controlled so, not surprisingly, Lt. Scarpino’s attacks are just a tab amorphous.

The donors are reflecting confidence in a candidate with a generation of self-effacing public service. So will the voters on November 4.

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Anonymous said...

Are you for real? I've read a few of your postings and you always seem so negative. Surely you can say something more meaningful and in a positive way, so that readers don't discredit you and not take what you say seriously.