Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will we move Christmas to August 4?

After watching this video I’m sure you will be ready to sign the petition to move the Christmas holiday to Barack’s birthday on August 4.

Please suggest some other ways in which we can honor the chosen one.


ConstitutionDaily said...

Sporer - great video and blog. I've started a new Iowa based political blog and have linked your page to it - I hope that is fine.

Please take a look when you get some time. Also, feel free to link my blog onto yours.

Thanks - ConstitutionDaily

Constitution Daily

Anonymous said...

I was thinking maybe we move Christmas back to November 18th. That's Ted Stevens' birthday.

A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Sporer, first of all what do you mean by giving lip service to this Limey fink? Prissy tea drinking fags the lot of them.

RF said...

This is actually pretty funny.

Seems to me like deep down the party of the great communicator realizes the importance and power of Obama's abilities.

Anonymous said...

I think it reinforces our bemusement at the emotionality of democrats. it's the rapture! I've never seen such swooning, fainting. I'm embarrassed for them. They act like bobbysockers who first discovered Frank Sinatra. Most people forget that all those photos of fans were fake set ups.

Democrats and 15 year old girls behave rather similarly. I guess this is why Obama feels he has the youth vote wrapped up.

We choose substance over style.

Style - goes out of style.

Substance - is real and constant.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the polls don't reflect the adoration of the media.

Real people get the audacity of his hope. He really is audacious.

Here's Websters definition:

1 a: intrepidly daring : adventurous (an audacious mountain climber) b: recklessly bold : rash (an audacious maneuver)

2: contemptuous of law, religion, or decorum : insolent

Anonymous said...

"I am the world. I am the children. I am the one who makes a brighter day so let's start giving...to me"

Barack "I'm not a candidate, I'm just a citizen of the world, like Michael Jackson" Obama

Anonymous said...

"There's a choice you're making
I'm saving your own lives
It's true I'll make a better day
Just you for me

When you're down and out
There seems no hope at all
But if you just believe in me
There's no way I can fall
Well, well, well, well, let us realize
That a change will only come
When I become pres-i-dent of you."

I just realize that Obama's campaign theme is "we are the World" from the 80's.

Dear Gawd. His speeches are inspired by Michael Jackson.

Hey Oby One the Kanobi - that whole project didn't end up working out. Perhaps you heard about all that loftiness that went nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Crap. I thought all democrat politicians were stuck in the 60's and that is why Hillary got beat.

Now, we find out Obama is stuck in the 80's.

Good grief.

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK (CBS) ― New York Governor David Paterson says the New York state budget deficit has gone up $1.4 billion in the last 90 days.

Paterson also said the budget deficit is estimated to grow 22 percent over the next three years and called for a special legislative session on Aug. 29.

another state historically controlled by democrats on all levels of government is a mess.

Hmmm..california, michigan, new york.

Chet is in trouble too in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

A bumper sticker I'd like to see for the Obama Kain ticket:

O - Kain!

tee hee hee

Eric Clapton

RF said...

I heard McCain commentary on the don'-t-ask-don't-tell policy today. We all have also seen his Viagra moment.

It's pretty clear the man is stuck in the 50's.

Anonymous said...

A return to the 50's wouldn't be so bad. It was before the 60's when the spoiled rotten children began their 40 year ongoing campaign to destroy America.

It was before the 80's when the echo 60's children continued the tradition, but in a second generation whiney way.

Yea - I'm ok returning to the period of time when the greatest generation was in charge.

Anonymous said...

there goes RF again. All he cares about is gays, gods and guns. This time it's gays.

Boy, you guys and your social issues. Is that all you can talk about?

I'm concerned that social issues are dominating your party too much rather than "real" issues, like $4.00 gas.

RF said...


I was responding to earlier comments in this thread. Plus, it was your candidate who made those comments, not me.

But, I admit I’m fascinated by the conversations our parties and politicians are having about social issues. No question about that. As an observer to our political process, it is hard to misunderestimate the importance of those issues. Look at all the posts Sporer dedicates to them. Look at the focus your new state party leadership has on those issues.

Re: $4.00 gas. Congressional D’s have been pushing for controlling speculation in the energy markets. Possibly the most effective way to influence gas prices in the short term. D’s have been pushing for “use it or lose it” provisions for energy exploration leases. Both approaches have been blocked by R’s. So who is looking for real solutions and who is not? Allowing drilling in now unavailable areas is not going to make any difference if oil companies are not willing or able to utilize the areas they already have available to them.

Anonymous said...

Rf - really - speculators? Come on. That is about as lame as nancy pelosi saving the world.

It's ok to drill in Oklahoma because there is a current lease, but not ok to drill in Oklahoma if there isn't a current lease. Is the decision to drill just simply turning on whether there is a lease???

Come on. Really? You guys think you can fantasize America out of the crisis. Fantasy and taxes.

Tax here, tax now! Only in the fantasy world of libs do you get the math that increasing gas taxes will somehow lower gas prices, but actually increasing the supply will not.


The d's don't have an energy plan. They don't want us to be independent of the Saudis from oil. They want the rest of the world to attend to our energy needs instead of taking care of ourselves.

But, then again, they never were the party of personal responsibility. They believe in oil welfare. Having the Saudis be our social workers dispensing out our crumbs of oil welfare.

RF said...


While I admit that there are analysts who deny the speculator role in energy prices, most analysts say market fundamentals should have oil price in the $60-80 range. With that data, it is definitely prudent to try to control the speculators.

Sounds to me like you live in a fantasy world if you think that just making more lands available for oil exploration is going to solve our oil price problem. Relying on that type of wishful thinking does not constitute a realistic “plan.”

But, at least the folks not concerned about climate change who advocate the drill everywhere approach are somewhat consistent intellectually. It’s the McCain’s of politics who claim to care about climate change and want to burn all the fossil fuels we can find that are being incredibly inconsistent. John needs to tell us what his real priority is.

Anonymous said...

Oil was invented by God to be our energy. Oil is meant to be used as energy. Oil is a renewable energy source.

Don't mess with mother nature.

Your only plan is to tax.

To get rid of speculators you have to eliminate the futures market. You can't eliminate the futures market. The futures market helps control cost. Without the futures market, the price would even be worse.

The reason the speculators are speculating is that they believe that the D's don't have the will to solve the problem and that oil will continue to be scarce.

D's are causing the speculators to speculate. Speculators go out of business if there is a steady supply that meets demand at a consistent and reasonable price they can create budgets around.

Why are you guys ok with great big huge freakin oil tankers travelling all over creation wasting energy to deliver oil to us?

A ship with oil is far more likely to spill oil on it's way over here than an oil rig drilling right off shore.

Remember - none of the rigs spilled a drop of oil during all those hurricanes.

All the oil spills have come from the tankers transporting the oil to us from other sources.

Drill here, drill now and eliminate oil spills.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add - yes, I think making more lands available for exploration for a known commodity is more likely to lead to discovery and processing of oil than having a fantasy plan about some unknown energy technology that we just hope we can find that will replace the only known energy source currently and which is required for survival like blood and oxygen.

How long will that fantasy techonology take to completely replace all of our current energy? More than 10 years?


RF said...

Yeah, let's bring God to this as well. Wow!

Efficiency is not a technology somewhere out in the future. It's here, today. Hell, Ford sells a Focus in Europe that gets more than 50 mpg. Why are they not selling it here? No wonder those idiots are losing money and closing plants.

Still, in all honesty, this energy issue and the drilling angle is probably the strongest argument you R's have going into the fall. I agree with Sporer there. Even though the logic is faulty and facts support different solutions, the drill, drill, drill mantra makes for good politics and 30-second ads. Any energy solutions coming out of congress will likely involve some sort of expanded drilling. I'm pretty sure D's will end up compromising on this one. I suspect a possible Obama administration will have to go along with that as well. I just hope D's will push for aggressive efficiency and alternative fuels provisions in exchange for a drilling compromise.

RF said...

BTW, how did you find out about God & oil? Did God tell you about his/her plan?

Anonymous said...

I see Oby got real aggressive on energy today.

Inflate your tires.

Nice leadership. Will we be seeing more of that?

The earth is the ultimate ecosystem. We have every single thing we need - oil is for energy.

Since you are a D, you don't believe in God.

Your secular religious doctrine tells you that Darwin gave us the oil.

RF said...


You should read Obama’s speech in CR today. No mention of inflating tires. Solid energy policy proposals, though. BTW, he wants to significantly increase domestic drilling on the millions of acres already available for drilling. But I’m sure Fox won’t report on any of that.

And, inflating tires as a response to our energy problems is actually based on reality and facts. You are right, I don’t confer with God (R) or Jesus (R) regarding energy policy on a regular basis. I prefer realpolitik over wishful faith-based policy.


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