Monday, July 07, 2008

E.J. Giovannetti's opponent: campaigning for more corruption?

We have an interesting race emerging in Polk County’s Second Supervisor District. Our Republican incumbent, EJ Gionvannetti, a thoughtful and experienced public servant is running against a DMPD Lieutenant, who presently is an assistant commander of the police records unit.

On the surface, Scarpino seems utterly unqualified for the position. The Officer appears to have never worked in private industry and hence has never been responsible for the bottom line and never truly accountable for a measureable result. Lt. Scarpino has always simply accessed your dime, not his, when his enterprise needed something.

However, the fish out of water nature of the Scarpino campaign becomes even more apparent when the candidate explains the reason he’s running. Scarpino, albeit through the awkward employment of an oxymoron, provides the rationale for his campaign as “
… the way we vote and the way we feel about things differs. If there was a Democrat in that seat that was an independent thinker ... I'd view that person as being able to do a little more for the district he represents”. Although the DM Register website didn’t have video of the interview we can safely assume that Officer Scarpino uttered the words with a straight face.

What evidence is there that any Democrat in Polk County is “an independent thinker”? Seriously, the Democrats don’t even claim to be independent thinkers anymore, having entirely exchanged collective and largely emotive belief structures (which is the party of political correctness, the fairness doctrine and “shared responsibility” after all) for even the pretense of critical, much less individual, thought.

Less generically, unlike the voters in the 4th and 5th Supervisor Districts, the voters out in Ankeny, Johnston, Urbandale, Grimes and parts north, don’t need or want what the current Democrat controlled Board of Supervisors provides for those districts (CIETC, Creative Visions) and what those districts do for the Democrat Supervisors (e.g., Boss Mauro’s, John not Mike, six million dollar payoff).

Lieutenant, seriously, who do you think pays the property taxes for the cousin’s employment agency we call Polk County in out here in the suburbs? The Democrats have totally controlled this County for 60-that’s right, SIXTY-years. Every problem associated with County government is entirely the result of Democrat governance-every single problem that a supervisor could cause or fix.

Whatever one might say about the national mood, there aren’t very many people other than the hardest core Democrat themselves who thinks that Polk County Iowa needs more Democrat leadership.


Anonymous said...

My guess is the only races the Repubs can win this year are the local ones where there are 80% of the voters registered red. Too bad they will hand Chet and Barrack a massive majority in the races that actually matter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1232

Your are absolutely right!
Obama will blow out McCain and The democrats will have an even larger majority because McCain is no conservative and has tried to move to the right to win the primary and is now moving back to the left to win the independants he lost.

As for the Iowa legislature, I could, with good concious blame it on Stu Iverson, but there is so much more. Republicans are jumping ship and "retiring" because its no fun being in the minority and they know it will continue for a very long time and also... Who is actually staying competitive?

We have taken no moves to beat Bailey, Gayman, or Palmer (our top three) and could even have a dem turnover in US-4.

Sporer needs to take the reigns from Stu! I'll sign the petition!

TheTruth said...

Clearly Anon 2:08 is a complete fool. McCain has for some reason actually moved farther right after the primary. Speaking out on judges, is now for drilling, stiffening his 2nd amend position. Look at who is jumping ship...all those who threw Stu out. Replacing bad with worse is not a plan, but then again you would have to have political intelligence and savvy to know that. Clearly that is missing from most of the posts this blog produces.

Anonymous said...

The r party has no leadership. If the gov election was tommorrow there would be no ray or branstad.
Come Nov. there will be less r's in the house and senate than today. The old r's are staying home with their money and voting d.Is it kosher for the ICA to take money from r's that don't support their cause? Oh yea it's for Shefflers salary.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how it would help y'all if Sporer took the reigns of the party. He can't even untangle his memory of events that happened just a few years ago.

Here's what I'm talking about. Below in the post on Postville, Sporer claims W smashed Enron!

He forgets, or hopes you have forgotten, that Enron's Ken Lay was a close friend of W. Enron smashed itself on the shoals of Wall Street, but Sporer thinks events of 2002 (the Sarbane-Oxley Act) caused the collapse of Enron---in 2001!!!!

He think W is the hero of the Enron story. And you want Sporer for your leader????????

You're as delusional as he is.

Enron was the largest corporate scandal of our lifetimes. Surely you want a leader who understands it. That won't be Sporer. See his comment at the July 5 post below.


RF said...

Sorry, off topic. But maybe something to ponder at your convention.

From today's headlines: "Iraq wants US withdrawal deadline."

I'll be interested to hear how W, McCain, Sporer & co. respond to that.

The truth said...


GW said that we will only stay as long as we are wanted, not a day after the Iraq government says to leave.

McCain says stay there 100 more years

Sporer cuts and pastes from Ann Coulters' site.

The Truth said...

Oh and than posts annonymously to make believe that there are others who agree with his crazy ideas. Yet another reason why Sporer could never win a publicy elected office and therefore must settle for being a partisan hack and a second rate blogger

Anonymous said...

That would be funny - Ted Sporer running for an elected position. What do you think folks? 30% tops who would vote for him? (Maybe he could run for Gov and have Steve Deace as his Lt. Gov)

E. "Jack" Hughlayte said...

Sporer doesn't have the stones to run for office. He's a fink in that respect. Blow hard bullshit artists like him could never work towards a solution - - their whole purpose in life is to have something to bitch about.

Anonymous said...

The only way I could reasonably support McCain is if he were to select Mark Klein, M.D. as his running mate.

thetruth said...

It is really amazing.

Since the Iraqi Prime Minister asked for a time limit, it is as quite as death on the Neo-Con blogs.

I think the Republican Facist movement has finally come to an end, good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Where is the write up for Bill McCorruption's opponent for PolkCo Sherrif?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack E - you reveal yourself with your moniker. This came from your "brain" right? Only someone who masterbates professionally would use such a term to describe himself.

Does that pay very much? Do you sell your seed? Do you keep an inventory?

What an interesting hobby you have. Perhaps E Jack Hugh Layte would like to meet Rosie Palm.

Do you play hand puppets using those two names?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mr. Masterbation is the one whose only mission in life is to bitch. That's all that little tiny IP address ever contributes.

Jack - Rosie is calling. Time to wake up and relieve yourself from blue ball syndrome.

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on the threads. This is my summary using the perjorative terms used throughout -

The MODS (people without personal convictions) who have been running the party through all of our election defeats - telling the SCC to stay the hell out of their business - have created the situation where we have no power.

No one on the SCC can be blamed for these past defeats because they were always just patted on the head and told to go play in the corner while the grownups made all the decisions.

The Gods (people who have personal convictions) are pissed to have trusted the Mods who run the party because they have been used and abused and are not getting their agenda passed.

In fact, these Mods who the Gods have trusted to make good strategic decisions as demanded by the Mods, have laughed at them, taken them for granted, used their arms and legs to volunteer, yet think these good hearted people are hurting the party.

As we saw in the Helland - Lorenzen race - the Mods have no bench. They have no soldiers. They have no volunteers. They have no doorknockers. They have no phone bankers. They can't turn out a vote. All they can do is Bitch on this blog and reminisce through misty eyes about those days when Ray and Branstadt were in power.

How long ago was that? Couple of decades at least.

So - WHO killed the party?

It's clear it's the MODS. Mods by definition have no opinion. They can't motivate a soul due to that reason. Lack of motivation leads to lack of voting.

This is why McCain's campaign is so stagnant. McCain doesn't know why he believes what he believes. He can't explain his value system. He can't tell us how his decision tree works.

The Gods and others who wish to return the state red are working very hard to motivate voters to vote. It's important to the Gods to have the judges that the next President will appoint. They care about the fascist turn this state has taken since the D's took over. They have their reasons to turn out.

What reason do the Mods have to turn out? The only thing they care about is freedom to kill their unborn child on a whim. What else to they care about??? I've never heard. That one belief is why they are MODS. So, Mods - your vote this year is for Obama.

Stew - apparently wishes to just pursue personal power rather than win elections.

Stu - I want to pat you on your head and tell you to go play in the corner while the wise people make the decisions that need made.

Clinton County said...

Just because the 'gods' feel this way doesn't make them using unethical means to get rid of the 'mods' right.

It doesn't mean that they can win without the 'mods'. Look at the last governor's race... they even teamed up and couldn't do it.

you all (mods & gods & everyone else) need to get your heads out of the sand and start to find common ground to work on and quit insulting and demeaning one another's points of view. You are going to get your behind's handed to you in november if you don't.

McCain knows what he stands for, he is from a generation that is not used to being questioned like we question now. Doesn't make it right or wrong, we now need to help get his message out and quit slamming each other.

Do the right thing, work for the good of the party, the good of the country, not your own personal vendetta against people who have offended you.

You all have a personal agenda in this, it's time to lay it aside and do what's best for everyone. Watch the movie 'A Beautiful Mind' if you want to understand the principle. The guy really did win a Nobel award for his ideas.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the GOP and the "gods" is that 75% of the general population don't like their agenda. Stay out of the bedrooms, let the gays marry (why should the heteros be the only ones to suffer), and quit trying to jam your Bible into my hands while I'm holding the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:42

What does public funding of abortions (a practice that I oppose) have to do with your bed room?

What does accepting and, indeed, encouraging homosexuality by allowing the government to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals have to do with my bedroom?

What does public funding the Frankensteinian practice of human cloning have to do with my bedroom?

Critical thinking, you should try it.

The Real Sporer (via remote)

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I think that far more people would like our agenda if we actually defended it.

Oh, by the way (part two), right to life is the majority position.

Opposition to homosexual marriage is a majority position.

opposition to human cloning is a majority position.

The Real Sporer (via remote)

RF said...

"right to life is the majority position."

It depends on how you word the question. The right wing-nut version of 'right to life' is not. Most people are in the middle.

"Opposition to homosexual marriage is a majority position."

Yes, but that majority is eroding fast. And, I'm pretty sure support of constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage is not a majority position.

"opposition to human cloning is a majority position."

Probably depends on your definition of 'human cloning.' Cloning human cells as part of medical research is surely to be much more popular than sensational claims about creating an army of little Sporers through 'human cloning.'

Anonymous said...

Opposition to mixed marriages once was a majority opinion.
Opposition to women voting was once a majority opinion.

You're on the losing side in the social battle. Get in bed with the gods and you'll find that it's the end of the republican party.

Anonymous said...

The biggest thing that the Republican Party has against them is...


The "Majority Position" is that GW is an idiot. Cheney is a draft dodger with a god complex, and the administration has ruined everything from our international standing to the economy.

McCain is not too bad, Obama isnt too bad either.

But McCain will have a very hard time convincing independant voters that he isnt Bush-like.

RF said...

10:16 is right. No matter who wins, Jan. '09 will be a good time for this country and the world.

Anonymous said...

President Bush is still very popular with the troops in the field and our enemies want Obama to win. Those are the facts and any student of history should realize putting your head in the sand only makes it a lot easier for the other side to win the fight. We actually tried the head in the sand routine during the Clinton years and it culminated in burning towers and 3000 dead. Since President Bush answered Al Queda all attacks have been thwarted and they are on the run in Iraq. I’ve been in Iraq since Jan 2004 and this is the best it has ever been and why the media is not reporting that fact only demonstrates liberals don’t want victory. There is no way we could have beat the Nazis and the Japanese in WW2 if today’s Democrats and their willing accomplices in televised media existed.

As for who destroyed the Iowa Republican Party I can't be sure given my distance from the situation but it is clear the party is in a tailspin. The biggest problem appears to be a complete lack of fiscal preparedness and inability to help candidates win elections. I doubt Iverson is the answer to our problems and I am, as always, suspicious of Sheffler. Ted is a staunch conservative and I guy who gets things done and the GOP is well advised to let him run things before they are completely out of the game.

-Little Buddy

Anonymous said...

The troops like Bush? Ok - that's like less than 10% of the population. The Dems will be happy to take those percentages.

Anonymous said...

The people enjoying the transfer of wealth and freedom at the expense of those making money and providing freedom are always happy for freebies. What else can we expect from freeloaders & welfare takers?

Anonymous said...

As PCD's say, the best weapon they have is the R's have Sporer.
Mod's have the money, the SC's for the most part are not your corporate money makers.
So the SC can get out their flock, but only their flock. Can the SC flock fund campaigns if the mods don't give? Is there enough flock to beat the d's and the mod's if they team together?
Those running campaigns are not Mod's. They are more conservative than the Mod's.To Sporer anyone that doesn't worship him is a Mod.
Sporer is just a mediocre lawyer. Most lawyers haven't either heard of him or their comments are less than steller.
By the way Sporer, your say you like it your wife doesn't win any awards for a clean house.TH doesn't provide maid service at taxpayers expense.Better get her up and running! Gov's wife was mowing her own grass the other night.
Tommorrow if Sheffler wins Ted moves into Iversons job. A sure loss for Nov. But Polk R's win. If Sheffler loses a big bubble pop a for SC's and a win for the nat R's.

Art said...

I think the points about our agenda and pressing our faith in the midst of pressing our political points have merit. Frankly, my faith drives a good deal of my political agenda, but I also believe that agenda should have merit within a secular context. In other words, the things that I think are bad primarily because the Bible says so are also bad because we can see (or can postulate) the long-term effects on our society and societies past.

If we cannot demonstrate the value of our agenda in a convincing way to "independent" thinkers (that is, those who are not already brainwashed into repeating whatever they've been fed by their party or b 15 second sound-bites), we don't deserve to lead the country.

Anonymous said...

So what are the bad long term effects on society for homosexual marriage? Hasn't heterosexual marriage pretty much trashed the institution already? (Poor Ted would be a homeless vagrant without all those divorce cases to line his wallet)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am sure most lawyers represent the interests of their clients which is what lawyers do. Of course going after Ted is the only thing someone from the Film Actor's Guild can do since liberal/socialist arguments are devoid of logic. Go after the person when you can't beat their logic eh?

Anonymous said...

You didn't answer the question - what are the long term negative effects of gay marriage?

Anonymous said...

To start with long term anything contradict the fact gay people day sooner. Second, this conversation on gay love is interesting and probably really important to the 3% of the population pushing for this but it is not the focus of Ted's post and shouldn't dominate the discussion afterward either.


Anonymous said...

Most discussions on this blog have little to do with Ted's posts. Sounds like code for "I don't have a logical answer so I'll avoid the question". Gutless social conservative.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just like the think tank that came to the conclusion "Don't ask Don't Tell" should be repealed. It is reported all over as if it were the Gospel except the group is made up of Obama supporting ex-flag officers and the group is small. Also, the group is funded by another group with no other purpose than to promote Gay issues in the military. Really unbiased sort of thing. Finally, they did not answer whether or not the Flag officers were paid for their opinion.

Keep it classy libs!