Friday, July 11, 2008

Steve Scheffler and Kim Lehman for the RNC!

Iowa Republicans will convene this Saturday. The delegates will have an opportunity to elect our National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. The winners will represent Iowa on the RNC and the State Central Committee for the next four years.

The very troubled waters we Iowa Republicans are currently crossing make this the most important decision to come from a State Convention in many, many years. As we Republicans face the future we need to forsake the false comfort that the status quo is working, it isn’t. The trend, the numbers and the results speak far louder than any rhetoric that describes them. Denying reality doesn't change it.

Some say giving voice to the existence and extent of our failures is somehow disloyal and divisive. If this were 2000 and we were coming off one bad cycle, having just blown a 30 point Labor Day lead, it might have been, because in 2000 we still had time for more incremental solutions. But it’s not 2000, it’s 2008. The national climate is as hostile as it has been in more than forty years and the Iowa situation is worse. We have virtually no organization. Whatever victories our existing leadership class has produced in the past, it has most recently produced this nearly irreversible calamity.

As a general overview, I am very familiar with three of the leading contenders: Steve Scheffler and Steve Roberts for National Committeeman and Kim Lehman for National Committeewoman. I am less well acquainted with Sandy Greiner, although I have worked with Sandy on a small project or two and have found Sandy to be smart and competent and all the anecdotal evidence of which I am aware substantiates my own impressions.

Sandy and Steve Roberts are outstanding people who have ably served the Republican Party for many years. I have the highest of personal regard for both. Steve R. is a wise and wily pol from whom I have learned much over the last six years and who has done well by the Party. But a new era is upon us and the National Committee positions are not honorific rewards for past service. Rather, the election is about the future, the next four years not the last thirty. The delegation does not have to choose who is capable of serving on the RNC and the SCC, all four leading candidates are capable of such service, but who is best suited for service over the next four years.

Our first need is to rebuild our organization. We need more people involved. To get more people we need to have an agenda that inspires and motivates people for a struggle to gain to take power away from the Democrats and not just the much easier task of protecting incumbent power.

Steve Scheffler and Kim Lehman have already demonstrated that they can build large, well funded and effective state wide political organizations. Both have demonstrated that they can provide the inspirational leadership that creates political kinesis. At a time when much of our leadership was advancing an agenda noteworthy only for its lack of conservative principles through rhetoric that was noteworthy only for its utter inoffensiveness, or even worse acquiesced in such practices against their better judgment, Kim and Steve, at first quietly and privately, worked hard to maintain a bold, clear and ideologically Reaganesque GOP.

At a time when much of our leadership, some intentionally and some through indifference, sought to create a more exclusive GOP, both Kim and Steve S. fought to open the Party to more people. I have seen behind the curtain and the claim that either Steve S. or Kim want to drive others from the Party is ludicrous. It is plain that both want to attract more people to the Party by selling our ideas rather than pursue the agenda of Liberal Light-the agenda that kept us in the minority for in some places generations. There is a reason ICA and IRLC events so substantially outdraw RPI events, they are welcoming and inclusive-the opposite of the false stereotype expressed herein.

Our First in the Nation Status will not be endangered by whoever wins the elections on Saturday. The Steves, Sandy and Kim are smart experienced politicians and all four are well qualified for Job No. 1. All four will capably represent Iowa’s interests.

Some fear that this current leadership fight will allow the Democrats to entrench in power. Sadly, that is the most rufus of herrings. The Democrats have entrenched: more people; more ideas (all bad but largely unopposed in the marketplace); more contemporary methods, practices and policies; and, most dangerous in the short term, a lot more money.

Since the operational definition of insanity is the pursuit of different results from consistent action we have to either change the direction we are headed or learn to love living in the Democratic Republic of Iowa. I have seen Steve and Kim fight to for the first option, not the second. That result is a far better direction than that we now follow.

I strongly urge every delegate to move the party forward and vote for Steve Scheffler and Kim Lehman for the National Committee positions.


Anonymous said...

An endorsement from Ted - truly the kiss of death.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to politics this year but I read the blogs.

This post is the clearest statement of the Republican predicament which is why I got involved in the first place.

I don't know the people involved in this fight very well but I know what I read. Ted Sporer has consistently refrained from personal attacks, just like in the comment that started this thread. The people who attack Ted Sporer and Steve Scheffler almost exclusively do so with personal insults, like the first comment on this page.

That makes it pretty easy for me to know who to support and it won't be the people who just attack Ted Sporer for accurately describing the problems in the Party.

Anonymous said...

HooRah 3:24

The Steve Roberts - Stewman Iverson - Keg Kearney Kabal wish for the ones most committed to republican ideals to go away. They think the people who most often and carry the most water are the problem.

My guestion to those gurus is this:

Who replaces those fine people as your voter? Who are they and where are they?

They sure didn't turn out for the very very well known Al Lorenzen, but instead turned out for the not well known at all, Erik Helland.

How did that happen I wonder?

Because Erik inspired his voters to turn out because he promised to work to enact their agenda.

What was Al's agenda? What was the inspiration his potential voter missed?

Anonymous said...

I read Steve Roberts campaign letter. His letter did not make sense to me. He said he abides by the wise saying about not serving two masters.

That strikes me as a lie on the surface.

Steve Roberts is a lobbyist for hire. He represents any issue for which he will be paid. His issues aren't necessarily conservative or republican.

His paid work can conflict with his "hobby". Which master will he serve?

Steve Sheffler and Kim Lehman are also lobbyists. They lobby exclusively for conservative/republican issues. 100% of their lives is spent on conservative/republican issues. They make their living that way and it also consumes their free time and includes their families.

They live it and breath it every day all day long.

So, looks to me like Sheffler and Lehman are the ones only serving one master, not Roberts.

vlad the impaler said...


You have truly jumped the shark. What are two unctious religio whackjobs going to do about lowering gas prices, stopping the war on the middle class, deporting illegals, eliminating the federal role in education and cutting taxes? I guess electing two moral busybodies assures that nothing will be done to get the government out of our lives.

I guess the gays getting married takes precedence over Americans lack of disposable income.

Anonymous said...

The core issues which you touched upon are indeed the key issues of our age and I trust all four candidates for RNC to do the right thing. The right thing is to stop letting one worlders who believe America should fall to third world while thrusting the latest version communism upon us. For example, watching Biden lie through his teeth claiming drilling is not the answer serves to remind us all that Democrats either don't get the laws of supply and demand or they truly want our country to fall apart. They have no plan, they never did, they just sharpshoot the plans of others and stand in the way of those doing the work. Biden should've been laughed out of the room by everyone present if they had anything more than a flywheel for a brain. Everybody in the Republican establishment has a role and those standing still or letting libs get over on us need to get out of the way.

I agree with Ted and it is time for a new direction to achieve the result all conservatives want. If Steve can more effectively argue the case then he should be given that opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Ted, Watch your back. These people will turn on you.

vlad the impaler said...

If Scheffler and Lehman get elected, they will be hosting a book burning in the parking lot. Anything that makes people think will be torched.

By the way, heard you on Deace. You are a fucking pussy, Ted. Iverson lost his leadership spot for being too conservative. That means that Stu IS ONE OF US! Here you are, backstabbing good conservatives. Perhaps you are just taking a cue from your leader McCain. He fucks over conservatives every chance he gets. Are you following his lead?

Fuck Lehman, Fuck Scheffler and Fuck you too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Vlad - go impale yourself you fucking fuckwad whackjob penis implant.

You sound like this is just a little too personal for you.

what's your stake in this you ignorant, brain challenged douchbag whorefucker?

Anonymous said...

Stu a good conservative


He's nothing. ever hear him laugh?


Anonymous said...

Vlad - you seem to know Stu well. He seems to be one of YOU. Tell us more about YOU - you whorefucker.

Now, that I say that - THAT's what you have in common. Have you heard the story about Stu and his now second wife - fucking in his senate office? It's legend down at the statehouse.

Nice chap that "conservative" Stu. He's a whorefucker too.

Anonymous said...

So Vlad - who impales his hand with his penis frequently -

That doesn't sound like conservative language coming from you.

Just what is a conservative to you? Sounds like you have the same management philosophy as Stewman, the Newman.

His management premis is : Fuck You conservatives - fuck you Sheffler - fuck you sporer - fuck you Lehman. I think we've all heard him say that exactly.

Now - it makes me wonder if Vlad is really the Stewman. So much in common those two in their rhetoric.

Ted - if what you are fighting for is to overcome these whorefucker douchebags, you are fighting the good fight.

vlad the impaler said...

Sounds like I hit some exposed liberal nerves.

The Republicans really did themselves a favor when the dumped Stu in favor of Eva Braun Lundby. Good thinking.

There is nothing in this for me. If you will look at posts all over the board, I'm not even a Republican. I've only met Iverson twice and both times were very brief and several years ago. The anti-freedom unctious religio sheep scare the living hell out of me.

Sporer is a pussy for siding with them and I will laugh my ass off when they turn on him.


Anonymous said...

Sheffler has a new job! It's national Committeeman! Sheffler and Leham in a landslide victory! Almost 300 votes separated each from their competitor!

The party has some new life. The party got some oxygen.

Congratulations Ted on pickin the winners.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Steve Scheffler and Kim Lehman on their victories as RNC National Committee Reps.

It took a ton of courage to run against the entrenched establishment. They trashed you, they lied about you. They attempted to malign your integrity and question your motivations.

By running courageously on your convictions, you showed us all once again that winning comes when you stand for something, not just anything.

A hearty tip o the hat to you!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

No money, no help for Sheffler and Lehman. The big $ donors met last night and it wasn't in WDM. Sheffler and Lehman will now have to ask the IEA groupies to give double the party and Steve's salaries.The rest of us won't

Anonymous said...

oh really 6:02?

What money? Didn't you hear rpi are already broke? We don't get their money now. Who cares?


Pomeranta won't let us critize the ISEA or the NEA.

Gross is in bed with the eminent domain folks - walt tomenga wing.

Kirke is with the casino lobby.

Mr. Kum and Go gives his money to democrats because of touchplay - another pro-grambling concern. He gave money to Chet so Chet would give him his money back.

Van Orsdel is with the eminent domain crowd now that he's become a commercial real estate mogul.

So - who are our money guys now that you threaten us with?

Anonymous said...

Was that the vast right wing conspiracy that met?

Who called the meeting?

Was it the Christy Todd Whitman group that already doesn't give any money? Isn't Terry Branstadt on that committee? Terry went Jihad on Steve Sheffler because of his non support of a gay candidate that Terry wanted to promote - who cares about him anymore? He's for national health care now too now that his private gig calls for that.

Joy Corning? Lt Gov who's main mission in life now is to fund Planned Parenthood?

All those other old time republicans?

What decade did you fall asleep in and just now woke up?

Anonymous said...

Shit - now I have to change my voter registration card to Libertarian on Monday.

Anonymous said...

How unifying you ass spelunker!

Anonymous said...

That ass spelunker does make a good point, though.

After trashing the Gods for being divisive and exclusive the mods say they will take their money and people and go Libertarian.

Guess that answers the question about who really is divisive and disloyal.

Eric Cartman

vlad the impaler said...

It is not the Mods that are going libertarian. It is those of us who do things like think for ourselves. I went libertarian several months ago and I am probably the most conservative person on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Are there any black Republicans in Iowa? I saw a short blurb on the news and the convention looked like a 60 year rural Iowa class reunion - old white people. At least there were a few blue haired ladies to mix it up.

Anonymous said...

I am black and I voted Republican in 2004, but I have always been more of a libertarian.
Politics are simple to me...

Democrats want to raise taxs to balance the budget and pay for things like education and welfare.

Republicans want to lower taxes but spend an equal amount of money and just let inflation and the defecit ruin the economy

(refer to "Voo Doo Economics, a phrase coined by a Republican about a Republican)

Libertarian's want to balance the budget by spending the bare minimum on EVERYTHING.

Huckabee had some great ideas and Romeny did too. But McCain will spend spend spend, and the difference between him and Obama is that McCain will spend more with the trillion dollar war in Iraq also on the docket where Obama will spend the same about, minus the trillion for Iraq...

After all arent we just providing welfare to the people of Iraq???

Anonymous said...

who most often carries the water? In my experience, the far right is not the group that volunteers. Never do they lend their money(and maybe there is not any to give), but they never cross the treshhold of party headquarters. Yet, they want their voice to be heard. They do not play a part when it comes to election time.

Anonymous said...

On another note I just found out our own Tom Harkin was one of only two Senators to vote against confirmed General Petraeus.

Keeping it classy libs....


Anonymous said...

Buddy, General Petraeus should wear this as a badge of HONOR!

Anonymous said...

Obama will spend about the same minus Iraq. Are you kidding? Read Obama's agenda. I am already planning where to cut family spending, seriously! Our tax bill will climb out of control.
A tax cpa's wife. (He is an expert, not you.)

Anonymous said...

OK you right wingers. Just wait until the money dries up! True Republicans, will not support committee people that feel that it is their task to promote an agenda as members of a central committee.
This is not the task of central committee members! They need to promote the day to day business of the county, state, or national party.
"All you old time Republican". NO, You need to wake up and realize that you are in the minority.

Major Ken said...

I support those who will take back our state from the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

OK All you Sporer,Sheffler,&Lehman lovers
Since you now think you have the great leadership you put your faith and trust in
What races in Iowa are you going to win and put the offering plate on the line for?

vlad the impaler said...

Sporer, Scheffler and Lehman flunkies:

What good is constantly yapping about gay marriage if your voters can't afford to drive to the fucking polls because of gas prices and an incompetent president who has weakened the dollar?

What do you plan to do about our failed government education system?

Do you buy into the global warming hoax?

Do you support extracting money from my wallet at the point of a gun to prop up third world dictators under the guise of fighting AIDS, many cases of which are misdiagnosed?

Do you support the FairTax?

What do you propose we do about the crushing tax burden that is coming due to Socialist Security?

Did you support the prescription drug bill even when Charles the Senile lied about the costs in order to get the bill passed?


Al said...

The failed government education system needs to be handed back to the people that made our education the envy of the world, the communities in which the schools are located. No more AEA to muddle things up.

Global warming is nothing but a bunch of BS. It isn't surprising that Gore is the biggest proponent of Gullible Warming out there. He is after all the biggest bull.

I don't know much about the AIDS fight, I pay more attention to the fight closer to home.

Of course I support the FairTax, let's get rid of the IRS.

For social security, people should only get a benefit if they paid in to the system. Personally I would like to do away with social security, but that is not going to happen anytime soon.

I don't know much about the prescription drug bill.

A lot of us are upset because their are Republicans in the state legislature that signed onto the smoking ban restricting freedoms, passed the SILO tax which raised taxes, and several other non conservative issues. It just so happens that we think the leadership has done a poor job of advocating all of our issues.

Anonymous said...

Which leadership are you talking about?Should make an appt with Gov Gronstol. The R leadership doesn't have the majority. And next year it isn't going to be any better.

vlad the impaler said...

A lot of us are upset because their are Republicans in the state legislature that signed onto the smoking ban restricting freedoms, passed the SILO tax which raised taxes, and several other non conservative issues. It just so happens that we think the leadership has done a poor job of advocating all of our issues.

Sporer, Lehman and Sheffler don't give a shit about restrictions on freedom, tax increases or the general increase in government. As long as the gays aren't getting married, they are fine with every other infringement on personal freedom.

Christian Socialists just like the Huckatard.

Al said...

Vlad, can you read there minds or are you simply spouting off in an attempt to sound important. What exactly are you basing your assumptions off of. As for Huckabee, I think you need to get a grip, Huckabee is no more a socialist than Reagan was a communist. I really think that you should refrain from all the name calling, you really sound childish at this point.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the angry man from Linn County?

Anonymous said...

fact check al:
A lot of us are upset because their are Republicans in the state legislature that signed onto the smoking ban restricting freedoms, passed the SILO tax which raised taxes, and several other non conservative issues. It just so happens that we think the leadership has done a poor job of advocating all of our issues.

um....sporer and scheffler have been "leadership" so...

Anonymous said...

The direction this party is going is scary. I've only been active in Republican politics since 1968. Have been on the staff of a Congressman, Senator, Governor and President. And since I'm pro-choice and not a gay-basher, I imagine this new leadership will say I'm not a true Republican.

Anonymous said...

I think we figured out that Vlad is one of the log cabin republicans. Interesting how he only cares about gays and god. How do you feel about guns, Vlad?

Vlad - I'm glad you have figured out you are not a republican and can stay in that black hole of dissappointment with everything without anyone bothering you.

You can stay there with the ball you took home with you and play with yourself 24-7.

Bye bye

Anonymous said...

4:24 - if being pro-kill is your reason to be a republican, I think you need to reconsider. The home for those that only care about the ability to kill preborn children because they are inconvenient right now is the democrat party.

The Republican party has been prolife since Reagan. Did you just notice we are pro-life? Do you think this is a new thing that SHeffler thought of all by himself?

Just what do you want? I've seen that question asked over and over. The people who turned out in droves to vote for change know what they want and are prepared to organize to get it.

What will you do?

Did you play golf on Saturday? Fish? Maybe you gardened instead.

If you want something different - find your like minded people, get organized and then vote, dammit.


Bob Barr is running on the libertarian ticket. Why don't you tell us why we should vote for Bob.

Anonymous said...

Vlad and company would have us believe that he is so incensed with the nonperformance of the republican party that he became a libertarian.

Vlad sounds like a spoiled rotten child who gets really mad when HIS choices aren't met.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly glad I didn't spend last Saturday holed up with a bunch of right-wing, Christian-kook, hate mongering neo-nazi folks like those on this blog. And that includes Sporer.


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