Sunday, August 31, 2008

CNG Now: Brilliant Second Step To Energy Independence

We have all by now seen T. Boone Pickens energy independence plan. The Pickens Plan is a supported by T. Boone himself appearing in TV ads. T. Boone has hit upon what we here at T. Real describe as the third leg of leadership: persuading others to agree. The Pickens Plan is an example of the “do everything” approach that we endorse here at The Real Sporer.

Part of Pickens Plan is to massively increase the use of compressed natural gas as automotive fuel. Now, the
CNG industry has decided to ad its voice and resources to the public debate. CNG unleashed a new TV ad, pictured below, to support its position.

Democrats exhibit their one trick pony nature and call the incentives for CNG conversion “tax cuts for the big oil companies”. Liberal platitudes and conspiracy theories are great for creating discomfort during these uncertain and transitional times but they won’t supply energy or lower gas and food prices but a serious transition to compressed natural gas will.


Anonymous said...

CNGNow has also just launched a website, There's a lot of interesting information there about CNG in the United States. It is interesting that the world's number 1 energy consuming country (by far!) is also one of the slowest to adopt CNG as a viable auto fuel solution.

There's a place on the website where you can send letters or emails to state legislators telling them to step up the production.

Palin endorses Obama? said...

"I am pleased to see Senator Obama acknowledge the huge potential Alaska's natural gas reserves represent in terms of clean energy and sound jobs," Governor Palin said. "The steps taken by the Alaska State Legislature this past week demonstrate that we are ready, willing and able to supply the energy our nation needs."

Anonymous said...

CNGNow: Wonder why we're not considering the following. My guess is that it would leave NO alternative or place to go for those in the oil/natural gas industry. CAn you imagine a car that does NOT use oil, gas or electricity. Here it is!
By Matt Sullivan
Published on: February 22, 2008

The Air Car caused a huge stir when we reported last year that Tata Motors would begin producing it in India. Now the little gas-free ride that could is headed Stateside in a big-time way.

Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) confirmed to on Thursday that it expects to produce the world’s first air-powered car for the United States by late 2009 or early 2010. As the U.S. licensee for Luxembourg-based MDI, which developed the Air Car as a compression-based alternative to the internal combustion engine, ZPM has attained rights to build the first of several modular plants, which are likely to begin manufacturing in the Northeast and grow for regional production around the country, at a clip of up to 10,000 Air Cars per year.

And while ZPM is also licensed to build MDI’s two-seater OneCAT economy model (the one headed for India) and three-seat MiniCAT (like a SmartForTwo without the gas), the New Paltz, N.Y., startup is aiming bigger: Company officials want to make the first air-powered car to hit U.S. roads a $17,800, 75-hp equivalent, six-seat modified version of MDI’s CityCAT (pictured above) that, thanks to an even more radical engine, is said to travel as far as 1000 miles at up to 96 mph with each tiny fill-up.

We’ll believe that when we drive it, but MDI’s new dual-energy engine—currently being installed in models at MDI facilities overseas—is still pretty damn cool in concept. After using compressed air fed from the same Airbus-built tanks in earlier models to run its pistons, the next-gen Air Car has a supplemental energy source to kick in north of 35 mph, ZPM says. A custom heating chamber heats the air in a process officials refused to elaborate upon, though they insisted it would increase volume and thus the car’s range and speed.

“I want to stress that these are estimates, and that we’ll know soon more precisely from our engineers,” ZPM spokesman Kevin Haydon told PM, “but a vehicle with one tank of air and, say, 8 gal. of either conventional petrol, ethanol or biofuel could hit between 800 and 1000 miles.”

Those figures would make the Air Car, along with Aptera’s Typ-1 and Tesla’s Roadster, a favorite among early entrants for the Automotive X Prize, for which MDI and ZPM have already signed up. But with the family-size, four-door CityCAT undergoing standard safety tests in Europe, then side-impact tests once it arrives in the States, could it be the first 100-mpg, nonelectric car you can actually buy

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I'm bottling my farts to save them to burn when it gets cold.

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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's husband, Todd, twice registered as a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, a fierce states' rights group that wants to turn all federal lands in Alaska back to the state.

Anonymous said...

Her Husband actually voted for Alaska to leave the union, very sad

Ken agrees with Sarah Palin that abortion and killing babies is always wrong said...

Something tells me Obama (he needs every vote now) is ready to pay off Hillary's campaign debt.