Friday, August 08, 2008

Larry Disney’s response to Bully McCarthy’s flood outburst.

Majority Leader Kevin “Bully” McCarthy’s outburst at Republicans for suggesting extension of the federal depreciation benefits for Iowa businesses whose equipment and capital plant have been damaged or destroyed by the floods of 2008 has generated a response from Bully’s Republican opponent Larry Disney. Larry’s statement follows:

"In yet another example of his extreme hyper partisanship Iowa House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy attacked Representative Christopher Rants for suggesting that making it cheaper and easier for businesses to replace flood damaged or outdated equipment would help businesses recover from the flood and make them more productive and profitable. McCarthy’s own failure, in his ever going quest for higher taxes, to adopt the federal standards for business equipment depreciation will cost flood damaged businesses millions. Apparently Rants pointing that out has caused McCarthy to fly into a sputtering partisan rage.

This should come as no surprise as his temper and vindictiveness have often been on display at the Capitol. Verbally abusing widowed grandmothers until they have to be escorted, sobbing, out of the Iowa House chamber and withholding aid from deaf and blind children in order to punish the legislators who represent the districts in which those children live are but two examples of his leadership style.

Once again McCarthy has shown he finds it more important to engage in partisan confrontation than to seek solutions to the very real problems of Iowans."


Anonymous said...

From the Register: a 4th bank has sued Ed Boesen. $25 million and counting in alledged fraud so far. Many politicals are being tainted by this. The mayor of Urbandale has big problems - Bob Andeweg, as does Chris Coleman from the Des Moines City Council.

This has gotten far dirtier than CIETC and Regency Homes.
Des Moines City Councilman Chris Coleman voted for tax breaks for a contentious Beaverdale project last fall without revealing that he had previously been a business partner of the developer, Ed Boesen.

Coleman acknowledged Thursday that he and Boesen, long-time friends, created a company in 1998 called CoBo Investments Inc.

City Attorney Bruce Bergman stated there wasn't any need for disclosure before Coleman took part in three votes related to Boesen's Beaverdale project.

What! Having a conflict of interest isn't important to reveal when you are voting to give your best friend and business partner TAX MONEY!!!!!

Archie Brooks and Tom Vlassis are also on this council. Their conflicts with CIETC weren't important to the city attorney either.

What is he saying to us??

Anonymous said...

So what is Bob Andeweg telling us? That Ed Boesen used his name fraudulently to file the papers and Bob didn't know anything?

Tell us Bob - What about Bob? What did Bob know and when did he know it?

Bob - your wife Karen is the chief credit officer of Community State Bank. She had to have approved all those loans that CSB is now suing to recover.

You had no idea???? Come on.

He's the alledged lawyer behind all these LLC's operating like a pyramid scheme. Now he says he didn't do it????? "I know nothing"
Secretary of state records include a "certificate of dissolution" for CoBo in August 2006, but the company remained active when more documents signed by Boesen were filed in 2007.

The registered agent for the company was at first Brett I. Anderson, a lawyer whose license was revoked in 2004.

The agent since April 2007 has been lawyer Robert Andeweg.

Andeweg, who is the mayor of Urbandale, said Thursday that he didn't handle any of the filings.

Anonymous said...

so much for the victimless crimes of Ed Boesen.

"Regions bank on 86th is shutting down. Because of Eds 3.5 million dollar loan. They are actually closing this branch because of this. Everybody got axed. That bank branch is shutting down. Another piece of commercial property to sit vacant in Urbandale."

Anonymous said...

This scandel is amazing. It's like a combination of "Weeds" and "The Sopranos."

Allegations of murder, allegations of drug running, allegations of "family" business in Chicago. Allegations of bought and paid for corrupt electeds. John Gotti style charity to others to make himself appear to be a great guy.


This makes CIETC look like nothing more than a simple gambling addiction.

Anonymous said...

Geez - another elected with issues looking like a conflict of interest.

"This the corporation set up by attorney Marc Ward on behalf of Ed Boesen in order for them to buy the bank in Marshalltown.

So Marc Ward was breathing down the necks of the city councilman too.

Two people from the Des Moines School Board who had ALOT to gain financially if the Rice Field were sold to the Bank Fraud Boesen Boys Brigade."

why would ed need a bank of his own? Hmmmmm.... Why would a guy who was knowingly defrauding banks want his own bank?

I think we know now.

Makes me remember that famous case a decade or two ago that ended up on 60 minutes. The worst case of bank fraud kinda ever in Iowa (til now). I recall yachts in that situation too. The guy defrauded his own father who owned the bank - anyone remember that???

Anonymous said...

How can the Des Moines City Council continue to say this Rice School field development is in full go forward mode when the people who own the development may very likely have bought it with laundered money?

They didn't HAVE the money to buy the field. It looks like it was essentially stolen money.

Connie Boesen had to have known this. How could she not know how the financing of this occurred?

Where was the due diligence of the school board to determine if they had a legitimate operation going on. - Marc, I ask you this. Did you just take Connie's word for it? Geez.

The whole story boils down to no one asked any questions. It's Ed...don't worry, it's Ed Boesen. He gives money to charity. He's good for it. How does that qualify you as a commerical real estate developer and general contractor?

Yes, he can develop commercial property with his only experience being an MTA bus driver, a bartender at Cooneys and florist along side his florist brothers.

Boesens were known as florists not builders. What made them a credible builder in the first place to develop this property?

Can I just make up a company, go the school board or city council and call myself a developer too so I can get it on the free money?

Geez - crisis in confidence of ALL our electeds in Central Iowa - ALL of them!

what a mess. Off with their heads.

Anonymous said...

Iowans who care about tax relief ought to care about this corruption. Public corruption always involves tax money. I care about tax relief.

I'm tired of my taxes going to private individuals for their own profit and then being asked to cough up more in taxes.

How much money did the Des Moines City council give Ed Boesen in taxes?

How come nothing has been built yet? Where is my tax money? I want it back.

Ramona "I has sex with City Councilman Archie Brooks who gave me tax money to gamble with" Cunningham from Taxpayer financed CIETC - I want my tax money back from you too.

Iowa State Legislator Jack Hatch - I want my tax money back from you too for those for your own personal profit townhomes paid for with my tax dollars.

Polk County Supervisor Mauro - yes, give us back the free tax money we gave you for your own personal for profit apartment complex.

Anyone else who's elected and is making their private living on the taxpayers you are supposed to serve and protect? I want all the money back.

How much in tax dollars to we piss away because of this crap?

I want some legislation about conflicts of interest.

You can't be an elected person who has fiduciary responsibility to me to protect and be careful with my tax dollars and then, have a personal financial interest in those tax decisions - even if you abstain from the voting.

Doesn't matter if you abstained.

You all go to the same cocktail parties. This is your own private clique at our expense.

Anonymous said...

"The council vote in November 2007 to create a tax-increment financing district that included Rice Field was unanimous.

Some revenue generated in the district would be used as tax rebates for developers."

Those tax rebates for developers means - your money goes to buy Ed Boesen a yacht with full time staff.

Anonymous said...

Coleman, who is head of the Better Business Bureau, also said he didn't know until Thursday that his name was consistently misspelled on documents filed with the Iowa secretary of state.
I guess Chris Cobeman doesn't know much about Better Business.

He needs fired. If Ed Boesen isn't the poster child for not doing business better, I don't know who is.

Ed and Chris are BEST friends and business partners.

This is a scam too. By by Chris. Take Vlassis and Mauro with you.

When is the vote for renaming the Archie Brooks Community Center happening?

At least, the City Council could do this for it's citizens couldn't it?

That place is a monument to political corruption right in the heart of the South Side Democrat Machine neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

"Jerry Sullivan who spoke at Ed's Funeral Service is Maureen Boesen's uncle."

Jerry Sullivan (democrat) is the mayor of Windsor Heights and is running to replace Dan Clute in the Iowa House against Chris Hagenow.

Anonymous said...

Did Chris Coleman direct his agency "The Better Business Bureau" to investigate Ed Boesens many businesses?

Seems like he is unfit for this position. In light of his Sexual Harrasment problem with the intern, looks like Chris Cobo may be violating all kinds of good business practicies.

Who is his boss and how does he get fired?

Does the City Council provide tax money for the Better Business Bureau to operate?

Anonymous said...

OMG! John Edwards just admitted the affair is true.

but, he didn't father the child. Ya, sure John.

So much democrat corruption to talk about today.

Anonymous said...

Way to go dis! Go get 'em!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's what the BBB is supposed to do. Chris Coleman is guilty of not doing this. Another non-profit that I can't depend upon.

...local BBBs promote ethical business standards...and share pertinent information (about possible fraudulent activity, etc.) with local and national law enforcement agencies...

Anonymous said...

Larry Disney is running to replace a south side democrat in office.

Please please please, I beg you, please.....elect Larry. We need to start cleaning things up.

Elect Eric Kohlsdorf. Please please please...He's running to replace a South Side Democrat too.

We all have a stake - not just their neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

More and more political democrats seem to be all around this fire.

Jerry Sullivan is the Democrat Mayor of Windsor Heights and is running for the Iowa legislature against Republican Chris Hagenow.

Let's do what we can to keep this class of democrat out of office.

It's all just a little too incestuous for me. They are all married to each other, related to each other, class mates, best friends and cozy business partners of each other.
Someone wants to know over at the register:

"I wonder if Maureen Boesen's uncle, Jerry Sullivan who is a Senior Financial Representative at Principal Financial's Insurance Division sold/wrote the Boesen's life insurance policy that she has been ordered not to cash in??"

"Tom and Ed Boesen were heavily involved in Angela Connolly's campaigns for Polk County Supervisor."

Gee - I wonder what they thought south side italian democrat angela lemmo connolly would do for them.

Anonymous said...

Chris Cobeman - err Coleman had Ed Boesen as his campaign chair and treasurer - I hope those campaign reports are audited.

How easy would it have been for Ed to steal money out of the campaign account?

Anonymous said...

ah ha! I knew it would connect back to Mauro's somehow and eventually. Ed's father in law's last name is Labonia.

The Kevin Bacon game is pretty heavily played on the South Side when it comes to politics and "networking."

"Seems like Ed had a lot of political friends--not just Coleman and Connie Boesen, but also John & Mike Mauro who are good friends with Ed's father-in-law."

Anonymous said...

Wow - More Boesens convicted and in jail for fraud. Great family those Boesens. They always had a smile on their faces. Gregarious, great wonderful generous people.


More background from the Register Comment section:

It's my understanding that Jim Sr and Jim Jr Boesen along with Monica Boesen were ousted from the family floral business following the death of Theodore Boesen.

I was told there was a hostile take-over by the Bank Fraud Boesen Boys Brigade which is when Jim Boesen went to work for Pete?

So they ousted that branch of the Boesens from the flower business? Why I wonder?

Jim Boesen is awaiting sentencing for Conspiracy to Commit Insurance Fraud with Pete who is serving his sentence at Leavenworth.

Ed was good enough to take some condos off their hands so the government wouldn't seize them and sell them to pay off Pete's $1 million dollar judgement.

Major Ken (Jesus performed miracles and died for my sins...Obama gave a speech) said...

John Edwards, hero to feminists like Pandagon's Amanda Marcotte cheats on his cancer stricken wife and gets a pass. Actually, feminists are already rushing to his defense claiming it was his personal business and investigative reporters should be terminated. Once again, Democracy for Democrats applies only to their beliefs. If John Edwards were Republican, they would indelibly link him to McCain and declare, once again, Republicans as the party of corruption and weak morals.

Anonymous said...

And the fuck that has to do with this Ken? Go back to watching the Olympics and fantasizing about the day our American government will be just like China's. One party rule. One party that controls all the states. One party that controls all media. Dissenters (Democrats) are brutally suppressed. Oh how you dream of that day don't you Ken?

Major Ken (Jesus performed miracles and died for my sins...Obama gave a speech) said...

It has nothing to do with that a**hole Democratic party hack job McCarthy but the Edwards saga did not break in time for TRS to post about it yet. Oh, FYI, the Democratic Party propaganda dominates everywhere except talk radio and the internet and Der Fuhrer Pelosi will shut both down if ever given the opportunity.

In addition, I just had to get my picture of that Jesus wannabe – “Messiah Barak Hussein Obama.” Maybe the Democratic Party should consider making him the centerpiece of an altogether new religion and I can’t wait to see him do a miracle. His first bona fide miracle could be answering a question without long “AHHHHHHs” every forth word that annoy listeners who are not under his mesmerizing spell. I think the annoying “AHHHHHHHHs” are his way of stalling while thinking of a good lie since he can’t say the whacko liberal hogwash in open forums that first comes to his flywheel of a brain. Another miracle would be to actually debate John McCain rather than hiding behind Teleprompters and orchestrated speeches. Finally, he could actually show up do his job at some point in very short career.

Anonymous said...

Dems have affairs, Repubs look for underage interns and "friends" in airport bathrooms. Both parties have dirtbags in them. To try to turn this into a party bashing session is pretty pathetic - even for Kenny Boy.

Major Ken (Jesus performed miracles and died for my sins...Obama gave a speech) said...


Dems do pretty much everything under the sun and get mega passes from the media. Republicans sneeze and the media portray it as the culture of corruption.

The facts are the facts and the Democratic Party is the party of abortion, corruption, welfare, nepotism, appeasement, unions and socialism. The modern Democratic Party is a thinly veiled version of failed Marxism. Of course, Obama and company believe they can do it better than Lenin and, like all good libs, they plan to enrich themselves while telling the rest of humanity how to live in poverty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, Ken. If you are still in the Military (which I doubt) and even if you are I'm sure you are well behind the lines and out of harm's way (the blow hards always are). You know what, those of us who were in the working man's Military always saw right through sanctimonious shit like you. Do two or three years at some worthless community college, then get a degree at some bullshit second rate "University" and come out as a Lt. telling the rest of us what to do like you are fucking Patton or somebody. Now that I'm retired let me just say, "Fuck you Major" you "Frank Burns" bullshit artist wannabe hero. For the sweet love of God get to the base psych before it's too late. Your dumb ass and the line of shit you spew has "Jim Adkisson" written all over it. Call me "anonymous" with good reason, kool aid drinking freaks like you might come looking for me...............

You're sick, jocko, sick.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't the Edwards love child aborted? Democrats answer to these kinds of inconveniences is to get rid of the evidence.

Major Ken (Jesus performed miracles and died for my sins...Obama gave a speech) said...


There are no shortage of those who pretending to be vets (such as Anon 5:19) who probably never served at all. Notice the M.A.S.H. reference because that is the closest thing to military service this looney ever got.

Oh, and I disagree with his point about Iowa State University since I am sure it is not second rate.

Finally, notice how he cannot dispute the core tenets of the Democratic Party at all. Poor fella, I sympathize with him because he is trying to defend what cannot be defended so he changes the subject as much as possible.

Major Ken (Jesus performed miracles and died for my sins...Obama gave a speech) said...

Anon 8:35 asked

Why wasn't the Edwards love child aborted? Democrats answer to these kinds of inconveniences is to get rid of the evidence.


John Edwards obviously asked his fling the same question. He has probably done this many times and dodged the bullet but thanks to Monica Lewinsky girls messing with high level politicians are getting smarter. This girl is probably leaking the information to the press and realizes a baby is her ticket to a lot of money and possibly even marriage when John Edwards' wife passes.

Major Ken (Jesus performed miracles and died for my sins...Obama gave a speech) said...

John Edwards is hoping beyond hope the baby is not his. I suggest he, the guy who claims to be the daddy, and slick willy (you can never rule him out) go on Jerry Springer to find out who is this girl's daddy. Michael Moore could make a movie about it and somehow spin it to be a Republican's fault leading to his solutions....

#1-Quit in Iraq (despite winning)
#2-Socialized Healthcare (ending paternity as a side benefit)
#3-Establishment of One Religion (we should all worship his god Obama)
#4-100% taxation (gotta love that plank)

Michael Moore has many more planks but you need to look no further than the Communist Manifesto to read them all.

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore is conservative compared to BHO the ONE. He does scare me,I'm not kidding.

He is right in line with the Dem's, all planks.

Halfway into this Campaigning Big Brother came to mind (1984), also Fahrenheit 451.

Now I have to admit my Bible comes to mind. The last book...

This is the first time I have seen elections in good and evil terms. That scares me.

Wrong and right, Smart and dumb, even minded and out there, yes but never good and evil.( I still see all of the above )

I see myself as Conservative, not ultraconservative.

I have often thought of the corrupt Des Moines politicians, wondering how dumb the Dem's in Des Moines are and why so many?