Wednesday, August 06, 2008

August 6.

A very significant date to remember.


Anonymous said...

a war crime was committed on both Aug 6 and Aug 9, 1945: the purposeful killing of unarmed civilians. Spotlight

Major Ken (at least I know my friends of 20 years) said...

Are you flipping kidding? The Japanese military was prepared to sacrifice twenty million civilians before capitulation. Heck, the first bomb didn't make 'em blink it took a second one three days later so that fact alone demonstrates their reluctance to surrender.

What about the war crimes the Japanese continued to perpetrate against those in POW camps and civilians? I guess spotlight only considers something a war crime when the good guys respond to aggression. A perfect lib and surely a brain dead Obama supporter using his same twisted logic and abysmal understanding of history and economics.

vlad the impaler said...

The Enola Gay and Bock's Car should have been recommissioned on September 12, 2001. Bush should have then announced that they were going on a "sightseeing" tour of Mecca and Medina, respectively.

vlad the impaler said...


Spotlight has a point. Why should Japanese die when American soldiers can die instead?

(/sarcasm off

Major Ken (at least I know my friends of 20 years) said...

I think you've got liberals pegged on that one.

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs don't make a right.


Major Ken (at least I know my friends of 20 years) said...
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Major Ken (at least I know my friends of 20 years) said...

Was it wrong to do the only thing that could have ended the world's most terrible war? Only a Jim Jones cool-aid drinking lib would think otherwise.

BTW - Japan pulled back her back ample resources from China to make the fight for Japan a thousand times harder than the fight for Iwo Jima. U.S. casualty estimates were in excess of one million and Japanese deaths would have, at a minimum, been 25% of the civilian population and could have been as high as 99% based on Okinawa.

vlad the impaler said...

No Pearl Harbor, no Hiroshima.

It's that simple.

Major Ken (Obama says he skipped the racist sermons) said...

I just read in World War II magazine (SEP 08) that reminded me why it took atomic bombs to force Japan to surrender. By the time we used atomic weapons the entire Japanese Navy (world's third biggest navy before the war). Their air force was similarly reduced but they had perhaps 1000 planes left with questionable pilots. Most of their army existed and many of their best units remained in Japan to repel an invasion.

Aug 6 - Hiroshima destroyed

Aug 8 - Soviet Union joins war with a massive invasion against Japanese holdings

Aug 9 - Nagasaki destroyed

Aug 10 - Japanese govt indicated surrender was possible if the Emperor remained in power

Aug 11 - United States agrees to accept Japanese conditions

Aug 12 - High ranking Japanese Army officers launch plot to "protect" the Emperor to restart the war

Aug 15 - Elements of the Japanese Imperial Guard kill Japanese general Mori and surround the palace isolating the Emperor.

They ransacked his offices trying to find the pre-recorded surrender broadcast tape. The plot fell apart when Japanese general Tanaka rushed to the palace with additional troops compelling the plotters to commit suicide.

Clearly, the Japanese were not going to surrender without atomic weapons and only bleeding heart liberals wearing pink shades call it a war crime.